Madonna is a master of disguise

July 12th, 2007 // 74 Comments

Madonna tried going incognito to Justin Timberlake’s concert in London recently by hiding under a black cape. The Scoop reports:

“She was texting on her mobile, eating crisps and yawning just before the show began!” according to one fan report. Madonna was wearing a black hooded cape and was surrounded by bodyguards. “When everyone realized it was her and started chanting ‘Madonna!’ she put the hood on and went under the seat.”

Only a celebrity would think hiding under a black cape is a disguise. Most people put on wigs and sunglasses, but not Madonna. No, she dresses like Batman. I’m surprised she didn’t have a blinking neon sign around her neck that flashed, “I’m Madonna.” I guess that was Plan B.

These pictures are completely unrelated, I just thought Madonna’s cleavage was neat.


  1. just wondering

    why does Madonna get WAY more press than Cyndi Lauper? Same era, but the one with talent isn’t in the news. Kinda like VHS winning out over Beta. Stupid marketing.

  2. Tinkerintenor

    That would be a clear result of the fact that Madonna doesn’t sound like a deflating balloon, and has staying power (her most recent tour wasn’t titled after a song she wrote 20 years ago). I agree her hair looks atrocious, however – that man who did her highlights needs a new career.

  3. jacknasty

    # 14 is gay

  4. mary

    (all of you who rip apart her looks must be woman over 30..who are very insecure&jealous
    cuz she looks better than YOU)
    *Madonna cannot sing she sucked at the green concertthing.. imitating a guitar playing rockstar

  5. Zulu

    For the record-she can dance That is her only talent.

  6. Rylee

    why is she going to a jt concert isnt she like 80?!

  7. I wonder if that deal she made with the devil was worth all that junk that she acquired?

  8. dannielynn'sdaddy

    #41 I think that there was a resemblance to MM. She went out of her way to FORCE a resemblance. But, I won’t argue the point. I thought it was a cheap trick anyway. My point is that you absolutely cannot say this woman is aging well. She doesn’t look better than she did in her 20′s….. in fact, she looks as if she’s ready to hop on her broom and fly off at the first sign of rain.

  9. BaldAsBritney

    Madonna at a justin timberlake concert. Is it any wonder terrorists want to anihilate Britian?

  10. Your Mom

    Madonna is a damn fool. I wish she would just… stop going out in public.

  11. Christ on a Crotch

    Madonna is old hat. Did I say “hat?” I meant hag.

    Yawn (picks up mug of coffee)

  12. T

    neat except for the tit zit

  13. supposably

    I thought those pics WERE of the disguise.
    It looks like someone’s 80 year old gran with a mop on her head.

  14. Ryan

    Fuck all you Madonna haters. She gave a brilliant performance at the Live Earth performance; if not the best of them all. She is one hell of a performer despite she doesn’t have the greatest voice, but who the fuck cares. She is the greatest living icon and will be around for another 20 years gathering the same media attention she always does.

  15. #64=what plantet R U
    from? Madonna is like
    so old…and now she
    chose England over
    America and she was a
    NewYorker, so, what does
    that tell U? We hate that
    old bitch, and no she won’t
    be anything but a stupid
    grandmother that owez her
    soul to the devil and U know

  16. Ryan

    Reference to post #65

    “Get a fucking education” Do some reading or get a tutor you retarded fuck.

  17. I have an education, fucker
    Y don’t U kizz Madonnaz azz
    U azzkizzer, shez only like
    the crypt keeper and shez going
    to hell with U, bitch..?

  18. zebop

    She was never cute, but now she just looks old, hard and beat up.

    Age and gravity get us all in the end.

  19. tinkerintenor

    I think you care much more about her age than she does. She stays in great physical shape, at the expense of what many men claim to find attractive. She’s too muscular for most men, and all that exercise has hollowed out her cheeks…guess what…she doesn’t give a shit. She works out for her health and her own enjoyment, not yours. That makes her fierce and above you. She also appears to have a superior mastery of the letter “s” than you Kel. Hope you didn’t put out too much for that “education” you speak of. ;)

  20. az i said before
    fuckface fucker

    zhe iz englandz
    fuckin problem

    she can enjoy all
    thoze green teeth
    fuckerz and by the

    way, the bitch can’t
    zing…and for your 411..

    I can zpell, I don’t
    want too fucker …
    itz my right…

    now, go eat that bitch
    coz itz clear U’d fuck

    that old uzed up puzz
    in a fuckin zecond…

    fuck you, dickbrain…

  21. colin

    HAHAH oh dear, that has to the the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard.

  22. a little info:

    madonna haz zucked
    every zhape, zize, color,
    of dickz in America…

    and now zhe haz gone to
    England to ztart that
    trend over again…

    zhe alzo haz eaten all
    zizez, zhapez, and colorz
    of puzzy in America and
    now iz going for the record
    in England..zkank ho, bitch?

  23. tinkerintenor

    Well, congrats Kel. You’ve silenced me. You make such a well-founded point that it’s impossible to refute you anymore. Madonna is old, has sucked every penis and vagina in America, is somehow responsible for the train wreck that is Britney Spears, and is now in the process of sucking every penis and vagina in the UK. So now she’s England’s “problem,” and this point is somehow accentuated by your rampant misuse of the English language and your inability to spell. It’s a choice. I get it now…consider me silenced by your logic. I shall now prepare to go fuck her used up pussy, as you say, since I do enjoy those sorts of activities so much. Thanks for the suggestion, and enjoy the crack – you’ve clearly worked hard for it. ;)

  24. pp

    fuck america.u uys sucks.madonna is amazing beautiful.she is 50 guys

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