Madonna cockblocked Lindsay

March 16th, 2010 // 31 Comments

Madonna’s minions apparently put the kibosh on Lindsay Lohan when she tried to hang out with Jesus Luz during Paris Fashion Week, according to the Mirror:

Our source says: “Lindsay got her people to phone the club to try and hang out with him. She knew he was hosting a night there with Alicia Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beatz.
“But when Madge’s people got wind of it they put a block on it. Jesus wasn’t one to argue, he didn’t want to upset Madonna and was just there to work. LiLo had to make do with a night in her hotel.”

I can really see this whole Jesus/Madonna thing working out. He knows better than to bite the hand of death that feeds him, and she recognizes her vagina is proof he’ll stick his penis in anything. It’s good to see a relationship grounded in reality.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Irene Barcelo

    Lindsey must be super desperate.

  2. Earl

    He like dust on his dick. Mage’s AARP poontang creaks and has a strange odor to it.

  3. Doc Schweinstrudel

    This guy was playing in a Moscow club last Satterday, (I wasn’t on the list so I couldn’t comment about his “work”) I didn’t even know he was a DJ, you know I believed his work was “just sitting there being pretty”.

  4. Mike

    Ha ha he has a tiny wee wee.

  5. Daisy

    I think Lindsey could smoke a joint from her va jay jay, or Oprah’s and Gayle’s. Damn, I’m smoking one right now!
    When I’m high, the Superficial, looks like Hookertissue…DAMN! Good Shiznit!

  6. joho777

    Once again Lindsay Lohan rushes to get her picture taken with someone important (Madonna’s boyfriend is important?), but was prevented from doing so.

    Can anyone say “desperate?”

  7. Doc Schweinstrudel

    But then on the other hand if the gossip is true, like really, is he the only man in the world Lindsay has to hit on him? There is so much fish at the sea why hitting on someone who already has a gf (grandmafriend)

  8. Melissa

    She had to “make do”? Give me a fuckin break…

  9. Savalas

    Wait, “Cockblocking” is something dudes to to other dudes who are looking to score with chicks. Maybe if chicks do it to each other, it’s called “blockcocking” – I’m not really sure. Or perhaps Lindsey Lohan has a dick and was looking to fuck Jesus in the ass. Yeah, that’s probably it.

  10. Savalas

    Wait, “Cockblocking” is something dudes to to other dudes who are looking to score with chicks. Maybe if chicks do it to each other, it’s called “blockcocking” – I’m not really sure. Or perhaps Lindsey Lohan has a dick and was looking to fuck Jesus in the ass. Yeah, that’s probably it.

  11. uncle Rough

    Why in the world, would you want to hang out with this guy. Because he’s in the papers and dating Madanna?. What a gutter ho move and that’s just being conservative…

  12. Huh?

    Lindsay got her “people” to call the club? This bitch couldn’t scrape up cab fare from the floor of a bowling alley. Where is she getting the money to have “people”? And if she does have people they are obviously money grubbing whores who couldn’t give a shit about her welfare. Oh, that’s her parents. Mystery solved.

  13. oh i know

    Savalas @#10 ~ With chicks it’s called “twat-swatting”

  14. lee

    @10 For girls its clam-jamming

  15. I think the black hair looks better than blond. Even better: just leave it red.

    Wow, her people couldn’t hook her up with a worthless doo-doo whose claim to fame is fucking a decrepit has-been. Life is hard.

  16. David

    his eyes aren’t symmetrical

  17. Madonna knows what’s up. After all Madonna tried to pull the same thing with Antonio Banderas when he was young, married, and relatively unknown in America.

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  21. Stella

    He’s ugly! And what’s up with the patchy beard?

  22. amanda

    It’s weird when I realised this, but I think our Hohan could do better. She’s really pretty still, and he’s not that hot and any guy who banged Skeletor is just too gross IMO.

  23. captain america

    this lilo has a complicated problem making friends……………

  24. Yeah!! she is looking very beautiful.

  25. Long time listener, First time caller

    I thought with all her money, Madonna can get a better looking guy. His nose is like a squash, he has a wonky eye and he can’t grow a beard to save his life…looks like adolescence pubes on his face. I guess money can buy you love and happiness, but all that is canceled out with a pair of sand filled balloons and a face that would make Donatella Versace look decent.

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  28. chase
    Commented on this photo:

    i think there should be a cat fight lindsay lohan vs madonna and a video of
    them kissing each other in the mouth with there noses smashed togeather
    and trying to bite each other but in the mouth and licking each others toungs
    at the same time and having sex with each other.

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