Madonna ditches A-Rod for Brazilian model

December 22nd, 2008 // 60 Comments

Madonna has already grown weary of A-Rod (Or sacrificed him to Ra the Sun God) and has moved on to young Brazilian model Jesus Luz. The two recently posed together for a W Magazine photo shoot, and he’s become a permanent fixture on her tour ever since. Page Six reports:

“She was very interested in him,” our sources say – so interested that she invited Luz to join her tour in Sao Paolo and he accepted. “He’s there with her now and [photographer] Steven Klein is helping him get along with everyone.”
According to the Brazilian Web site, “Everyone knows they are ficando – which is a Portuguese expression that means they are kissing and doing other things but without any obligation of being faithful or getting into a relationship afterwards.”

Okay, here’s what I don’t get, Madonna is clearly into Latin men, so how the hell did she end up with Guy Ritchie in the first place? I’m not saying he’s the palest white man out there, however he is British and therefore glows in the dark. I guess it comes in handy so you don’t trip going to the bathroom, but damn, lady, you’re rich. Buy a nightlight.

Photos: WENN

  1. weirdo

    That’s great! A-Hole gets dumped just like he did to his wife. Glad he got to see what it feels like!

  2. EWWW

    Shes a fossil now!!! Holy crap! Time to retire?

  3. Abbey

    is he in sisters of the traveling pants 2

  4. Abbey

    is he in sisters of the traveling pants 2

  5. fecal roster

    more like Los Hermanas De La Traveling Granny Pantalones.

  6. Damn he’s hot!! Man I would go out with such a guy if I could~
    But anyways, seems like Madonna is just too rich and powerful, she is a woman who doesn’t really need a guy… well I mean of course at night she might do, but for life, she is one of those very rare women today that actually can afford to not follow the “Rules of relationships”
    I admire her…

  7. sooo fukin’ gay. i mean come-on, you can tell.

  8. mother teresa

    it’s not fair ! I want one of those hot bod no brain boys, just don’t tell my family!

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