Madonna lying about horse accident, says pap

Madonna’s camp is claiming her horse was spooked by a paparazzi causing the star to be injured and taken to the hospital Saturday. But the paparazzi are saying they weren’t even near the horse and were kept to a public road, according to TMZ:

We spoke with the photog who tells us he shot Madonna before and after she fell — but was not there for the actual fall. He tells us he took pics of her riding and then left. About 30 minutes later, he says he got a tip about an ambulance being sent out for a 50-year-old woman — so he put two and two together and went back to snap pics of her being tended to.
He says all his photos were taken from a public road and the only other photog around was Stephen Klein — the famous photographer whose house Madonna was at.
As Hinton put it, “If I had startled the horse, I would have gotten pictures!”

Who do you believe? The blood-sucking paparazzi or the child-eating Madonna? All I know is, if I made the Crypt One fall, I’d ditch the pics and act innocent too. Nobody wants to get fed to an army of vampire bats. That shit stings.

Photo: Flynet
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