Madonna & Jesus: Together again for the very first time

Thanks to a fortuitous flight off the back of a horse, Madonna and Jesus Luz have rekindled their love affair. Her friends in the fashion world are even working overtime to keep him in the US, according to Page Six:

Marc Jacobs “wrote a letter of support for Jesus’ work permit” to allow him to stay in the country, said our source. “Marc campaigned for Jesus, saying he is highly talented and a necessity to the label.” Last week, Women’s Wear Daily reported Dolce & Gabbana’s fall-winter menswear campaign will feature Luz. Our tipster said, “All these fashion lines are hiring Jesus as a favor to Madonna. As long as he can legally work in the US, they can be together.”

Of course, this should come to no surprise as no one based on Madonna’s longstanding relationship with the fashion world:

“Either find me young models to feast on their youth, or I’ll wear your clothes upon my frame – in public! Muahahaha!” – Written in blood at Dolce & Gabbana headquarters.

Photos: WENN