Madonna is an unoriginal thief

madonna_koko.jpgMadonna has lost a plagiarism case against Belgian songwriter Salvatore Acquaviva who claimed her 1998 song “Frozen” stole parts from his Belgian song “Ma Vie Fout L’camp.”

“The judge has ruled Madonna must withdraw from sales all remaining disks, and orders that TV and radio can no longer play ‘Frozen,'” Acquaviva’s lawyer, Victor-Vincent Dehin, said.

So when she’s not faking accents or falling off horses, Madonna is busy ripping off small musicians. It’s nice to see the courts have finally decided the case, but they’re about seven years too late. I’m pretty sure TV and radio have already stopped playing “Frozen”, and it hasn’t sold a single copy in years. So basically the courts have ordered her to do nothing. Go justice system!

At least she’s still free to masturbate on stage, as evidenced by these photos from her livest performance ever at the Koko club on Tuesday. Did I mention it was live? Because it was so live.

Songwriter Wins Case Against Madonna [AP]

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