Madonna might lose her kid

August 6th, 2007 // 59 Comments

According to MSNBC, Madonna’s adoption of her new son from Malawi is facing new problems and may completely fall through. The Malawi minister for Women and Child Development, Kate Kainja, is refusing to let the country’s Child Welfare Services director, Penstone Kilembe, go to London to check in on David and his new family on claims that he received the air ticket and money from Madonna without government approval. Kilembe says:

“You know it requires some resources for me to travel. What this means is that the whole adoption process may crumble and David sent back to his village.”

Basically the guy who’s supposed to check in on David can’t check in on David because he received a bribe from Madonna. And if he can’t check in on David, the adoption essentially falls through and effectively sends David back to Africa. Although this is Madonna, so there’s basically no way she’s losing her kid. If she has to, she’ll probably just end up buying Malawi. African countries you’ve never heard of are usually pretty cheap. Just like your mom. Oh, snap!


  1. honesty

    Why couldn’t she adopt a cute baby? Or was he the cutest from the bunch….geez. Any who where’s Suri cruise?now there’s a cute baby

  2. lol

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  3. Sapphira Jolie

    Had Madonna not press-released that she was adopting the kid, I wouldn’t have thought the kid was adopted. They almost look alike!

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  5. nagger please

    #52.. post your picture and address, tough guy..

  6. silentpyjamas

    one reason people go for international adoptions is that in the us, the birth parents can decide later, i think up to a year, that they want their child back. most international adoptions have no such issues. still, the woman should be thinking of the child first, and not herself as she probably usually does. also, what is it with famous parents adopting kids and then the kids before them just go out of the spotlight? where are her other children or does she just tote david around because he’s keeping her bumped to near the top of public attention?

  7. Alicia

    why does it look like instead of having a baby, Madonna actually has a little person?

    that baby looks like it’s 40.

  8. Patrick Bateman

    I thought this article was about Madonna?

    Why did you show a picture a man in a straw hat?

  9. Madonna is my hero. She likes to lick pussy like me. She also hates her kids like me. I make my kids do all my work while I sit on my big ass.

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