Madonna gives Guy Ritchie huge chunk of money out of spite

Despite claims that Guy Ritchie will walk away from his divorce with none of Madonna’s money, he is reportedly getting a $64 million payoff to let her keep their London home and sign away any claims to her $600 million fortune. News of the World reports:

But a source revealed: “He is getting one lump sum imminently. Guy wanted to stay in their London home but Madonna refused to split it in two, and eventually gave him £12 million as compensation. She decided early on that he should get Ashcombe.
“Guy’s ducked out of fighting over her fortune, even though he could be entitled to a big chunk.”
A friend of Madonna said last night: “She is fed- up at reports that Guy is walking away with no money–she has sorted his finances for life.”

Let me get this straight: Madonna is tired of Guy Ritchie saying he’s not taking her money, so she threw $64 million at him to piss him off. – – Damn, she’s figured it out. Alright, ladies, I didn’t want to do this, but since Madonna cracked the code, it’s time to come clean. If you really want to get your man back, nothing will piss him off more than $64 million in cold hard cash. We fucking hate that. Sorry, fellas, the cat’s out of the bag. Those crafty women have outsmarted us again because they can be doctors, too, and don’t look fat in those jeans, Beautiful.

Photos: Splash News