Madonna officially files for adoption in Malawi

March 26th, 2009 // 66 Comments

Despite the controversy surrounding her 2006 kidnapping adoption of David Banda and Malawi officials publicly questioning the pop star’s morals, Madonna is going full steam ahead with her adoption plans. E! News reports:

A Malawi welfare department representative says Madonna has already filed adoption papers in the country and that her adoption case could go before the courts as early as Monday.
Earlier this month, the superstar spoke out to Malawi’s local Nation newspaper and did nothing to stop the rumors.
“Many people–especially our Malawian friends–say that David should have a Malawian brother or sister,” she was quoted as telling the paper. “It’s something I have been considering, but would only do if I had the support of the Malawian people and government.”

Jesus, how egotistical can you get? Madonna will only go through with the adoption if she has the support of the Malawain people. Because they’ve got nothing better to do than worry about the daily minutiae of Madonna’s life. “Hmm, we seem to have a high infant mortality rate. Eh, fuck it. Let’s see what the white devil lady’s doing!”

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  1. Jake


  2. First


  3. Second

    I mean, SECOND!

  4. Dirk Diggler


  5. Crypt Bitch keeps adopting children, and you never see them again.

    She’s sucking their souls out through their eye sockets and burying in them in a large pile of tweezed lip hair in the backyard.

  6. amanda

    why on earth does a 50yr old woman want to adopt? shes already got 3 young kids. shes gonna be too old to play w/her grandkids w/o breakin a hip at the rate shes goin!

  7. ninEater

    *face palm*

  8. Jayspare Fyend

    Stupid celebrities adopting kids from 3rd world countries to get in the news. Hey idiots, there’s plenty of kids in your own country who need homes but that won’t get you in the papers will it?

  9. sin

    So, the crazy old bitch want to “adopt” another disease ridden yard ape. She wants these kids because when she is really old, she will need strong slaves to do her bidding.

  10. Jeff

    She should follow Angelina’s example and get David some Asian takeout. But of course, an hour later she’d probably want to adopt again.

  11. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    Too think, back in the ’80s I used to fuck my girlfriend and think she was Madonna. Now, I would rather screw my ex-girlfriend instead of Madonna. And that girl put on some WEIGHT since then!

  12. Malawi Official

    “Again, we seriously consider the morals of any Westerner who wants to adopt a Malawi baby” (while swatting flies off a pile of babies with visible ribcages lying in a mudhole).

  13. Ted Kennedy's Tumor

    …and she’s a guy!

  14. I guess the mini dog fad just wasn’t enough for her.

  15. Zanna

    Madonna is holding a hat but is really giving us the finger and the third picture David has that, “Adoption? WHATCHOO TALKIN’ ABOUT WILLIS’ face going on.

  16. Richard McBeef

    The bearded lady wants to start her own circus.

    @10 – tee hee hee

  17. Zanna

    Rich! FUNG WAH!

  18. Dan

    Strange outfit for the kid. Normal cap, gangsta puffy coat, Pakistani pants, please-I-want-to-be-teased fey boots that only a single celeb mom would inflict on her son. But, he’s probably excited about getting a sibling from Malawi, hopefully a brother – gotta have a wheelman you can trust.

  19. Randal

    Folks really need to take a page out of Madonna’s book and start paying attention to the poverty that many children in the world face by adopting a child of their own. Madonna is a perfect example of a well raised girl who has become a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve.


  20. Jrz

    AHAHAHAHA Zanna!!! You’re fucking killing me.

    Actually, the kid looks more like he’s sick of the crazy old white lady who drags him in front of people with cameras once a month.

  21. Zanna

    @ 20..ha ha…wait…look at the last picture…..there is a mysterious hand coming in from the left touching the kid.

  22. Zanna

    @19, That’s all well and good, except it costs alot of money to adopt a kid and with the way the economy is…what good is adopting a kid when you don’t have a house to keep it in? Then your third world baby will be dreaming of the days he had a nice hut to live in.

  23. nellodee

    why is madonna wearing a coat made from an old gorilla suit? is that some kind of statement?

