Madonna is a bitch? I never would’ve guessed

October 10th, 2008 // 74 Comments

Swedish pop star Robyn was excited to open a handful of European shows for Madonna’s “Sticky & Sweet” tour until she found out the Mummy has strict rules, according to Page Six:

Robyn told her hometown Swedish paper that she and her crew were told “not to approach Madonna, not to speak to Madonna and, above all, no pictures . . . I hadn’t expected any glamour, but it’s strange that they assume that the first thing you’re gonna do is run after Madonna and ask for an autograph. My worst nightmare would be to turn into Madonna.

Robyn, it’s everybody’s worst nightmare to turn into Madonna – including Madonna. Seriously. I heard she looks at herself each morning in the mirror and says “Dammit, Madonna. Why did you turn into Madonna?” Then she eats a baby from a small African village and does Pilates. True story.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Obammy Mammy

    Go to hell Obama losers

  2. boogers

    Eat me cause I’m first

  3. Madonna

    Only liberals are invited to my party. Admission is $300 per idiot

  4. hahah look at that frame,,,and she’s cheating? I rather bang Cloris Leachman,,,,

    alright i take that back…

  5. Yippers

    Is that like paying $300 to go to a haunted house?

  6. MJ

    She looks disgusting, and obviously thinks way too highly of herself if she acts all “holier than thou” to people sharing the stage with her. Her body is fukin disgusting, like she is/was on steroids.

    Definitely a BITCH!

  7. $$$

    Yeah, Madonna will be devastated by “Robyn” saying negative things.

    Robyn is Pink, but with that horrendous Eurotrash technopop sound.

    If she doesn’t want to open, Madonna will only have 999 other acts to choose from, each ready to jump at the offer.

  8. Jumpin_J

    Obammy, oh nice racist move too, let try to help you. Obama’s going to win. You’re going to be really pissed. Now’s the time to move out of the USA. If you wait till after Nov.5, the wait to process your immigration papers are going to be really long. I would say the best thing for you is leave while you can.

  9. The JuRK

    Madonna’s been the biggest bitch in the world for her entire career.

    Now that she’s way past her expiration date, she comes off like an overly-pretentious cross between drugged-out hag Courtney Love and faded silent movie queen Norma Desmond (from “Sunset Boulevard”).

    She probably makes all those African birth parents sign the “No Pics with Madonna” clause before she buys their kids.

  10. CaptainMorgan

    @6 actuall she is holier than me. She has three…I have two (one in, one out).

  11. obamahater

    what a douche bag. she’s way past her career and she looks like shit.

  12. God, remind me to NEVER do pilates!! Fuck that’s chilling!!

  13. God, remind me to NEVER do pilates!! Fuck that’s chilling!!

  14. Yeah, it was worth saying twice…hehehehe

  15. john

    Notice that after the second debate, there really aren’t McCain supporters anymore. There are only Obama supporters and Obama haters (in the real sense of hatred). Most of the time, the anti-Obama people don’t even mention McCain. Yesterday McCain was slammed in The National Review, which is one of the most prestigious conservative publications in existence (concerning his unexpected, unexplained, unnecessary, and worse-than- useless “bombshell” debate proposal of a $300 billion taxpayer buyout of bad mortgages).

    Flat-out racial hatred, internet rumors presented as unvarnished truth, and panicky “when Obama’s president he’s gonna…” statements that ignore that modern presidents have their hands tied, especially on domestic policy, and especially the next president with finances the way they are. The next president is on clean-up and bill-paying duty; in a way, it doesn’t matter who it is (except for ordering bombing missions). The next 4 years are going to be bottoming out, surviving, and then the beginnings of a very slow recovery. The debt is finally due and there will be no more big programs (or big new homes).

    I would have said that McCain would get more of our $700 billion back, and sooner, than Obama, but not anymore. He truly does not seem to understand what’s going on and how to approach it from a fiscal conservative’s perspective. When the campaign started, the question was whether he’d be a tough reforming fiscal conservative (his good image through the years) or an impatient irritable guy who loves to do unexpected things just to enjoy the reaction he gets (his bad image – maverick as a philosophy instead of a style). It’s very clear now who he really is. I have no idea who Obama is, but he’s smart and analytical and cool under pressure, and he’s going to be fit with a straitjacket on Inauguration Day in terms of what he’ll be able to do. He’ll have to do.

    Besides, after hearing Bush talk for 8 years, I’d go nuke-you-ler if I had to hear Vice President Boomhauer (Palin) talk for 4 or 8 more years.

  16. me

    THAT happened because she does pilates? Holy crap! Let’s all be glad she got the guitar in front of her crotchola. I do NOT see to see any more! ICKY!!!!

  17. me

    I meant…she’s got…please be nice!

  18. Mike

    Is that Axl Rose in the pic?

  19. Skip Smith


    Way to be on topic, douchebag.

    WTF is wrong with these people posting political BS on a celebrity site?

  20. yuck

    gross! she looks clammy and smelly not to mention she looks like a piece of raw chicken. Gross!

  21. God damn she needs some fat on her frame. Skinny old ladies age really badly.

  22. Damn she is scary!!!

    Me, where are we drinking this afternoon?

  23. Marley

    Fuck she has sexy legs.

  24. yeah yeah

    Any asshole (#15) who writes paragraphs on this website has to be a total loser

  25. Thanks for the INVITE, JIMBO!!! Way to uninclude me. I’m goin home..

  26. chizzy


    My name’s MaDoNNa!!!

    I’m a dumb fuckin bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. meee

    why does NO ONE in her life tell her she looks like a fucking freak? what’s with her body?! like dude, staying in shape is good but there are limits…

    i’ll never understand why celebrities’ friends let them walk out of the house looking the way they do.

