Madonna not a fan of Britney Spears’ music

March 4th, 2009 // 62 Comments

Despite performing with her on tour, Madonna apparently isn’t a fan of Britney Spears’ music. Then again, Madonna hasn’t been a teenage girl since Henry Ford rolled out the Model T, and she had sex with him in the back. Page Six reports:

Lady Madge stopped by Hell’s Kitchen gay bar The Ritz on Monday to attend her trainer Tracy Anderson’s birthday party when the DJ threw on a Spears track. “She flipped out, stormed upstairs, and spent the rest of the night aggressively making out with Jesus [Luz, her new boy toy],” says a spy.

I don’t ever want to hear the words “Madonna” and “aggressively making out” in the same sentence again. While the idea of getting dry humped by Bride of Skeletor sounds erotic, I’ll stick with Ram-Man, thank you. I mean, She-Ra. She-Ra.

My hand slipped.

Photos: Splash News

  1. washington

    The Ice Queen cometh…


  2. shreeya

    finally fir-hurst!

  3. shreeya

    finally fir-hurst!

  4. Valerie

    “I don’t ever want to hear the words “Madonna” and “aggressively making out” in the same sentence again.”–WORD.

  5. cruz

    What’s with his wig?!

  6. jaquemon


  7. eme

    she looks like a caucasian yoko ono in pic 3

  8. M

    too bad brit brit’s last two albums have pwned anything madonna has done lately. (kay, 4 minutes song was good, that is all.)

  9. boss

    Madonna is the most overrated alien being ever

  10. Jesus Luz

    I didn’t know what to do. “Aggressively making out” is not even close. It was more like having my mouth sanded down by a leering skull with 60-grit lips, belonging to a senior citizen in some type of roid rage. And the grinding…jesus…I mean, me…these days her “clit” is bigger than the average Asian guy’s – so, not big, but still…

    It reminded me of the David Cross standup bit:

    “I heard about this lady down in Mexico who would take people out in the desert to see the Virgin Mary. So I thought, well, this could be cool, maybe I should check it out. So I get down there, and she takes us out and brings us around out there, but this time the Virgin Mary didn’t show up. So the lady leaves, and everyone else does, and I was about to too, but I thought I should hang around a bit first. And then, on the way to my car… I felt a presence…and… and.. I …I saw the Virgin Mary! … and… and … and she raped me!

    I went to the police, but they were being dicks. “Well, what do you expect, dressed like that? You were asking for it.”"

  11. Rachel

    i love how it says “aggressively making out with Jesus” hahahaha it just sounds funny….Jesus C. wouldn’t touch that shit. thats why he sent Jesus Luz down to take care of it

  12. Barton Fink

    Madonna has officially jumped the shark. By the way, what ever happened to her trainer’s countless fraud trials?

  13. Fat Lip Seymour Hoffman

    What more likely happened is that she was in a club and just happened to be walking upstairs with that dude while a Britney Spears song was playing. OMG, Great reporting Superfish!!!!11!!1 Crazy News!!!

  14. Mr. Jones

    Let me tell you about a guy named Jesus. Through no fault of his own, he was seized by a satanic force. He was stripped naked, and beatened. He was forced to do animalistic things. He was tortured and humiliated, and propped up upon an ancient, rickety structured that moaned hideously under his weight.

    And then there was a guy named Jesus Christ, who didn’t have it as bad.

  15. Sam

    Christ, is this even a story???

    No, seriously, I’m asking – hey, Jesus, is it?

  16. Joseph (the one who nailed the "Virgin" ... yeah right)

    Madonna might have been giving him CPR. Jesus has always had a problem with his vital signs coming and going.

  17. feckless

    Jesus probably was caught whacking off to “Hit me baby one more time” — I can’t think of anything Madonna sings that wouldn’t break my concentration.

  18. Pathetic Worm

    Henry Ford had sex with Madonna; nine months later, she gave birth to the Pinto.

  19. AnnaDraconida

    She’s still hotter than Shitney.

  20. NorCal

    She looks like a child molester. His skin is so baby ass smooth and hers is so plastic and old. Ewww. He looks like her child. Gee, is it the money Jesus? He’s fucking gorgeous tho and that is in no way any props to madge. She’s embarrassing them both.

  21. McFeely Smackup

    This is getting really disgusting.

    Madonna remembers back early last century when people would describe her using words like: hot, sexy, doable, not disgusting, young, feminen, etc.

    Now she’s stuck in the present where people use words like: old, scary, nauseating, scarecrow, not sexy, unscrewable, boner-killing.

