Madonna calls Guy Ritchie ‘emotionally retarded’

October 16th, 2008 // 60 Comments

Madonna gave her first concert performance last night since announcing her divorce. The “Sticky & Sweet” tour continued in Boston where PythonArms DeathFace took a crack at her soon-to-be ex-husband Guy Ritchie. NY Daily News reports:

Her Madgesty dedicated the song “Miles Away,” about a couple that grows apart, to the “emotionally retarded” in a not-so-subtle jab at her soon to be ex-husband Guy Ritchie on Wednesday night in Boston.
“This song is for the emotionally retarded,” Madonna announced to the 20,000-plus crowd at the latest stop on her “Sticky and Sweet” tour. “Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do.”

I take offense to this. As someone with “emotional Tourette’s” I can’t help but think “Fuck. SHIT. Damn. My father never hugged me.”

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    Fuck her as a woman I can say I have NO doubt she is a FUCKING NIGHTMARE to be married to. I pity Guy. Go Guy, RUN, you’re free now, run away and never look back.

  2. Stay

    That’s mature!

  3. Holly

    She’s elderly. Doesn’t she know that no one wants to fuck grandma’s pussy..?(source: Samantha, Sex In The City)

    It’s sad and embarrassing to see old people try to be sexy. =/

  4. Cynthia

    Way to go Madonna!!! Bring it, baby!!!

    Men are children their whole lives. They don’t even know how to maintain proper hygiene. Emotionally, happy is when their favorite team (=homosexual fantasy) wins, sad is when they lose. “Emotionally retarded” is putting it very mildly.

    As always, Madonna knows what she’s doing. Men do not.

  5. Slingblade Billy Bob

    Cynthia, being immature is generalizing and stereotyping. Good one.

    Madonna is all about Madonna. Always has been always will be. Every time I hear her interviewed I get the urge to want to punch her face on the TV screen, so even in really small doses she is completely intolerable. Guy is lucky to get away from that narcissist. i pity the kids most, though. With a mom like Madonna, they no doubt will have some issues when older.

  6. Anna

    Madonna is a pig and if not for the fear that she would crack my skull like a walnut I would punch her square in that Cryptkeeper face of hers. Thank GOD Guy is free. Wish it would have happened sooner.


    Run away Guy to a land where you no longer have to floss the giant gap of a monsters teeth with your own air, a land where you aren’t used as a puchbag, a physical puching bag for a witchwhore who want rambo arms, a land where your spouse isn’t a raving lunatic egomaniac who considers herself the JESUS of her own bullshit religion, a land where every morning you don’t have to wake up and call 911 because you think your hideous corpse wife is dead.

  8. Come-Honor-Face

    She should hook up with Marc Anthony and breed a race of Skeltors

  9. They’re both a couple of you know what!

  10. Fernando Narcos

    #4-Cynthia,how does being a soulless cunt who sucks the life out of everybody and everything she encounters make Madonna anything other than a soulless cunt?


    *your own HAIR

    *wants rambo arms

  12. grobpilot

    #4: I guess Daddy didn’t love you. Or, maybe loved you a little too much. Either way, you’re destined to wind up a bitter old spinster (after a series of man-hating, lesbian liaisons).

  13. paul

    Madonna is a fukin nutcase. Im surprised anyone coudl stay married to her for that long

  14. paul

    Madonna is a fukin nutcase. Im surprised anyone coudl stay married to her for that long


    #8 LOL, so who do you think would win in a death fight Madge or J’Lo? I mean Madge has the muscle of a WWF wressler, but J-Lo could just sit on her and suffocate her with 200 pounds of pure ass blubber. All i know is that would be one of the few NOT hot girl fights.
    Madonna is a MANBEATER and we all know it. Seriously Ritchie was covering up black eyes for the last 8 or whatever years. Poor Guy. During his marriage he really should have changed his name to Guy Poor, but now that he is finally free fromt he shackles of the crypt keeper, he can proudly claim to be Guy RITCHie. I mean the fact that he made it out of that blazing hell hole alive is WAY more impressive than DJ AM and Travis Bitcher surviving that plane crash. Guy should run around proclaiming I’m alive, I’m alive, I am the richest man in the world, IT IS A WONDERFUL LIFE, I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    I hope he gets all her money.

  16. Insatiable Peter

    Guy is the winner. Madonna can’t stand that Guy defies her soulless, dictatorial reign over everyone around her and sanctimonious bullshit. It’d be hard to believe that she does anything without the result meant to benefit herself or enhance her image. Go and get Rocco, Guy. Forget the other offspring unless you want to save them from being accessories.

    p.s. Here’s hoping Guy fucked her in the ass one last time and left the room a second after he splooged on her face!

  17. Jimbo

    I guess that Guy is “emotionally retarded” because he got upset about the idea that his wife is fucking other men and women.

  18. jesus

    win win situation for guy.

  19. Jamie's Uterus

    I hope he gets half her money! He needs combat pay after being with hagged up awful shrew.

