Madonna meets with divorce lawyer

Madonna has reportedly met with high-powered London divorce attorney Fiona Shackleton who recently represented Paul McCartney and was able to protect most of his assets from Heather Mills. In fact, Fiona was so effective she had water dumped over head in the courtroom by Paul’s ex. However, this doesn’t look to be a long drawn out legal battle since there is so much money at stake. Typically, these matters are resolved quickly. The Times of London reports:

James Stewart, a family partner with the leading London firm Manches, said: “These big money divorces are either terribly straightforward, because there is enough money to give those involved a fair share — more so than where there is not much money –or they go to court, because one side is either mean or greedy.
“But this is subject to departure, depending on factors such as the length of a marriage, how the matrimonial assets were created; the special or stellar contribution that either one of the couple, such as Madonna, may have made before the marriage.”

If given a choice between seeing Madonna’s face and arms again in court, Guy Ritchie will most likely settle for a small lump sum of change. And, if his lawyers are good enough, the secret amulet that returns Madonna to her grave. You know, in case she seeks revenge or wants to renegotiate the condo.