Madonna is a master of disguise


Madonna tried going incognito to Justin Timberlake’s concert in London recently by hiding under a black cape. The Scoop reports:

“She was texting on her mobile, eating crisps and yawning just before the show began!” according to one fan report. Madonna was wearing a black hooded cape and was surrounded by bodyguards. “When everyone realized it was her and started chanting ‘Madonna!’ she put the hood on and went under the seat.”

Only a celebrity would think hiding under a black cape is a disguise. Most people put on wigs and sunglasses, but not Madonna. No, she dresses like Batman. I’m surprised she didn’t have a blinking neon sign around her neck that flashed, “I’m Madonna.” I guess that was Plan B.

These pictures are completely unrelated, I just thought Madonna’s cleavage was neat.

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