Madonna parties her way toward adoption. Whee!

Adoptions plan shot down by an African country? No problem, just teach those nerds how to party. It’s the Madonna way! TMZ reports:

Government officials and staff members of Raising Malawi charity are on the guest list for the event, along with traditional dancers. No word if the judge who denied Madge will attend.
Madonna’s lawyer said she will appeal Friday’s judgment that she could not adopt a 3-year-old girl because she had not been a resident in Malawi.
This massive party looks like the start of her appeal, at least socially.

Because nothing screams responsible parenting like a drunken party. Jesus, Madonna, you’re in Africa, not Kentucky. But at least you’re thinking outside the box as opposed to, say, stuffing the child in said box then whistling like you’ve been minding your own business the whole time. *sniff* You’re growing up so fast…

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