Madonna might adopt another baby

April 12th, 2007 // 46 Comments

Madonna is allegedly heading back to Malawi this weekend to look at adopting another baby. A sourcce says:

“She’s going to Africa on Saturday, and on Sunday her family will be one bigger.”

Her rep denies the claim, saying:

“Madonna is going to Africa to continue her work with the Raising Malawi organization. She is overseeing the building of a children’s health-care center. She is absolutely not adopting another baby.”

The last time she tried adopting she ended up basically kidnapping a child that wasn’t even an orphan. If she tries adopting again she’ll probably come back to the United States and somehow have adopted a 37-year-old father of two. Or a cantaloupe with the word “baby” written on it.



  1. BarbadoSlim


  2. licklick

    Pity the poor child stuck with a cunt mother like her.

  3. What a great idea! It worked out so well for her last time! And look at how everyone is so happy that Saint Angelina adopted again. Celebrities are so smart.

  4. Liverpool FC

    She’s a disgrace.

  5. Hahaha~ a canteloupe with the word Baby written on it… priceless.

  6. MrSemprini

    Maybe she should go to Tikrit and adopt a baby. And, by baby, I mean a rucksack full of C4. That explodes. When she’s alone. That could be her next tour name. Madonna, Rest In Pieces.

    HAHA I kill me. But, there’s a line forming. Gotta go, Sirens!

  7. Joshingya31

    Whats the deal with this going to a poor country and adopting a baby. If you want to help them dont steal their children DONATE MONEY!

  8. murmurzz

    @5 Word

  9. rukdngme

    maybe she should fly in at night that way when she’s running through the african bush with stolen baby they won’t get a good look at her and confuse her with a hyena or those strange little muskrat things…forget what they’re called but the point is madonna needs to disappear

  10. So what’s the count now?

    Brangelina 3

    Madonna 2

    Who can make a baseball team first?

  11. Lowlands

    Well,till now we don’t have the evidence Madonna is going to adopt again…I can’t do nothing else at the moment than believe what her rep said (cough,cough).

  12. COINCIDENTALLY she DID try to adopt me once. but then she gave me back with some stupid idea that i tried to bang her daughter or neice or something like that. how was i supposed to know she didn’t allow incest?

  13. Why doesn’t she just get knocked up again?

    Then again, I guess it’s hard to get knocked up from lesbo sex.

  14. Lowlands

    #12)How can that be incest?You don’t have the same genes and i guess you yourself never signed a legal document to be their legal child.You’re free of all charges!

  15. NoSHIT?

    What’s wrong with this woman, isnt she a bit too old for that sort of thing? What is she up to now?

  16. whitegold

    They make it sound like she’s going shopping at the mall. Okay, first I want to stop by Versace and pick up that dress, then over to D&G for those shoes, and then I want to quickly swing by Malawi to pick up a new kid.

    She annoys me.

  17. freak_show

    On to more important issues w/ Madge, what the hell’s up w/ the hair????? Since when is it fashionable to have one side of your hair about 3-4 inches longer than the other side?

    Did I miss that trend? Was she so busy jumping up from the hair cutter’s chair to adopt another refugee that she didn’t let the person finish?

    She’s adopting because while the bitch is good at making $$$, she’s not good at baking babies. The two she had almost killed her w/ placenta previa so she was advised not to have more. But, if the bitch hadn’t starved herself and exercised herself so fucking much before, during and after children, she wouldn’t be so damned unhealthy when she is preggos, either.

    Madge, get your hair evened up!

  18. Donkey

    When did Madonna go blind?

  19. iamsosmrt

    Poor Guy!

  20. It’s all the rage! Adopt kids, and go to rehab.

  21. endometriorama


  22. lambman

    Other sources are reporting she will also be visiting with the biological father of David.

    Seriously, I can’t believe that people are complaining that she’s going back to work with the charity/orphanage she funded…pretty much its a good deed

  23. Hecubus

    #7 you idiot, if these celebrities donated money to the poor countires instead how would they be able to afford their multi multi multi million dollar boats and things? They have to get around somehow. It obviously makes more sense to help a country of millions of starving children one child at a time.

    Seriously though I can’t wait ’til this ‘craze’ wears off and all these celebrities are stuck with these kids.

  24. FRIST!!!

    @17 What are you talking about? Do you not remember 1985? The one side short one side long bob that those trendy cheerleader bitches tried to pull off??? Only until I tackled them down, punched them in the face and scissored off the long side. That’ll teach’em!!!

  25. iamsosmrt

    Fuck this shit!!!
    If the rich and famous lived normal lives in normal sized houses and gave their millions to worthy causes and used their “popularity” to make a difference this world might not be such a giant shit-hole.
    But No let them have their fucking mansions while millions of kids sleep on the floor of broken shacks and there is an encyclopedia full of problems and charities that need time, attention and $$$$.
    Yeah and lets totally call them humanitarians when they decide to take ONE little child out of their own country and raise it like some trophy to their pathetic
    so-called filanthropy.


