Madonna is a hypocrite

February 28th, 2007 // 81 Comments

In the latest issue of British Elle, Madonna says she’s worried because her daughter keeps wearing jeans that are too tight. She says:

“My daughter is going through a phase of wearing jeans that are so tight she can’t bend her knees in them. I have a go at her and say, ‘Can’t you wear something else? You have a closet full of clothes and you wear the same pants every day. And please wear a belt because I don’t want to see your butt crack when you bend over.’”

Madonna getting upset with her daughter for dressing too slutty is like Mr. T getting upset with his son for pitying too many fools. I think there was a period in Madonna’s life where all she wore was spaghetti pasta and condoms.

NOTE: It looks like Madonna attended a semester at Pink’s School for Looking Like a Dude. And I think she already completed the course on arms.


  1. terry

    HAHA! I was waiting for the reference to Pink!

  2. Alice-Mary

    #12 – I am from Michigan, and was born & raised here, and…no.

    You might hear an occasional ‘eh?’ because we’re like on Canada’s ass but besides that there aren’t really any Michigan catch phrases.

    #18 – MICHIGANESE!? wtf. thaaats a new one. It’s either Michigander or Michiganian.

  3. DecorativePoncho

    Not hypocritical. Dressing like a slut when you’re grown is one thing, hoochifying at Lourdes’ tender age quite another.

  4. Nimuë LaMer

    Madge is just mad because her kid looks hotter in those jeans than she does.

    Can’t wait for Lourdes to go all Chastity Bono on her sinewy ass.

  5. black sunshine

    “Madonna getting upset with her daughter for dressing too slutty is like Mr. T getting upset with his son for pitying too many fools.”


  6. Tits_McGhee

    Madonna needs to pull the stripper pole outta her ass. Lourdes is genetically slutty. You could put her ass in a convent, and she would STILL be knocked up by 14.

    It’s science.

  7. woodhorse

    I see it #38 – couldn’t guess what that is – tape to pull skin tight?? And look at all that gray hair??? Since she’s not a natural blonde, she must be totally gray and using toner…

  8. NipsyHustle


    to answer your question about who buys lourdes’ clothing. the answer is lourdes. madonna gave her a credit card with a $10000 limit when she was 8 so she could learn financial responsibility.

    i can’t wait for lourdes to start banging her stepfather because that’s the kind of thing a daughter of madonna’s would do.

  9. sayll

    1)Monkey see monkey do
    2)Who bought her the fucking pants, credit card or not I’m guessing she doesn’t venture out sans adults and do her own shopping

  10. NipsyHustle

    personally, i hope that lourdes goes on a world gangbang tour. 69 cities in 69 nights bareback all the way. the whole time she can only live on mcdonald’s, heroin, and jizz. and while she’s at it she tattoos every inch of her skin, uses mommy’s credit card to buy couture for streetwalkers, films a series of scat videos, announces she’s the anti-christ and have a surgery to become a hermaprodite. and this is just the opening act. what else can you expect from the seed of the world’s biggest attention whore?

  11. jFp

    So the Whore has a Ho for a daughter. How is that news?

  12. jFp

    What is she going to bitch about when the lil’ Ho starts sucking slave cock?

  13. TheDarkLady

    Look at their hands in that first pic. It looks like he just beat her at armwrestling. That grip looks painful!

  14. sumnersgal

    The elegant, refined, “lady of the manor” act would work if she hadn’t spent the first 20 years of her career acting like the poster child for SLUTS-R-US. I think with Lourdes, ass-crack showing jeans are going to be the LEAST of her worries!

  15. NicotineEyePatch

    18 and 52?

  16. sid


    She’s baiting us all with a hypocritical comment like that, to make us talk about her.

    So weak.

    Lourdes is nothing but a little bastard, sired from a one-night Latino stud service. She’s white trash.

    And you can take dat to da bank, bitch!

  17. ffordegroupie

    Hate to shatter the illusions of the “ooh, she was grown up when she started dressing slutty” brigade, but if you knew as much about Mad Madge as you say you do, then you’d know that it started when she was around Lourdes’ age.

    Flesh-colored panties she’d flip around in people’s faces, half-naked dance recitals, blah blah. So what’s Mad Madge’s excuse now, since she was more outrageous then than Lourdes is now?

    And now she’s pretending to be an English lady of refinement, until she inevitably gets dumped by Guy Richie — he’s probably got some little bit of ass in an apartment somewhere. Then she’ll be onto a new identity.

    She’s a miserable, tight-fisted old hag, and now she’s trying to get attention with her kids. I can’t wait to see Lourdes hit the teen rebellion phase, and driver Madgey Dearest into a full freakout.

  18. radio_siren

    “Madonna getting upset with her daughter for dressing too slutty is like Mr. T getting upset with his son for pitying too many fools.”

    Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Best line I’ve read in a while! Too funny and, might I add, true.

  19. sid

    She needs to be rammed with a huge, double-headed black dildo hooked up to an electrically-charged jackhhammer.

    Oh, wait……she already did that. To herself.

    She’s repulsive.

  20. sid

    I’d hit it…with a…

    …um, no, I guess I wouldn’t.

  21. Lowlands

    I know my employer is sometimes taking a peek on this site and i know in about 5 minutes it’s coffeebreak and that’s not now,but who cares?#68 That’s a good one!

  22. Lowlands

    To get such muscular arms she must have a pastime which she really enjoys…

  23. punkrockcowgirl

    The irony is that Madonna brought this about singlehandedly in the 1980′s and now it’s come back to bite her. She’s responsible for mainstreaming the underwear on the outside trend. Where before, you’d be aghast just to show a brastrap,in Post-Madonna America, you wore your bra on the outside, and your boyfriends’ undershirt (wife beater) and boxers (see Desperately Seeking Susan; Madonna does it). At the same point in time, kid’s clothing changed so that toddlers were no longer wearing sweet kiddie togs, but tiny versions of adult clothing like spandex leggings & leather jackets. Kids clothing manufacturers marketed girls clothing using the word “Hot” for toddlers. So, basically, Madonna is responsible for a major breakdown of society. Show us your bra and panties and sexualize your children through their clothing! Her children should eat her.

  24. Libraesque

    #67, WHAT in the fuckity fuck are you talking about???
    So when Madonna was 9 she went up to her teacher/dance instructor and said “Look, in the recital tonight I wanna dance in my underwear, you’re cool with that right? Oh good, cuz my Catholic father is cool with it”

  25. herbiefrog

    he looks like a nice guy
    …so why so cross ?
    i’ll take whatever i want
    you said i could


  26. MargeAggedon

    I suspect the only reason this is news is because madonna needs the publicity.

  27. WTF?

    Brrrrr. We’re going to have to put up with this skank until she’s 70, aren’t we? -Like Cher.

  28. SuperChic

    #77, very funny.

    Anyways, her arms are disgusting. Why is she always showing them off? I know she is into this Kabbalah thing, but do they make you do arm excercises that beef you up to the point it is just plain obnoxious? NOT attractive.

    And why is Guy still hanging around, he seems like he’s been trying to divorce her for years. Maybe they have this arrangement, where he has to be with her for photos, but he never has to smile actually that he likes her.

  29. yes, i’m sure her daughter is taking her *really* seriously

  30. Allah

    I wanna see some teenage boobs!

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