Madonna is the new shriveled-up, white Oprah

Pulling a page directly out of Oprah’s book then Xeroxing it, Madonna wants to build a girls school in Malawi, Africa. She recently announced her intentions on the website of her non-profit organization Raising Malawi. FOX News reports:

Of course, Oprah’s school is not connected to any kind of religious cult. Raising Malawi is an off shoot of the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles, run by former insurance salesman Philip Berg and his family.
There’s no word yet on whether the Madonna Academy students will have to wear $26 red strings on their wrists or drink bottled Kabbalah water. But pictures this weekend of Madonna carrying her adopted Malawi son, David Banda, into the Kabbalah center, pretty much says it all.

Yes, I’m sure the students at Madonna’s school will love those special visits from their Material Girl headmistress. Or as they’ll come to be known “Hide Under Your Desk the Pale Bride of Satan is Here to Feed Again Day.” Ha ha, kids.

Photos: WENN
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