Madonna lying about horse accident, says pap

April 20th, 2009 // 35 Comments

Madonna’s camp is claiming her horse was spooked by a paparazzi causing the star to be injured and taken to the hospital Saturday. But the paparazzi are saying they weren’t even near the horse and were kept to a public road, according to TMZ:

We spoke with the photog who tells us he shot Madonna before and after she fell — but was not there for the actual fall. He tells us he took pics of her riding and then left. About 30 minutes later, he says he got a tip about an ambulance being sent out for a 50-year-old woman — so he put two and two together and went back to snap pics of her being tended to.
He says all his photos were taken from a public road and the only other photog around was Stephen Klein — the famous photographer whose house Madonna was at.
As Hinton put it, “If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures!”

Who do you believe? The blood-sucking paparazzi or the child-eating Madonna? All I know is, if I made the Crypt One fall, I’d ditch the pics and act innocent too. Nobody wants to get fed to an army of vampire bats. That shit stings.

Photo: Flynet

  1. Virgodoll

    What difference does that make, the important thing is she fell , yippeeee

  2. Virgodoll

    what difference does that make, the important thing is she fell, yippee

  3. Objection sustained

    This is all Obama’s fault.

  4. Turd Ferguson

    The real twist in the story is that the Horse actually fell off of her!
    I’m sure she was handling the horse wang quite well when the horse was startled by the paps.

  5. paragon

    I can’t believe nobody else has mentioned that Madonna went out of her way to have a patch sewn into her pants to make it look like she’s peed herself. I guess she’s gotta get used to it sometime. Might as well start now.

  6. Darcy

    WHOA wrong form of WERE, college student.

  7. jonny

    As I said before… one spooked the horse except Madonna. Horses don’t like having corpses placed on their backs.

  8. Kelley

    “We’re” kept to a public road ? Heheheh. Were is more like it.

  9. Crabby Old Guy

    Wow -Madonna has taken to riding Sara Jessica Parker? Those rich chicks are WILD.

  10. Those pants make her look as if she’s pissed herself. I like it.

  11. Anon

    #1 and #5
    tut tut.

    No wait I mean funny as hell.

    So if she wasn’t thrown from a horse how did she injure herself?

  12. bud

    i thought that was michael jackson for a second

  13. Vic

    After throwing her, the horse moved a few feet away, then raised a hoof high in the air and snorted “Malawi! Malawi! Malawi!”

  14. Lets all commend Vag Magg for covering up the truth.
    She jumped on the horse, the horse freaked out:
    “Never saw a vagina that large try to jump on me and ride, it looked like the end off the world, I’m sorry and yes there was an echo in there.”

    A horse is horse that is of course……

  15. Bobaloo

    What’s the point of working hard to keep your body in shape then dressing like shit?

  16. Mr. Jones

    Look at the picture. She can play tennis without the raquet with those meat-mittens.

  17. Aunt Jemima

    “I was not having sex with the horse when it fell off me…” – Madonna


  18. nephillygirl

    what’s the Clockwork Orange outfit???

  19. who cares, she’s still well enough to do more nasty photo shoots that we have to see. Yuck.

  20. His Huge Greatness Himself

    I’m going to send one of my Master Spies to have a close eye on her and the horse!

  21. mikeock

    I bet Madonna can make her vag talk, just like Mr. Ed by rubbing peanut butter on it.

  22. Sauron

    This dark monk’s habit is quite warm to wear for this time of the year! I saw it all happen in the crystal skull.I mean crystal globe.One of them is lying. . . And the one who lies is. . .

  23. Darth

    The paps jumped naked outta the bush and shouted;boo! Was it this way?

  24. Sauron

    She got heated up. . . Some women get aroused from horseback riding. . . There’s a continuous click of camera(s). . . They went up in what they were doing. . . Then suddenly. . . Boo!

  25. Nero

    Boo? The horse had to take a shit?

  26. Sauron

    She can horse back ride.But she wasn’t familiar with this horse.Horses have different characters.The horse got nervous from something and threw her off.

  27. Anyone who has seen an Omen movie knows why her horse was spooked.

  28. RaraAvis

    OMG, did Madonna get Guy Ritchie’s wardrobe in the divorce?

  29. farty mcshitface

    god damn, i swear when new pics of her turn up she gets even ghastlier than before. those cheekbone implants give her a rocky dennis from the movie mask- type look. and she knows all too well that she had better wear those long sleeved shirts to cover those awful, bony and ropey grim reaper arms. her hands are bad enough.
    what an awful, hellish abomination she is!!!
    damn this lousy bitch!
    i almost wonder how long her awful self will continue to horrify the general public. her contiuous transformation into something even more horrifying is almost amusing in a tragic and morbid kind of way. but still, this really needs to end soon because otherwise it could be 10 years from now and she still dresses up like she thinks she’s hot and still dressing like an old man when not performing.

  30. Only americans will make up these kind of stories, folks!!

  31. bo

    shut up.madonna never lied because she never accused no one.,she just asked if they were the couse of her accdent,they said no and then they ask her if she was ok,she said yes,feeling better thanks.she never press charge against them.but one thing is true,they were there all the time and were mage friends that said they were there.madonna dint saw cause she fell.u dont have nothing more important to do??like see what shitney loser is doing???madonna is immortal.get some respect.theres no thing that proves she is wrong or the paps

  32. jojo

    THIS IS RIDICULOUS.MADONNA IS NOT LYING.she what???it happendspeople are obssessed with her,leave her alone.she is a great mother and a great artist.she never was crazy like brit.she doesnt need to lie.she fell once and said it was her fault.madonna is not a kid,she doesnt have that kind of behavier.

  33. Anon

    bo when you try to post multiple comments and pretend they’re from different people change your writing style and structure of the comment otherwise we’ll see right through it.

    Also other than making you look sad and desperate the second comment makes your first lose any credibility.
    Ok bojojo

  34. want meds

    #13: Best. Comment. Ever.

  35. liz4sale

    who cares.

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