Madonna might not lip-synch

madonna_1114.jpgMadonna has promised to sing live and without any background vocalists at the Koko club tonight to silence accusations that she lip-synchs. A spokeswoman says, “Madonna will be singing live at Koko and performing with a live band. The claim that she lip-synchs was always wrong.” Last year Elton John accused her of lip-synching and said, “The official reason I heard was that she can’t sing while doing the full crab position. Nobody’s paid to come and see you do yoga. They’ve paid to hear you sing.”

Either way, watching Madonna try to do a headstand on stage while kicking her legs and holding a note should be great fun for the whole family. Plus it’s Madonna so you know there will be lots of gyrating genitals. And if there’s one thing that makes for a good show it’s a 90-year old gyrating her genitals. She’s 90 right? 90-years old?

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