Madonna booed for defending Gypsies

August 27th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Madonna was booed yesterday when she spoke out against the widespread discrimination of Gypsies while performing in Bucharest. The AP reports:

“It has been brought to my attention … that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe,” she said. “It made me feel very sad.”
Thousands booed and jeered her.
A few cheered when she added: “We don’t believe in discrimination … we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone.” But she got more boos when she mentioned discrimination against homosexuals and others.
“I jeered her because it seemed false what she was telling us. What business does she have telling us these things?” said Ionut Dinu, 23.

Wow. I’m sure that’s exactly what the Gypsies needed: Public support from a thousand year old sorceress who steals babies from poor villages. No, really, I’m sure it was a PR move they would’ve made themselves but were just waiting for the right time. Like around never.

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  1. Antialis

    Sweetheart, nobody forgot that. Moreover, the Nazis actually tried to wipe out mostly everyone of the planet who didn’t fit their criteria about the superior race. And, unless you’re an original blue-eyed blonde, I can sincerely tell you that if that wouldn’t have stopped, even your family would have been in a concentration camp eventually. Besides dear, those things happened over 50 years ago, and even though Madonna seems to be a thousand-year old creature of the dark, I seriously doubt it she was even in her parents “let’s have kids planning” back then. So… could you refer to more recent events when talking about discrimination? Otherwise, I am forced to think that you, as well as your idol – Madonna- don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  2. ?

    guitar strap: fleur-de-lis and human skull?

    in her symbolic Kabbalah religion she is the profit of death?
    OK…. she is old and half dead.

  3. me09


  4. squeehunter

    Like Madonna has never said anything bad about certain groups of people.

    Dammit, I wish people would stop giving their opinions about things during these kinds of things. I agree with her but it’s like “DO VOGUE AND SHUT UP”

  5. I’m from Romania and the thing is that “our” gypsies are in (cca) 85% beggers and thieves…once when I bought a slice of pizza and ate it on the street, a gypsy lady came to me and asked for a bite, and I refused her, and she told me she wished I got cancer…WTF?!…and this is only one example of all i had experienced in my life here…sooo…I think I wouldn’t have booed Madonna if I went to her concert, but the truth is: If someone is telling us what to do, then she/he better make her homework before…some gypsies, who work decently, or have a ‘good’ reason for being a homeless are OK…but the rest…they are just lazy people who don’t feel like working.

  6. Rhialto

    I’ve to give her that she’s right on this.Romanies and Gypsies were victims of the Holocaust as well in the second world war.

  7. Galtacticus

    Unlike the Jews,Romanies and Gypsies are lacking the intellectual power.Illiteracy is a regularity among them.

  8. tu mama

    she is delusional walking vomit.

    she hasn’t been a normal person since the fuckin 80s so she has absolutely no grip on reality.

    plus i’ve always thought she was ugly and her voice is not special at all.

    she was controversial in the 80s but we’re in 2009 and nobody gives a fuck about anything anymore and she should get over it.

    I wish Courtney Love would kick her ass.

  9. Sheri

    I can’t help but wonder if this is a chicken or egg situation…did an entire cultural group really base their entire identity on stealing, thus being hated everywhere…or did an entire cultural group that was hated and discriminated against turn to crime because they had no other way to support themselves? Or maybe, just maybe, the terms “gypsies” and “Roma” are being misused to represent a behaviour instead of a culture, and just like every other culture in the world they are being judged based on the worst among them instead of being taken as individuals? Oh wait, isn’t that the definition of discrimination? What a coincidence!

  10. Bigo

    #32 She’s the female MJ minus pedophilia? Hello!! She’s going out with a boy! He wasn’t even born when she became a star. That’s wicked!

  11. Jennifer

    Not a big fan of Madonna but I lived in Hungary and worked with the Roma and she is right on -six Roma have been murdered in the last year in Hungary alone – they are regularly denied access to appropriate education and employment – The Roma I worked with were very educated and trying to get ahead in a society that is Anti Semitic and Anti-Roma. I think most Americans don’t really understand the difference between ethnic Gypsies and cultural gypsies. Maybe you should educate yourself before making such ignorant statements. Generally, the Europeans who hate Roma haven’t had any real contact with them except the ones that commit crimes – Most haven’t and their community is very insulated and cautious because of what has happened to them especially during the Holocaust.

  12. Carley

    Gypsy’s are just liked because of Esmeralda.

  13. KL

    Hey dummies, Madonna has a band of gypsies in her show, so I think she knows them! And gypsies are discriminated against, as you can see by your comments. It’s sickening that you would think that that’s okay.

  14. shavederic

    I’m getting a little tired of the same old pics of her in those fishnet stockings and a top hat. Somebody needs to work really hard on getting a shot of that granny beaver.

