Madonna has beautiful arms

July 23rd, 2007 // 116 Comments

The Daily Mail has shots of Madonna in London with the most horrifying arms I’ve ever seen. Can you imagine the lucky guy that gets to have sex with this thing? He’d just be screaming the whole time, shaking his head side to side with tears streaming down his face. Although to be fair, these pictures came from the Daily Mail, who also claimed that Victoria Beckham’s legs look like this. I’m not saying this is Photoshopped, but if it turns out to be I wouldn’t exactly pee myself in surprise.


  1. tina

    first bitches!

  2. DI

    daily photoshop

  3. Jolene

    Miss Man…

  4. ouch


  5. wanks

    wow the site looks awesome….madonna looks like a freakn vampire man!

  6. Arianaaaa

    There it is, photoshop .. again. What else is new? BTW i love the new layout.. keep us posted!

  7. ouch

    By the way, the comment was relevant to the post, as I have just puked a little.

  8. my comment

    Is she made of boiled chicken?

  9. long islander

    boiled chicken leg, just like Mom used to make.

  10. man_phat

    I stil fuck her even if she was my mother

  11. She looks good for 100. Isn’t she like 100?

  12. guy ritchie

    Yes, she’s made of boiled chicken. Her vagina looks (and smells) like a boiled chicken neck. Why do you think we’re kidnapping instead of having more kids of our own? (fine – “adopting” …)

  13. omar

    first !

  14. woobles frombread

    This is so fake. Her real arms are tentacles covered with octo-suckers.

  15. Borat

    She looks stong in plow to me.

  16. Frank Perdue


  17. schack

    oh god

    why doesn’t she cover herself like a granny with some class.

    no one wants to see that. it gives me nightmares of rotting flesh and leprosy

  18. Tim

    Definitely free-range.

  19. Winslow

    Crappy photoshop. Tentacles! Hee!

  20. Dirty Sanchez

    That looks delicious.

  21. schack

    YOU look delicious, dirty. yes, i can see YOU.

  22. Realio

    It’s totally fake. Unless the bag she’s holding weighs 75 pounds, there’s no reason for her muscles to be flexed like that. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that she’s immigrating illegal mexican babies in that thing and that it is, actually, quite heavy.

  23. schack

    well, Realio, you cannot see the bag, now can you? So you have no reason to believe it doesn’t weigh 70 lbs.

  24. Shut Up!

    sigh, the fish gets a new format, but we still get losers like #1 making first posts. yup, clearly we’re the bitches, you showed us, loser.

  25. gomilk?

    even if this is photoshopped, i’m sure the real thing is that for off from looking like this. she’s been pretty gross for a while. poor guy ritchie.

  26. gomilk?

    even if this is photoshopped, i’m sure the real thing isn’t that for off from looking like this. she’s been pretty gross for a while. poor guy ritchie.

  27. sal

    Poor Guy Ritchie. He’s definitely the chick now. And he’s in bed with the Grim Raper.

  28. Marta Kelling

    Goddamn! It’s like looking at my own grandmother’s arm! GAH! Look away!!!

  29. lapet

    That bitch stole ole grandpappy’s arm. Goddam grave robber.

  30. my comment

    Besides her stringy death-like arms, how come nobody mentioned her face or her hair? How many chemical fryings does it take to get it to that burned orange color?

  31. ncebula

    you know- I always loved Madonna, but she has taken it way too far! Though, I am sure this is photoshopped, she has looked manly for quite some time now.

  32. anita

    she has muscle in her arm but the arm shown in the pic is photoshop fake!!

    Give her a break she turns 50 y.o. next year !!! She looks better than good, has talent, money, geeze

  33. I knew there waz
    a dick
    between her legz??

  34. Christ on a Crotch

    Looks great, if I’m looking to have sex with a wiry, muscly man.

    There comes a point where a woman passes from fit strong and healthy to just gristle and bones and blood. Not a good look for women as they grow older.

    It’s nice to be fit, but I still wanna look like a girl, y’know?

  35. Madonna has never been attractive — she was just slutty. Somehow people always seemed to confuse her sluttiness for attractiveness, while completely ignoring that she had the face of a sewer rat, complete with a revolting, giant mole.


  36. my comment

    Not photoshopped. How hard is it to understand a simple equation.

    She’s lost all her fat due to her depraved addiction to her body. Add old age and viola! Instant fug.

  37. lambman

    That’s so fake looking, its not even funny. There isn’t even a muscle in your forearm there to be popping out like that.

  38. Superfish


  39. Superfish


    In case you guys didn’t know, Madonna’s already dead. isn’t it obvious? Either she’s dead or she’s slowly turning into a man…it can happen. just ask Paris Hilton. she’s there (prison, dope, cocaine, etc.)

  40. pointandlaugh


  41. schack

    Presto, change-o! Madonno!

  42. schack

    *pointing and laughing*

  43. my comment

    #37. Wrong!

    There is a muscle in the forearm that does that.

  44. Rancid Dead Squirrelman

    @35 Bern the Boob Shot on your site today almost knocked me out of my chair!

    Thank god for the swivel action.

    Madonna is a whore.

  45. Cat

    Hey! omg! check out what i did to the photo at,85,,,478,450,3,4,1,-1 !!!!!
    perdue chicken anyone?

  46. joeyb

    Gross! She looks as bad as some of the folk in those 3rd world countries she loves to adopt from!

  47. Christ on a Crotch

    When the ONLY fat on your body is your breasts, your musculature looks like that.

    She’s a psycho-obsessive-”has to be better than everyone”-overindulgent-haggy-hasbeen.

    Dedication is great but this is ridiculous!

    Oh, and I forgot pretentious….

  48. Christ on a Crotch

    The “fish” is swimming rather slowly today, eh?

  49. Hash

    MILF! Madonna Is Like, Fugly!!!

  50. Hash

    MILF! Madonna Is Like, Fugly!!!

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