Madonna no longer friends with Britney Spears

June 13th, 2006 // 78 Comments

Madonna has reportedly dropped her friendship with Britney Spears after Britney gave up Kabbalah and announced on her Web site:


  1. sissybelle


  2. echoes

    Seriously…get a life.

  3. Diane

    Poor Britney…

  4. Grphdesi23

    Am I the only who think her crying in the interview with Matt Lauer was a complete ACT?

  5. Dr.Rokter

    A homeless guy once gave me a religious tract entitled, “How can I be safe from Hell?” Then he asked for a fifty-cent donation, and got pissed at me when I didn’t have the change. Same thing.

  6. jane's eyre

    Ha ha ha, Mudge, take THAT! Kabbalalalalala
    sucks, and so do you!

  7. Nikk The Templar

    No, the real reason Madonna is pissed is that Brit-Brit said that her baby is her religion…correct?

    Look at the way she handles Sean-Preston.

    Yeah, that’s really good way to honor your “religion”.

    And everyone knows that Kabbalah is just the ancient Latin word for SCIENTOLOGY.

  8. pinky_nip

    I didn’t realize Kabbala had Indian roots.

    You can give a wedding gift and then ask for it back.

  9. blueballs

    Madonna can go to hell with a rusty dildo stuck up her ass. She’s a skank and responsible for fucking up women by making them think that it’s ok to be a skank. Look what it did to brit, who use to be such a wholesome young lady.

  10. Binky

    Well I doubt if she’ll ever get the Tin-Tin books back either.
    I guess it would be cheaper for Madge to become a Christian.
    She could snatch the Gideons from her hotel.

  11. Jedi Kevin

    Dude, fix the typo.

    “Or maybe he Kabbalah book”

  12. pinky_nip

    Dude (in the pic)… you do the “cootchy-cootchy” thing on their FACE cheeks.

  13. Aimtrue

    I love Kabbalah. I grill it with some nice onions. On a toasted kaiser role. Maybe some sauer kraut and a nice mustrad. Hmmmm Yummy. Wash it down with a nice hefeweizen.

  14. sissybelle

    Hey, echoes, I was FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Icognito79

    Kaballah makes me want to vomit. I just gained a little respect for Britney. Ok, I wouldn’t go that far, but she finally came to her senses about ONE thing.

  16. RichPort

    Hard to say which of these two is more grating, though Madonna holds the probable lead, about as tedious as getting a splinter out of your ass, by yourself, after stupidly sitting on a dry boardwalk.

    These over paid morons who wave their religion around and impugn those who disagree annoy the crap out of me like bad Mexican food. The thing I like about Madam Federline is that she seems to be absolutely clueless and completely confused at her own existence, providing much needed fodder for the rest of us. The last great thing Madonna did was get a dirty sanchez from Big Daddy Kane.

  17. BigJim

    That Madonna is such a fickle bitch. We were good pals for a long time, and then I give her the rusty trombone just once and she’s all like, “We’re not friends anymore.”

  18. superstar26


    That’s great. LOL

  19. Madonna is a ho…. who knows, maybe Brit will become a Scientologist now??

  20. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Ever since she came over to my house and drank all my Yukon Jack, ate all the butter, and broke my armchair, I’m not speaking to Britney either.

  21. PapaHotNuts

    Instead of wearing a red string around her wrist (Kaballah style), we should convince Brittany to wear a large noose around her neck.

    Then we can hang her.

  22. iamashitstain

    OMG, Brit is sooooo dunzo. Hey guys, like I’m a kabbalhist and I thkni its rude to make fun of ppl’s religion. Like Kabbalah is very deep and spiritual, you guys are just toooo dense to understand, LOL.

  23. Doxes

    Nothing says “class” like demanding a wedding present back.

  24. superstar26

    Kaballah=scantilly dressed hobags with $

    Sean Preston=trailor trash wearing clothes that look like poor homeless people’s wardrobe

    Geez–I don’t know how I can choose

  25. troubleinaborrowedsuit

    Now, the question becomes:

    Is this a breakthrough? Will Madonna realize she is not a superior being and *gasp* get over herself?


  26. Britney made out with an OLD chick.
    Madonna made out with a FAT chick.

    I think it was just bad all the way around, for everybody. I’m embarrased for both of them.

  27. maryyy

    this is old news.

  28. Chicagoboy

    Two thoughts:

    1. Madonna spending thousands of dollars and a lot of time trying to convert Britney is like trying to teach a dog tricks to a pig. All you are going to do is frustrate yourself and annoy the pig.

    2. Britt is consulting with a Christian life coach? Why wasn’t this cat consulted before Brit-brit turned into a frito-hogging, trailer-trash baby factory?

