Madonna congregrates with mortals

December 16th, 2009 // 64 Comments

Presumably to laugh in Kate Hudson’s face then morph into a griffin, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes attended the New York City premiere of Nine last night. She also posed for pictures, but that was simply to remind theatergoers she still possesses the physical strength to punch into their houses and steal their children if there’s nothing good on TV that night.

Photos: Getty, Splash News

  1. Posh

    Her daughter is very cute. Looks alot like Madonna. P.S. First!!!

  2. franky lugnuts

    mmm braces

  3. Danielle

    Make a REAL wish! 8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted..

    make a wish:


  4. JJ Daddy-O

    Arms covered up with long gloves…. good move, M.

  5. sunshine

    Alzheimer’s strikes old people in cruel ways, like when they forget to finish getting dressed before they go outside.

  6. ll

    madonna looks absolute,y stunning

  7. Joe Franklin

    I’d do them both. Preferably while each other watched. Just saying.

  8. Nina

    I usually don’t find Madonna attractive at all but she looks very pretty here.

  9. p0nk

    Lourdes doesn’t look too bad clean-shaven.

  10. Doc Schweinstrudel

    It takes an infant asscheeks to chop off and wear them on da face to look like madonna, while her unibrow daughter looks like a gypsy punk~

  11. Sheena

    @4: Totally agree.

  12. ugh

    When’d she stop being Jewish? Celebrities change religions more often than I change underwear.

  13. lol

    lol she looks better than usual in those pictures because she covered her arms with gloves

  14. Parker

    I predict Lourdes grows up to be obsessed with anal sex to such a degree that she lives her entire life as a technical virgin. She will also release her own version of Like a Virgin where she substitutes the word Technical for Like in every refrain.

    I also predict that on her 18th birthday she calls me and offers to share her inheritance if I marry her. I predict I will agree provided I don’t have to eat anything Madonna cooks.

  15. teebol

    The joke is apparently that Madonna is showing up Kate. But some dumbass Yankee fucked them both? Kudos to AROD.

  16. Ein

    Ok. I find them both good-looking and that can’t be right… Is it 2001?

  17. anastacia

    madonna is looking good here. new botox i see

  18. Sam

    Lourdes is gonna be so gorgeous one day…

  19. Rae

    Lourdes is so cute. i hope she doesn’t age like her mother, barf.

  20. kidbackstab

    nobody else noticed the scars on her daughter’s arm?

  21. slaphappy

    Trotting out your 13 year old daughter in fishnets? Great move, Mom of the Century. Cultivating yet another kid of a celebrity whose twat is going to be spashed all over the internet in 5 years. I can’t WAIT!!!!

  22. Amber

    Her daughter is becoming a beautiful young lady.

  23. LT81

    Ok, we’ve gone back in time about 20 years – Madonna looks hot in black lace. Ha! She really is magical.

  24. Intermino

    They both look good! Lourdes looks nice without the ‘stache and unibrow, and @4, agreed haha.

  25. Urbanspaceman

    It’s nice to see that Lourdes has braces, (presumably paid for by her Mom). Considering that famous gap in her mouth, I assumed that Madonna had some fundamental objection to orthodontics.

  26. dj

    @10 WTF are you talking about, none of what you said made any sense.

  27. donnerpartyoffive

    I think at this point if she doesn’t cover up her arms she’s in real danger of having her veins just fall out on the floor and all over the place. Don’t tell her I said that because I’m pretty sure she could kick my ass and then use my blood to rejuvenate her skin.

  28. Miz M

    Thank god she covered up her hideous arms. Her fresh face lift looks like money well spent. As for Lourdes lets not hope she ends up like Lana Turner’s daughter. Killing Jesus Luz in rage because of jealousy. Isn’t it a school night?

  29. Debutante

    Madonna looks fantastic and her daughter is just adorable. Looks like her Mom big time !

  30. Justme

    What the hell is going on with her traps? I like defined muscles as much as the next person, but she looks like she’s turning in to the hunchback of Notre Dame.

  31. She looks amazing.

  32. Megan Fox's stubby thumbs

    THis whore is still alive?

    Have you guys seen the movie “Death Becomes Her” starring Meryl Streep and Oldie Hawn?

    I can picture madonna’s life like that movie. Her and that Kidman creature. All makeup, but are actually falling apart.

  33. um

    Lourdes is gorgeous. Was Madonna ever that pretty?

  34. WE LOVE PEEN!!


  35. she looks hot for 50 and her daughter is lovely

  36. fp fp

    hahahahahahahaha #10.

  37. dsfsdfddsfsds

    I seriously thought that was Lindsay Lohan.

  38. Rasputins Liver


    Damn, that over-grown jungle crotched skanks way past it and hagged beyond belief.

    And her poor daughter, having been handed the hairy genes from her skanky mother. Poor kid.

    Hagdonna’s merely another cheap, low quality product. Just another dollar whore.

    Fuck this bitch. And I don’t mean in the physical…..*ARRRGH!*…..way either.


  39. dsfsdfddsfsds

    21. (slaphappy), Are you serious? Her daughter does not look skanky at all. The tights are fine, it seems you’re just projecting your insecurity about being a pedophile onto the situation.

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  41. Rasputins Liver


    And by the way…

    ….at first I thought Hagdonna was hangin’ with that ass fugly Ashley Simpson, Blonde bimbo Jessica Simpson’s idiot sister. Then I read the verbiage and realized it was poor Lourdes. Again, poor kid.


  42. KL

    Wow, Madonna’s daughter is so damn pretty. She looks a lot like her mom! I wish Madonna would dye her hair dark again, but this color looks good on her too; she looks great. And, people, remember that Lourdes is only 13 yrs. old, please don’t say disgusting, inappropriate sexual things about her- sick!

  43. Madonna’s daughter is stunningly beautiful. She has inherited the genes of her mom well.

  44. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  45. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  46. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  47. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  48. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  49. whatever

    NIce facelift Madonna.

  50. Clee Clee

    She’s had so much plastic surgery she doesn’t look like herself anymore

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