Madonna gives Jesus an allowance

Jesus Luz’s relationship is apparently a gold mine. A dusty, scary, 5 million year old goldmine, but a goldmine nonetheless. InTouch reports:

According to a friend, Jesus, 23, put his modeling career on hold in order to accompany Madonna around the world — and that move is definitely paying off. “Jesus basically lived paycheck to paycheck before he met Madonna, and he, like most people, had bills,” a friend explains. But now, his money worries are a thing of the past. “Madonna gives him about $10,000 a month to cover his expenses, including his cell phone, insurance and credit card payments,” adds the pal.

So basically Madonna solicits male prostitutes. This explains so much except for why she doesn’t just use her sorcery to coerce their penises into her. Is it not as kinky? I’m not versed in the dark arts.

Photos: Splash News