Madonna cockblocked Lindsay

Madonna’s minions apparently put the kibosh on Lindsay Lohan when she tried to hang out with Jesus Luz during Paris Fashion Week, according to the Mirror:

Our source says: “Lindsay got her people to phone the club to try and hang out with him. She knew he was hosting a night there with Alicia Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beatz.
“But when Madge’s people got wind of it they put a block on it. Jesus wasn’t one to argue, he didn’t want to upset Madonna and was just there to work. LiLo had to make do with a night in her hotel.”

I can really see this whole Jesus/Madonna thing working out. He knows better than to bite the hand of death that feeds him, and she recognizes her vagina is proof he’ll stick his penis in anything. It’s good to see a relationship grounded in reality.

Photos: Splash News