  15. Ioa

    Coming from someone who actually is Romanian and was actually at the concert: what pissed us off was that the b*tch tried to patronize us on our own time and money (well, i guess us savages in Eastern Europe will never discriminate gypsies again since the great Madonna came to enlighten us that it is wrong and that “they”- the civilised societies i’m guessing- don’t condone it…), without even bothering to inform herself that compared to Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and other non-Eastern European countries, we and our gypisies are bosom buddies here…You know, she also got booed for other stuff that evening, but the press failed to mention that: she was 1 HOUR late for her show while we sat there like sardines eating dust (open air gig with shitty organisation) and waiting for her royal hagness. Furthermore, she had the nerve to charge us a crapload of cash and then do shameless PLAYBACK throughout the concert. Of course, that would be less interesting than us Romanians booing the poor next to be Mother Theresa (at least in what her looks are concerned) for trying to promote respect and equality for our fellow humans (the same kind of respect she showed Christians, Muslims, Argentinians and basically everyone and their grandmother I guess, because I think there is no social category she failed to offend so far…)

  16. Oana

    It’s not true that eastern europeans “despise” gipsies… i’m from romania- bucharest and i went to madonna’s concert. the fact is everyone got the “booing wrong”.. people from there didn’t boo towards discrimination, they booed madonna!!! she was not supposed to say that, she was supposed to sing – THAT’S IT..not to teach us something we are thaught in kindergarden. And WE DON”T DESPISE gipsies.. unfortunately, we have to live amongst them.. and when they go out with an ax and try to kill their neigbour for some shitty reason believe me, you don’t stop to think to yourself “should i discriminate, should i not discriminate?” NO, you just RUN. (btw, this is my neighbour who killed a person) so it is not discrimination what we nurture for these human beings, it’s fear. if so, americans are too discriminators with black people.. i lived in the us and i also know that everyone is afraid of ghetto black people.. it’s the same as here. we’re afraid they might mug us, kill us, hurt us, rape our women, take our babies, rip their hands and put them to street as beggers for them. because they are out of control. there you go! eat that discrimination! PS: because of the gipsies in italy who did there only “good things to be proud of and go to prison for”, italians call the whole romanian nation “gipsy”..

  17. Seonaid

    I live in Scotland and my dad is a Gypsy…and i neve knew that there is so much discriminatioin against them i don’t see the bi deal with everyone

  18. srdee

    These comments are repulsive. No wonder many people in North America
    do not publically claim their Roma (N. Indian) heritage, after reading these comments, one can clearly see why. “The Superficial” is a great term for this blog. As in superficial, racist, and worthless. Less than half a century ago, many Roma were marched off to die in camps. Apparently, it seems that many people have not learned the evils of racism and ignorance, and desire to have an “out group” to malign and blame the troubles of the world on. Please leave my heritage out of your hateful, uneducated and uninspired comments.

  19. You see what happens when you show up at an event and don’t really know what you are going to see or hear? LOL It’s Madonna! What did they expect? I respect her politics so much. Brava Madonna!

  20. Rini

    Hey, you fuckers, have you ever thought about WHY so many Romani have to resort to theft and scamming in order to make a living and get by? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they’ve been persecuted and marginalized by your European societies for most of history? You know, if you treat someone like dirt, you can’t be surprised if they eventually regard themselves as dirt and “behave” as such, no thanks to your stigmatization.

    Face it, the Romani in Europe are like the indigenous tribes in North America. They’ve been given little chance at dignity and self-autonomy, and that is the biggest fucking shame of all.

  21. Eric

    um im a gypsy, well now were called Rom even though thats not how its pronounced but we’ll go with it. Im 20 i make good money, pay my taxes donate to several charities, ive been taking care of my family since i was 16, and i think im a good person, our lifestyles are a little different but we’re all people. i dont tell people what i am b/c then im just a stinking gypsy, and it wouldnt matter if i ended world hunger, im still a stupid gypsy? hmm we’re really the bad guys here. Oh i forgot to mention i eat babies, steal all the time, kill small animals and throw fireworks at old people.
    the ‘Rom’ in Romania dont really have much of a choice considering gypsies aren’t allowed to do anything, the kids get beat up all the time in school, and cant work b/c nobody hires a gypsy and its legal to do that. So, what would you do if the shoe was on the other foot smartass?

  22. sinkah

    it is you who must get your facts straight the nazi’s did NOT try to kill everyone who didn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes these people were their supperior race yes however, it was jewish people, roma and people from eastern europe such as the polish and the czechs that were put into concentration and death camps the the romani were almost always were missed out of the concentration camps and put straight into the death camps so they were persecuted and although it was over 50 years ago the death of 1,500,000 romani people at the hands of the Nazi’s will never be forgotten. the pain and heart ache that was caused live on and cannot be forgotten incase events like this ever happen again ! what the nazis did is completely relevant as romani have been slaughtered throughout history if people would just get to know them and stop being so ignorant then they might acctually beable to take their heads out of their arse and see that just because our skin is a little darker than most of your’s it does not meant we are theives or scum !

  23. sinkah

    @#71 very good point i agree with everything you have said

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