Madonna gives Guy Ritchie huge chunk of money out of spite

December 7th, 2008 // 43 Comments

Despite claims that Guy Ritchie will walk away from his divorce with none of Madonna’s money, he is reportedly getting a $64 million payoff to let her keep their London home and sign away any claims to her $600 million fortune. News of the World reports:

But a source revealed: “He is getting one lump sum imminently. Guy wanted to stay in their London home but Madonna refused to split it in two, and eventually gave him £12 million as compensation. She decided early on that he should get Ashcombe.
“Guy’s ducked out of fighting over her fortune, even though he could be entitled to a big chunk.”
A friend of Madonna said last night: “She is fed- up at reports that Guy is walking away with no money–she has sorted his finances for life.”

Let me get this straight: Madonna is tired of Guy Ritchie saying he’s not taking her money, so she threw $64 million at him to piss him off. – - Damn, she’s figured it out. Alright, ladies, I didn’t want to do this, but since Madonna cracked the code, it’s time to come clean. If you really want to get your man back, nothing will piss him off more than $64 million in cold hard cash. We fucking hate that. Sorry, fellas, the cat’s out of the bag. Those crafty women have outsmarted us again because they can be doctors, too, and don’t look fat in those jeans, Beautiful.

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  1. erin andrews

    I am FIRST so you have to read me!

  2. mon

    You know there are better ways to display images now. J Query.

  3. This wouldve been a different story , if it was the other way around,,,the guy clearly earned HALF…

    -Enough with the dignity b.s. guy!!! youve earned it

  4. twzzlrgirl

    Having to sleep next to this every night clearly earned him more than half. He could probably sue for emotional damage.

  5. Arizona

    *sigh* … just shut up Madonna. Go away. Please.

  6. Funeral Guy

    Boy, in about 10 years she’s really going to look like a vampire.

  7. Ritchie is KFed in disguise

    KFed KFed KFed KFed

  8. Me

    Anyone posting after Me sucks on Madonna’s muscular penis

  9. Sara

    I don’t know why people say she’s scary, but I find her beautiful. I honestly cannot wait to be 30 so I can get rid of this nasty baby fat on my face.

  10. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now?

  11. my comment

    My God, she is grotesque.

  12. Dee

    hey #10 Lindary asshole
    quit pimping your stupid fucking site on every fucking picture
    NOBODY cares about it bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you and Madonna should just go the fuck away

  13. denise

    alright she’s keeping the mansion
    so she’s staying in the U.K
    yippee, looks like Guys not the only winner!!!!!

  14. deb

    god her face just gets tighter and tighter. thats why A-rod likes her, because her face is stretched like a baseball.

  15. Sol

    Guy Ritchie is really good at reverse psychology.

  16. CJ

    Apparently Guy is really getting to her by being the bigger person…all the crap she’s pulled with hateful songs about him and having a funeral for all the stuff he’s ever given her…good for him. She’s the slut. Always has been…even through her quasi-religious bs. She’s a skank ho and he’s proving he was the real deal and she can’t take it. He still should rake her good for her money….she would if the tables were turned, but I guess he’s so ready to be rid of her stench he can’t walk out fast enough. Sucks to be Madonna…always has, though.

  17. Lily

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    I tried to send an dating invitation to her and finally she replied with YES!. What kind of relationship is she looking for?

  18. david

    right, but who’s keeping the child center in malawi?

  19. Nella

    I think you totally butchered her comment. More likely, she was tired of people saying he wasn’t getting money because HE WAS. 64 mil is plenty to live on. She didn’t just ‘give it to him’.

  20. Amandafoster

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  21. I think Madonna is trying to prove her status by giving him that amount of money and having one up over on him since he will be living off her money as well as his own.

  22. jojo

    19 may be onto something. and 11 she is not grotesque! get over yourself. she actually looks good for someone whose had that much plastic surgery

  23. Megan

    If it sucks to be Madonna, by which you mean it sucks to be a gazillionaire with multiple mansions, the ability to go wherever you like and meet whomever you like, and the opportunity to work and continue to be mega-successful in a career you love for 25 years, then sign me up for that kind of suck-fest. Seriously, do you think that since her life sucks so bad she’ll trade places with me? ‘Cause I could learn to live with that kind of sucking.

  24. The homes for the elderly are desperately waiting, folks!!

  25. lollipalooza

    Oh please spite me Madonna. Poor Guy, how long did he have to live walking around looking down , always in fear that he may accidentally glimpse into the face of the Dead Cold Princess, yes, fearing it, but also feeling a strange need, just one peek, surely he could not turn to stone if he did it quickly. Then he remembers what used to be his penis, now just a hollow hole where it used to hang. The memories of it turning icy cold, freezing instantly then shattering into pieces after just one touch to her frigid forcep like vagina. No he couldn’t, he’d never, not once even dare to glimpse….

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  27. just

    “A friend of Madonna said last night” hahahahahah good one!

  28. Shep

    Guy probably didn’t want her money cause it would be like stealing treasure from the mummy’s tomb. You know you’ll just end up cursed for life or come down with the plague. Actually, It’s Madonna so probably both.

  29. Matt

    #23 if you want to lead a life of sucking. You can move in with me! ;)

  30. ummm...yeah

    God…she looks like death…

  31. nope

    So if a woman did the same thing, then she’d be a gold-digger, but if a man walks away with money it’s acceptable? Hypocritical douchebags.

  32. Lola

    My Lord this woman is a beast. Her face looks so pulled back, you can see her bones… Just disgusting.
    All I have to say to Guy Ritchie is that he should be lucky and thankful he was able to lose this ancient grannie bitch to another man. A-Rod, you overly tanned retarded idiot, have fun with her dude

  33. Pixie

    Did Madonna get cheek implants? It sure looks like it from the camera angle….

  34. TOM


  35. Madonna used Jocelyn Wildenstein's doctor!!!

    Most people aren’t aware that Madonna was brutally scarred by Jocelyn Wildenstein’s doctor!!!

    Its so sad, she’ll never be beautiful again!

  36. Dozer

    Ok how do I get her pissed at me so she’ll spite me with a couple hundred grand or whatever cash she wants to toss my way? Then again, the man did earn that money by living with the crypt keeper.

  37. @6 – Vampires are supposed to be beautiful, so no, she won’t look like one.

    She may however, look like Skelator’s Mother.

  38. Insatiable Peter

    How bizarre to see some one so desperate to be viewed as the victim, she’s willing to fork over millions to give the impression he wanted it.

  39. Madonna looks like an alien. Can she have anymore work done to her? Age gracefully you freak.

  40. Yank and wank they rhyme for a reason

    Go Guy and fuck you Madonna please NEVER set your ugly vein ridden feet on British Shores again, I am so relieved for Guy that he is to be relieved of this monstrosity after more than 8 years.

  41. BoogieWoogieBugleBoyOfCompanyB

    W e a l t h y D a t e r . c o m

  42. francois

    Now Guy is goin to date some fresh young girls, a total rebirth for him! What a relief for him to leave this mean unhuman woman only in love with herself!! lol

  43. hold up

    erm.. since when is 12 million pounds equivalent to $64 million? that’s only equal to about 18.5 mil. am i the only one who noticed that?

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