Madonna is probably going to die soon

July 28th, 2009 // 111 Comments

Somehow I missed this pic of Madonna that ran in yesterday’s Daily Mail, so huge thanks to everyone who sent it in. Hopefully, you weren’t looking for an explanation because, honestly, I don’t have one.

Except I do: Pilates and a severe lack of virgin sacrifices.


  1. ISnatchKissesAndViceVersa

    The cryptkeeper lives!


    nice TITS

  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. boooya



    That’s like cyborg hot.

  6. Jerome

    First bitches

  7. Jerome

    First bitches

  8. Anastasia Beaverhausen

    zombie madonna wants braaaaiiinnns…..

  9. GrammarMenshevik


  10. Jerome

    That kabbalah water must contain embalming fluid

  11. What the hell is happening to her? She obviously needs medical help. I hope she isn’t surrounding herself with Doctor’s that will give her whatever she asks for, like Michael Jackson. There is something seriously wrong going on here. Somebody, do something quick, before it;s too late.

  12. Bert

    she has those lance henrikson arms……….

  13. Ein

    Somebody get her back in the coffin.

  14. Axel

    At No.13… You actually care what happens to this… Um… I got nothing, I dont know what to call it.

  15. budah

    zomdonna needs braaaiiins…aiii quick to a third world country for more kids….

  16. mary

    she looks horrible. hoooly.. what happened to her?

  17. Jay

    This is clearly a photoshop job, not even a good one at that. Sheesh. Post real pics Fish.

  18. Chick

    Fake pic!! I thought the photos on this site were credible.

  19. Upinya

    Just soak her in hot water for an hour. She will rehydrate just like a piece of dried fruit.

  20. She’s been dead for a long time now.

  21. GM

    her arms look like an hr giger drawing of a penis

  22. Nikky Raney

    Already saw this on perez’s site, but still
    Really looks disgusting.
    I’m not one for the muscle-y bodies anyway.

  23. Is it photoshopped?

  24. Badfatman

    Heman will destroy you Skeletor!

  25. zackerus

    @19 and 20. I use Photoshop daily, and that’s not Photoshop–I know Photoshop when I see it. The woman has 0.002% fat in her body. If you were 50, with a very low percentage of fat, and have a microbionic (or whatever the f*ck is called) diet, your veins would probably pop like that. If she didn’t show veins, I would think she’s a real zombie, but we all know she only eat the brains of third world county kids for fun.

    And by the way, what the f*ck is she wearing???

  26. Fati


  27. chloe

    ugh, how old is this hag? she looks awful & is completely unrecognizable from her earlier days. her veins are poppin & that is NOT sexy.

  28. Annie Loves Anal

    It’s like when bodybuilders “cut”. The problem is, Madonna does it all the time, not just during bodybuilding show season. Can you imagine what her face would look like without the botox? Check out bodybuilding shows, and you will know what I mean. I honestly don’t know how she can keep some of the lipids on her face, which means she is getting some kind of fat injection , along with the botox. Not good. I work out all the time, and I am not a fan of “cutting”. It makes you look so much older and sinewy. Thank god her plastic surgeon saved us having to look at the sallow face. Gross!

    P.S. Madge? Please call Linds ASAP and get some of that shitty tan spray of hers. It will save us all the blinding pain of eventually seeing your internal organs through that pale skin.

  29. Sandy

    Holy shit on toast! I didn’t know a human body could look like that. I’ve NEVER seen anything like that, except maybe the sloth guy from Se7en. Look away! Look away before you all turn to stone!

  30. jesus

    I think this a moment-shot, maybe she is tired.

    If she, no way, she dies.

    But if I will lie beside her.

    But she will not, I promise.

    Madonna forever in body and mind.

    My arms look similar but I will recover.

  31. Is that a real Madonna? Looks weird. Something like a product of photoshop.

  32. I don’t think this is photoshopped. She has been looking thin for a long time now. Sure, she’s ripped but she is sickly thin.

  33. ginger

    She’s blatantly anorexic. I’m sick of fricken anorexics. Whenever I go to yoga class some anorexic with a BMI of 15 sits next to me and i have to look at a rotting corpse the whole 90 minutes.

    I have sympathy for people with mental illness. Just not anorexia. Why can’t they just eat some fucking cheesecake and take a day off??????

  34. zips

    Holy cow. She looks like a living version of one of those engravings of the human body you see in old medical books. Or if that’s too ‘book learnin” for you, she also looks like Frank in the original Hellraiser while he hadn’t had enough human blood to turn his body fully normal again.

  35. zips

    @35 – I wouldn’t think she’s anorexic – no way would she be able to maintain the exercise routine she supposedly does (what like 3 hrs a day or more?) for very long if she weren’t eating. What she does probably have is some sort of body dysmorphic disorder that stems from her inability to accept getting older, or fear of becoming unknown or something very showbiz like that. I’m all for healthy but jesus, that’s insane. How Jesus (Luz) can bed that is beyond me. He must be blind or get stiff by thinking of her money.

  36. these arms are horrible

  37. AnnaDraconida

    How come she still has breasts? No, wait… I know.

  38. Jesus(not Luz)

    I think she has no anorexia, she is a vegatarian and indeed she has to eat more fat-vegatarian.

    Well I think she must not lend her ears to she does?

    And what’s wrong about beiing young, better young than old(fashioned) as long as you not damage your body/mind.

    Forever young, it’s a song of Bob Dylan, but wise and gentle in mind.

    Its so easy to put a person down, I better see more positive critics.

  39. Venom

    This shit is just not right.

  40. indioblue

    That picture is scarier than the Swine Flu. In fact, if you do get Swine Flu, look at pictures of Madonna and it kills the virus.

  41. Patti

    I love her shirt!!

  42. TUBBO

    He-Man and She-Ra get ready….Here comes Skeletor!!!!! By the power of Greyskull……..I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!!!

  43. jay

    Her arms are as scruffy looking as her eyebrows.

  44. FACE

    What makes her want to show her arms all the time?? Hideous. SHe should find out what Prince does to fight off aging badly.

  45. yuki

    omg she stole keef richards body.

  46. Eskelator

    I saw her @ the Bodies exhibit.

  47. Dr. Fill

    I, for one, amd shocked – SHOCKED – to see another “celebrity” showing signs of mental illness.

    News Flash From Planet Obvious: 95% of the “celebutards” displayed here are dumber than dirt, and marginally more stable than a bottle of nitroglycerine on a hot day.

    Which, now that I think of it, is why we come here… to watch their pathetic life-cycle run from sexy to scary.

    Cicada’s have a longer and more meaningful existence. If only they had tits…

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