    She doesn’t like the present, so she’s going WAY over the top trying to insist “no really, I AM still sexy, look at this!!!” and then making the whole thing worse.

    Aging with dignity is not something she’s got a grip on.

  22. Sauron

    Hmm,she looks better and younger since her divorcement.Great looking photo too.

  23. Lowlands

    I like women of action.Not like those whiny BITCHES who are hiding themselves behind their man and kids when it comes to the point.

  24. Nero

    Madonna is definitely a woman of action.Not your average housewife.

  25. Gando

    Who’s that guy next to her?

  26. blargh

    Yea madonna’s definately special, not like those lame human women who are still alive.

  27. She’s the quarterback and he is the receiver in this sordid affair…

  28. Boston_Freek

    #16 Sheer brilliance.

  29. Lowlands

    It’s about time i recieve something after all those years.After all i’m human too.I know this has nothing to do with this Madge post:)

  30. dee

    Her face if so full of filler, she looks like a balloon! She’s going to turn into a freak…

  31. au natural

    It’s funny how in the late 90′s she would always preach about aging gracefully and how she would never ever think of getting surgery..

  32. mensa

    you guys know she looks good for being 50. and almost everyone under 40 spews that crap about aging gracefully until aging starts to happen to them. except for me, that is. i’ll never age.

  33. Tracey

    She has the money to hire whatever little boy she wants, which she has obviously done. She looks not good, she looks “preserved” for 50. Her arms are scarier than hell, she looks all greasy with moisturizer, and how could she not notice she has chin hair? Her handlers must really adore her to let her go out looking like Goatboy from SNL.

  34. tanya

    Nice facelift ya old bag! Oh ya, we all are tricked into thinking your 25. I bet your snatch farts dust.

  35. your mom

    Hey OriginalGirl,

    I checked out your music via the link you posted, and guess what???? It really fucking sucks! You sound like every other white church choir brat! Don’t pollute public forums with your ill-fated childhood dreams, ok?

  36. your mom

    Hey OriginalGirl,

    I checked out your music via the link you posted, and guess what???? It really fucking sucks! You sound like every other white church choir brat! Don’t pollute public forums with your ill-fated childhood dreams, ok?

  37. Tom K

    Madonna is an embarrassment to Italian women everywhere. This women actually thinks she is some kind of iconic legend when in actuality she is just whore with a few hit’s in the late 80′s and early 90′s.

    Also her new boyfriend aka “sex toy” this is just proof that Brazilians both men and women will sleep with anything for a dollar and few scraps.

  38. blp

    Who cares? Madonna is a dyke with an endoskeleton, I’m pretty sure she’s a T-800 model terminator. She makes my dick invert.

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  40. Jeff W.

    Madonna is so pathetic. She’s like the guy in his 50s who still talks about his football days in high school. She’s so narcissistic that she won’t acknowledge that a younger version of herself is more popular than her. Madonna’s glory days were 20 years ago, she hasn’t been relevant in decades. I love that she’s starting to resemble a witch.

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  42. lola

    Obviously she is living the life she wants and could give a f*ck less what some perverts on the internet have to say about it :D

  43. May

    This story? Sounds FAKE to me. Blah.

    I thought LOSERS support eachother, folks?

  45. lrm

    I wouldn’t say 20 yrs ago…10,yes…Ray of Light was awesome…she’s been fading in relevance in the last ten years.
    Remember,folks,esp. the ‘disgrace to italian women’ bit-Madonna absolutely broke with convention when she ‘had her few hits’ int he 80′s. Today,you’d never know it with every other person having a nipple ring,and tattoos covering bodies,cross and flag burning practically the norm.
    I”m not saying one way or the other-just acknowleding that Madonna had a huge role in the cultural shifts of the last few decades. She absolutely rocked the boat and impacted more than one generation of girls. That’s more than a few hits for a few years. She took risks that seem like nothing now. At that time,in that place,they were major. The end. Oh,and I wish she’d age gracefully;that would take bal*s-turn hollywood upside down-the material girl does her own thing. That woulda been cool. It’s not too late,Madonna. Come clean!!!!

  46. sin

    She heard Britney’s voice and got real horny. Thats why she got it on with Jesus. Since Brit was not there to be raped by Madonna, she settled for what was available. Madonna still remembers that kiss and doing that video together. She has the hots for Brit. I wonder how many times madonna fucked Brit during that time. Britney was just starting to act wierd and you know Madonna took advantage of it.

  47. dougx

    lol man you guys are brutal but in Madonna’s defense, she did not start up the tattooing and piercing rigmarole in the 90s; those kinds of cultural declines happen during Democratic rule

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