Madonna is confused

Madonna says she believes in Jesus even though she’s a member of the Kabbalah Center (which studies Jewish mysticism), celebrates Jewish holidays, and has even taken on the name Esther for Judaism.

Saying that her adopted son, David, can be Christian and follow Kabbalah as well, Madonna told the BBC, “I believe in Jesus and I study Kabbalah, so I don’t see why he can’t too.”

But Kabbalah watcher Rick Ross says that the group’s leaders are wrong if they tell people that they can have it both ways. “It’s historically and practically impossible for a person to be two religions simultaneously,” Rick Ross of tells The Scoop. “But perhaps Madonna thinks that along with her many other accomplishments, this is possible.”

Let’s not get into a religious debate here. Let’s just agree that Madonna is completely wrong in everything she ever says or does. She could save a bus filled with disabled children and because Madonna did it they’d all turn out to be horrible serial murderers.

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