  28. jrz

    Over the course of this presidential campaign that I have been watching quite closely, I’ve made a few startling discoveries. Now while this is strictly based on brief observations and statements from John McCain over the past few years, I have come to the conclusion that Senator John McCain exhibits some symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder.

    A few points: BPD is usually a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As many Americans know John McCain was a Prisoner of War during Vietnam in the Hanoi Hilton. Five years as a prisoner being tortured is indeed enough to cause PTSD in anyone.

    Symptom: Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g., frequent displays of temper, constant anger, recurrent physical fights)

    Case: John McCain has a known volatile temper: Lashing out a number of times at critics as well as his wife. Recent discussion has been made by pundits on both sides of the aisle whether or not he has the “temperament” to be president. McCain himself has admitted to being a “trouble-maker” growing up and that he has trouble controlling his temper.

    Symptom: Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating)

    Case: There is the issue of impulsivity; sexual and otherwise. It was a known fact that McCain was cheating on his first wife before divorcing and marrying Cindy. Also in regards to impulsivity, McCain has been on buying sprees with his 13 cars, his rash choice in Vice President.

    Symptom: Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self-image or sense of self.

    Case: From a political perspective McCain has had several revolving identities. He has called himself a reformer, but has also prided himself as a deregulator. He calls himself a “maverick” and “iconoclast” yet by principal and by voting record he has been in lockstep with his party and the current administration quite frequently. A full list of his inability to identify himself can be found here.

    Symptom: Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation.

    Case: During the primary season, McCain was known as being very affable with the press, giving them complete access to him and on his “Straight Talk Express” bus. However, in recent weeks negative criticism has amped up on all corners of the press. He claims that the press have been attacking him and has expressed a great deal of paranoia about New York Times, NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS and others.

    Symptom: Persistent threats or ultimatums to try to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

    Case: Most recently, McCain has threatened not to attend the presidential debates unless the $700 Billion Bailout bill is passed; McCain has been quoted as saying that he knows where Osama Bin Laden is, however, he won’t do anything about it unless he is elected president. McCain launched a great many negative and largely untrue attacks against Obama because Obama would not attend his town hall style meetings over the course of the summer. He said that if Obama had attended these meetings, then there would be no negative ads.

  29. Slut

    WTF is up with her thighs….Damn I hate it when old people think they are still hot

  30. me

    Well now…someone learned to copy and paste today didn’t they?

  31. FRIST, where have you been? You are always invite to go drinking. Me is the one that is setting up the party.

  32. Charles Few

    This is the problem with being liberal: our douchie Hollywood types are even more numerous than the douchie Hollywood types (I’m looking at you Voight) that support the GOP. At least we don’t elect ours though . . .

  33. That is the exact pose women who buy make your own coochie kits from our company must pose. LOL

  34. supersex

    her thighs have been beat to hell due so much traffic between them

  35. Jim Jones

    wtf is up with you people ripping on #15 and not saying anything about #1 or #3, who posted pointless vitriolic hatred that had absolutely nothing to do with this story? At least #15′s response was a) intelligently written and b) in response to something (namely posters #1 and #3), whereas their posts had nothing to do with anything contained herein.

    Now, to the real point of this site, Madonna doesn’t seem like she can do anything that seems even remotely attractive anymore. Shame.

  36. Hecubus

    Note to Superfish: You spelled ‘Pirates’ wrong.

    Note to everyone else : Before you get on my case, I know what Pilates is. He did however mean pirates. She does pirates all day, they love her. That’s why they put her on their flag.

  37. Dennis Rodman's cockring

    Daaaaaaaamn, that bitch’s ugly in the light! I can’t believe this motherfucka slipped me all up in dat shit!

  38. Mdiz

    Skeletor put down the Les Paul…Damn it woman, you are not worthy!

  39. jesus

    i just vomited and shit my pants at the same time. what house of horrors.

  40. Rant

    Why does her thigh drop in like the fucking Grand Canyon. Gross.

    Also, I think Madonna does not want this Robyn chick to look at her for own protection.

  41. Skip Smith


    The difference is that #1 and #3 didn’t burn out the scroll wheel on my mouse.

  42. yeah yeah

    Notice to the IDIOTS: Nobody is going to spend more than 5 seconds reading your posts.

  43. Jamie's Uterus

    Is she still pretending to be a British fake Jew named Esther?

  44. tc

    This picture is disgusting and offensive.

    I just vomited, and not wishing to cover my keyboard, kept my mouth closed. The back-pressure caused the vomit to shoot through my nose, covering my hands in blood-bile-vomit.

    The woman should be put into an institution where her body can be cared for properly.

  45. Scot

    Yikes! She is really starting to look like Willem Defoe in drag from Boondock Saints.

  46. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    @8 seriously no other country wants Americans immigrating to their country, keep your Republican whingers who wanna leave when Obama wins. Seriously if we wanted any AMericans in Europe it would NOT be the Republican red neck Sarah Palin kind. Bill Clinton types we can bear with others – don’t even think of emigrating we HATE you in Europe and every other country.

  47. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    @8 seriously no other country wants Americans immigrating to their country, keep your Republican whingers who wanna leave when Obama wins. Seriously if we wanted any AMericans in Europe it would NOT be the Republican red neck Sarah Palin kind. Bill Clinton types we can bear with others – don’t even think of emigrating we HATE you in Europe and every other country.

  48. Ryan

    Her legs are nasty. What is that woman doing? Having a Billion dollars is not enough to keep her happy? Please, someone, make her stop.

  49. Yep

    It’s called a muscle, you basement dwelling never had a real woman in your fucking lives nerds!!!

  50. Fucken Retard

    she looks like a praying mantis with a hat and a guitar.
    I bet those wankers who wrote that song “I’d rather do it with Madonna” are licking their own vomit up off the floor these days.

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