  24. Jrz

    Madonna’s got two left arms.

    I can’t wait to hear the conversation between David and his Malawaian sister…

    “Yo, Eunwuguboo…..this is how you gotta work crazy ass Kabalah bitch…okay? First, don’t talk about Daddy Guy…that shit jus’ pisses her off. Second…when she axes you if you think Mummy is the sexiest woman on earth, you gotta tell her YES MUMSY! And third….never mention Shanghai Surprise….bitch goes CRAZY.”

  25. Photoshop Police

    Stop adopting kids from another country! There are plenty of perfectly adoptable AMERICAN kids who also need your help.

  26. So Zanna, by your rationale, we can safely say Madonna is becoming Mr. Drummond.

  27. Mimi Sandoval

    Shame on all of you with your negative comments!! Regardless if you are a fan of Madonna’s or not. These adoptive children are better off with people like Madonna and Angelina Jolie. They have the resources to give them a better life. These children are in third world countries suffering of diseases, hunger, lack of eduction and proper medical care, etc.


  28. Jrz

    #27–quit it.

  29. Buy American!

    Typical celebrity. Born in America, but she always has to get the imported version, even if it’s inferior (in this case due to malnutrition). Look, we’ve got plenty of home grown parentless (especially fatherless) tarbabies right here in America. If you want one that’s exactly like the imported African variety, we’ll make sure it was born to an illiterate mother with AIDS and no teeth. We got tons of them because of disability entitlements. Flies? No problem, we’ll uncap a jar of ‘em when you come to pick up the kid (we collect them down at the welfare office). And we can surround him with jumping gibbering psychos (protesters of U.S. Middle East policy) if you want the feel of an exotic culture. There’s never been a better time to buy American!

  30. sasha

    You guys need to seriously get a life and stop judging people who are actually doing someting good. All you negative commenters are scum.

  31. sasha

    You guys need to seriously get a life and stop judging people who are actually doing someting good. All you negative commenters are scum.

  32. Jrz

    #30 (and 31): quit it.

  33. Zanna

    Shut your piehole, Sasha.

    I didn’t know that is what i was saying, Rich but now that you’ve pointed it out, I think you are right. She is becoming Mr. Drummond.

  34. sasha

    #32 (and 28) YOU quit it! I am amazed at how people thrive off of putting others down. Screw them. If you can’t have a nice life, just make up for it and put everyone else down. How Madonna choses to build HER family is up to Madonna. Not scumbags like you.

  35. Zanna

    @34 – Sasha……the site is called the SUPERFICIAL. You are on the wrong blog. You need to go to:

    It’s got a lot of pretty ponies there.

  36. sasha

    Zanna – You shut yours and I’ll shut mine.

  37. Zanna

    or maybe it’s

    Either way, that site is for you.

  38. jrz


  39. sasha

    Zanna – I know what the hell this sight is called. I hate horses. BTW… I am saving this transcript for your children.

  40. Jrz


  41. Zanna

    @39 – ??????????????????????????

    Click the link anyway, Sasha….maybe you’ll learn to LOVE THEM.

  42. Jrz

    Zanna’s children are all in jail. They assaulted some pig who told her to shut hers. So, you’re really rude to say that.
    Quit being so rude Sasha. You big fucking horse lover.

  43. Zanna

    Yea, Sasha. I wish my kids were out of jail so they could punch you in the meatcurtains.

  44. Jrz

    Hey Sosh….can I call you Sosh? Anyway, there’s a likeminded feeb on the Rihanna post named Blue Eyes…..I think you and it would get along famously.

  45. Zanna

    Sosh is good. I’m now calling her: SOSH-SQUASH

  46. Jrz

    Madonna’s coat makes her look like a SoshSquash

  47. Madonna

    Hey! Waiter! Another scoop of chocolate! NOW!

  48. Yo, Z, Jeerrrrrzzzzeeeeeee, who’s the stupid cunt we’re trashing on?

  49. It’s, by the way.

    Is that fucking Webster she’s trying to steal? I love that tiny nigger!

  50. Zanna


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