Madonna not a fan of Britney Spears’ music

March 4th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Despite performing with her on tour, Madonna apparently isn’t a fan of Britney Spears’ music. Then again, Madonna hasn’t been a teenage girl since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T, and she had sex with him in the back. Page Six reports:

Lady Madge stopped by Hell’s Kitchen gay bar The Ritz on Monday to attend her trainer Tracy Anderson’s birthday party when the DJ threw on a Spears track. “She flipped out, stormed upstairs, and spent the rest of the night aggressively making out with Jesus [Luz, her new boy toy],” says a spy.

I don’t ever want to hear the words “Madonna” and “aggressively making out” in the same sentence again. While the idea of getting dry humped by Bride of Skeletor sounds erotic, I’ll stick with Ram-Man, thank you. I mean, She-Ra. She-Ra.

My hand slipped.

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  1. jonnas

    she is damn sexy.she way better than then.and her songs are pretty goods compare to shitney.shitney last album sucked and this one too.her songs are so ovarreted.madonna is always changing and that very good.she still looks better than shitney.madonna ur the one

  2. meireles

    she is the legend.unique.theres no one so good as her.she is the one.u go madonna.come back to portugal pleas.75.000 people wants to see u again.she is the only one that stills on top and thats what we love about her.she is a genious

  3. jonnas

    the best

  4. sammylove

    lol…really? I found a place that many players are hoo king up with h ot mo dels, seems the club called: __Tallmingle Co M___, do you hear this before?

  5. She is so disgusting. And over.

  6. Duke Steele

    I thought that Jennifer Lopez was the Bride of Skeletor? Madonna just looks like skeletor. A tranny skeletor.

  7. KaliforniaP'nut

    I thought Madonna was rich… what is up with those pants? She needs to have them hemmed about 6 inches!!

  8. Idontwannamadonna

    @16, @36

    Madonna is talentless and even scarier than Michael Jackson.
    He may molest children, but she EATS them.

  9. Lisa

    what is with the over sized cheek implants? How does she see over them?

  10. DiMi

    Did she get a new plastic surgeon? She looks better than she’s looked in years. She’s 50 years old and she looks amazing. Yes, I think sex with this much younger guy is gross, but no grosser than when 50 year old men have sex with 25 year olds. She looks fantastic.

  11. Oz

    No she did NOT storm upstairs to “aggressively make out” with Jesus… making up wild crap stories!! A friend o’ mine was there, actually stood next to her at the Ritz, she remained downstairs with a few peeps sipping on her cocktail of choice, a cosmo and water, before leaving. She knows better than to display a “diva fit” to be witnessed by others there, including her trainer friend Tracy “tiny girl” Anderson.

  12. The arms are more fear of hell, looks all greasy with a moisturiser, and as he noticed her chin hair? His handlers really love her let her go out and look Goat boy from SNL.

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