  20. metalman

    isnt this the woman that was calling herself ‘ethyl’ or some goofy shit about a year ago? emotionally retarded or identity crisis? no wonder he left

  21. Rob

    Sounds like Madonna is retardedly emotional.

  22. Guy Ritchie's Crank

    That’s quite an indictment coming from a bacterial cesspool like you bitch.

  23. hannah

    she is an embarrassment.

  24. Air Mail

    I thought Holloween was at the end of the month?

  25. Alison

    She has business savvy and ambition, but she’s never struck me as intellectually bright.

    I don’t know what she’s done to herself, but now she looks like a drag queen.

  26. Fuuuuuckkk her…that skanky, used-up bitch.

  27. Fuuuuuckkk her…that skanky, used-up bitch.

  28. coolchick

    Yea Guy Ritchie is kind of a bore. I hope Madonna sells the engagement ring that Guy gave to her to so she can officially close the chapter on this marriage. That’s what I did when I divorced my hubby! We all know she loves A-Rod!

  29. Tired

    Madonna is a LOSER … people that admire her are BIGGER LOSERS!

  30. Your Daddy

    MOdonna, your such a dork. You should just date one of the man-hating lesbos that have posted negative comments about your ex…such a dip-wad!!!!!

  31. mr_markham

    Oh, nice going–publicly insult the father of your kid, that’s a wise move and demonstrates real intellectual savvy and just how much the kids matter.
    Go fuck A-Rod, pretend you’re still young, and shut your mouth about Rocco’s father, Madonna.

    Any money Guy does take away from this, the dude fucking earned it, every dime.

  32. Sport

    I applaud all of you who hate this manbeast as much as I do – she is a self absorbed skank and has been irrelevant for a decade. Go away Madonna you arent trendy or cool any more. The 80s and 90s want you back bitch.

  33. mrmiji

    She’s phenomenally dull. Posing with a guitar as you float an e form barre chord along the neck does not make you multi-talented. Plus, she looks like a “Thriller” zombie.

  34. you mean…………………………………… A TURD?

  35. lawrence

    Wow! Madonna? She is still beautiful still gorgeous~~Her profile is still available at that millionaire site Is she still looking? Good luck, my queen!

  36. Richie

    She’s an idiot. Granted she’s wealthy etc but dumb as a stump… Do you remember the whole Brit accent…What a twat !

  37. Richie

    She’s an idiot. Granted she’s wealthy etc but dumb as a stump… Do you remember the whole Brit accent…What a twat !

  38. Richie

    She’s an idiot. Granted she’s wealthy etc but dumb as a stump… Do you remember the whole Brit accent…What a twat !

  39. FACE

    SHe is lying to fans with that guitar. She isnt a musician. She lied to fams with that bogus english accent. What a twat!

  40. uhh WTF !


  41. uhh WTF !


  42. Mr. Jones

    Poor Madge. Her glory days are far behind her. She won’t be able to be the star-fucker she used to be. Prediction: she’s going to end up with some 18-year old eurotrash nobody homo who doesn’t speak English.

  43. I used to like the Material Girl

    seriously, doesn’t her wanting to put off the news of the split up and divorce after her tour and putting Richie on the back burner show what a true money hungry bitch she really is!!

  44. hannah

    she thinks she is thirty. Someone needs to tell her she is fifty. Its time to put pants on, cover up the thighs that NO ONE wants to look at, put the mike down & chill the fuck out. Fuckin psycho….

  45. toolboy

    Sir, I believe you are correct. She was calling herself “Ethyl”…hmmm, she is a singer and so is Alice Cooper (although Alice actually does sing)…Alice had a hit with a song called “Cold Ethyl” about a necrophiliac who fucks a corpse by the refrigerator light…she is trying to tell us that she is indeed a mummy…SHE IS MUMMRA!!!

  46. Vegetable Lasagna

    Madonna shut the fuck up! Nobody cares anymore.

  47. dontlooknow

    Poor Guy…emotionally retarded. That’s better than being just RETARDED like Madonna. At least he can change.

  48. She married him

    If her (ex) is so bad, what does that say about her?

    She married him. Let the guy become a part of her childrens’ lives. Etc. Then, years later, all of a sudden he has all these faults.


    She chose him.

    Sounds like SHE has some growing up to do.

    What does this say about M’s character?
    1. she stayed with an “emotionally retarded” guy for years because she is so smart that she thought it was a good idea?
    2. she has no class badmouthing an ex; celebrity or not, it’s just bad form.

  49. Turd Ferguson

    I think the “emotionaly retarded” are the morons that fork out the big bucks to see the cryptkeeper play dressup and wear a guitar.

    She’s the whore that fucks around and he’s emotionally retarded.???

  50. crazypants

    Mr Markham….

    Hear, hear. Seriously you have kids for 2out of 3 of them, Guy’s practically the only dad they’ve known (David was in an orphanage after all). Guy’s been around for most of Lourdes’ life as well.

    Let’s try to keep it somewhat civil for the kid’s sake, no?

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