  29. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Well my friendship with Brit was pretty much kaput when we were playing a fun game of “fingers” and she refused to wash off the cheeto residue from hands. That is just unacceptable.

  30. Iambananas

    Hey! It’s the picture where shes holding the baby by the leg again! Who here besides me is expecting her, one day, to be photographed carrying him by the ears?

    Maybe she should go back to Kaballah, it might teach her how to be a good — no, average — mother.

    Madonna never dropped her kids, almost dropped her kids, always puts them in car seats, covers their fair skin in direct sunlight… so Kaballah might be a good thing for her.

  31. Isn’t Madonna Esther now ?? She changes religion every 5 years anyway …

    I just saw a 12th-century book on ebay with Cheetos fingerprints on it …

  32. N. Visible Man Jr.

    I had to ask Madonna not to come by the house anymore. The dog was tired of her trying to get him to mount her.

    He still likes the stain Brit leaves on the couch when she leaves, though.

  33. krwlng54

    It’s people like her that make it easy for others to prey on southerners…How sad.

  34. chelsea_423

    I kinda understand Madonna wanting that book back. Even though Kabballah sounds like a load of crap, a twelfth century book is a little too precious to be in the hands of Britney. Before long either her kid would pee on it or K-Fed might use the pages to roll a doobie. Preserve history, people.

  35. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    N. Visible, I didn’t have anything in the fridge that Madonna could eat (she’s on that macrobiotic diet) so she skinned and ate my pet ferret Scooby. Needless to say, Madge has been banned from my place too.

  36. N. Visible Man Jr.

    Man, that’s harsh. I thought the possum breath came from all the man juice she’s eaten over the years. It must have ferret breath instead.

  37. Chrystal03

    I haven’t liked Madonna since the 80′s. She needs to stick to music….not politics or trying to promote her religion. Just sing bitch.

  38. I’m not a big Britney fan…but even before all this..does anyone really think she should have gotten that book to begin with?

    Stupid is as stupid does, Madonna. Suck it the fuck up and face it..Britney is using it as a coaster.

  39. Doxes

    #34, Madonna should have thought of that before she gave it to Britney. But that’s what happens when you’re a megalomaniac and assume everyone will automatically bend to your will.

  40. GeannaSparrow

    Um… where did she learn to carry babies?

    I’ve never been pregnant.
    I dont have a little sister.
    I dont even have a little cousin.

    But I bloody know how to hold a baby in my arms without having him fall off, and bang his head on the floor.
    And without having his little head hanging obviously uncomfortably…

    I feel like smacking that woman senseless…
    Really… what a moron.

  41. Madonna is asking for the return of a WEDDING PRESENT?!?!?!?!?

    Yeah, Madonna, you might as well ask for the return of your virginity, if they could find it still stuck to that old moldy mattress underneath the Freeway onramp just outside detroit.

  42. M@ce

    Why is that guy in the pic pointing toward Sean’s bung hole? “Britney, this is where the food comes OUT, not in…” Either that, or he’s showing Sean what his daddy is. “Can you say daddy’s a shit stain?”

  43. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    Well she certainley didn’t learn it from me, I hold babies upside down by the ankles. It’s really cute when the head starts to look like a big tomato.

  44. limper

    Wait, Britney’s baby is her *religion*? That’s even more proof that Sean Preston is the Antichrist.

  45. PapaHotNuts

    Posted from Brittany’s website:

    “Although I no longer practice the teachings of Kabbalah, I still value my friendship with Madonna. I am offended that she requested her wedding present back, but I will be glad to return it. I’m not sure what she’s going to do with a “Wigger’s for Dummies” book, but our friendship means more to me than the thought of understanding anything that comes out of my husband’s mouth.”

  46. Boo hoo, Britney wises up just a tad. Now, if only we could only get some people out of Scientology…

  47. Italian Stallion

    I found my “Spirit Guide” once while I was visiting Arizona. We walked through the Grand Canyon and talked with wild life. He told me all the secrets to life. I can’t tell you guys everything because I don’t quite remember all of it, those were some great mushrooms. Come to find out I wasn’t even in Arizona……………..

  48. Faith

    The last time DirtyRottenKevin was with the pregnant mother of his baby, he left them for Brit, so maybe she’s got good reason to cry. (Personally, I would be celebrating at just the thought).

  49. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Native American is the new black. Pass it on.

    *’Black’ is open for interpretation.

  50. that-dog-is-shifty-eyed

    I have a similar story, but replace “mushrooms” with peyote and “talking with wildlife” with me and my brother Daryl trying to have sex with a mule.

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