  26. pleasestopsayingtotally

    I totally think the adoption craze will blow over and the celebs will be totally bored with their kids. I’m guessing they’ll bury them up to their heads in their backyards and then totally let the gardener crack up the lawnmower.

  27. iamsosmrt

    The gov needs to force celebs who want to adopt to carry a bag of sugar, make that a sac of shit, around for a year and treat it like a baby, like they make sluts do in highschool… okay all the kids had to do it, just in my highschool coincidentally they were all sluts!

    Can we please throw cantalopes with insults written on them at this bitch during her next staged, self promoting public,”don’t pay attention to me, I’m just a normal person” outing. This whore said she wants to be the next Dalai Lama. Who the fuck says something like that. I want to be the most worshipped person that ever lived but, I don’t go around saying shit like that … Oh wait…

  28. #27

    I like schools with a lot of sluts.

    Easy score.

  29. ch474

    17 – placenta whata? So I looked it up. I added the caps.

    “The exact etiology of placenta previa is unknown. The condition may be multifactorial and is postulated to be related to multiparity, multiple gestations, ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE, previous cesarean delivery, PREVIOUS ABORTION, and possibly, SMOKING

  30. Truthseeker013

    Another child scarred for life?

  31. Doober

    They should offer these third-world babies with Super value meals at McDonalds.

    That way, EVERYONE can collect them willy-nilly like these dumbass celebrities.

  32. moonshine

    You people are so cynical!
    It says in plain English she’s involved with Raising Malawi. Basically Guy Ritchie has to go back in to Africa and “get her a toddler, they got more than they can deal with!”
    She’ll name them
    and Nathan Junior.

  33. Doober

    And I wonder what these kids are going to sound like, having a mum with that fake-ass British “accent” that suddenly switches to Detroit when the bitch gets angry.

    Seriously, those kids are going to be fucked up.

  34. jrzmommy♠

    Is she gonna buy a fucking yacht too?

  35. This is not Madonna…THIS. IS. LESBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kick

  36. roflmao


  37. No_Angel

    My husband and I adopted from a foreign country.

    I’m all for adoption to have a family. There are so many kids in this world that need homes. With celebrity money and resources, why don’t they put their considerable $$$ where their ever-jabbering mouth is and adopt a US child with special needs. Some of these children just need some psychotherapy and stable homes because of horrible home situations. Some need 24 nursing care. All of them need homes.

    Really, when my husband and I adopted from Poland a while back, where was the adulation for us? We brought home twin girls, simply beautiful, smart, underfed and underloved babies. Now that they are almost 4 they are American to the bone, love books, animals and playing outside, visiting and playing with extended family. It’s a joy to watch them grow up.

    Celebrities with their slavish devotion to fad-of-the-moment causes make me want to vomit. Madge looks ridiculous trying to hang on to her youth by adopting babies. Angelina broke the first rule about adopting, also: never disturb the birth order. She may have good intentions but she hasn’t a clue when it comes to child development.

    Those poor kids. They deserve so much better!

  38. whackjob

    Raising Malawi. A comedic romp in which an erstwhile pop star kidnaps a(nother) child to satisfy deranged parental needs. Highlights include a hilarious scene featuring a JamboMart hold-up followed by chases through the village by tribal elders and a showdown with evil personified, Leonard (Jabari) Smalls.

    Madonna. (African for “stupid white cunt”).

  39. teetee

    I wish Madonna would just dry up and blow away.

  40. freak_show

    29: Where did you get the info? It is a little redundant.

    “The exact etiology of placenta previa is unknown. The condition may be multifactorial and is postulated to be related to multiparity, multiple gestations, ADVANCED MATERNAL AGE, previous cesarean delivery, PREVIOUS ABORTION, and possibly, SMOKING

    “Multiparity” means a woman who has had multiple gestations, therefore the second descriptor is overkill.

    She had a c-section w/ her first child because #1 was placenta previa. #2 almost killed her (do we hear cheers here???) For women who actually have it one time, the recommendation is to watch your ass so you don’t have it occur again and it is very life threatening.

    At any rate, all of those factors are her in your little definition. More importantly, she is a dumb cunt, she jumped the shark years ago and I feel sorry for her children.

  41. Moksha

    yeah old broad, show us the nasssty rat teeth. hisssss!

  42. WTFiswrongwithUppl

    39–I believe her uterus already did.

  43. Saera

    you spelled sources wrong.

  44. Adrianus Smith

    I can think of another reason for her frequenting Malawi so often! Here’s a clue:
    It’s green
    It’s sticky
    It’s called Malawi
    Zing! Madonna is a pot head! She must be preparing for international pot smoking day on 20 April coming up!

    SMOKE PLENTY ON 4:20 :-P

  45. WileyJay

    I think she is old enough to have a 37 year old child. Quick, name one song she’s recorded in the last 20 years.

  46. I would kill myself if Madonna was my mom. This bitch don’t let her kids watch TV, shit, you can learn a freakin lot from TV. The bitch thinks that she’s from England now. They can have her old used up ass. Yea, I didn’t appreciate you acting like you were my Lord and Savior on the cross, bitch..Anything for attention, coz everyone hates your stupid ass.

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