Madonna gets fully screwed out of adopting Mercy

Madonna just got extra screwed by Malawi. Turns out the father of the four-year-old girl she was trying to adopt has surfaced and wants to raise her. He assumed Mercy died with her mother, but thanks to Madonna’s visit, he learned she’s still alive. People reports:

The young man, James Kambewa, tells PEOPLE he didn’t even know his daughter was alive until her name surfaced in the Madonna adoption case. Now a security guard, Kambewa says he learned the girl’s mother, 15-year-old Mwandida Maunde, had died – and assumed their child was dead too.
“Now that I know [Mercy] is alive I am willing to support her,” Kambewa says. He and Maunde were both high school students when they conceived the child. “Her parents were furious that I had messed up their daughter. They caused hell for me so I left town,” says Kambewa.

Hey, these things happen, and I’m sure Madonna will take it like an adult. Not counting she’s up on her roof with a giant black cauldron and a dragon. Besides that.

EDIT: Added some pics of Madonna in London last night. Whee.

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