Madonna bends Malawi adoption court to her will

June 12th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Early reports that Madonna would win her appeal to adopt three-year-old Mercy turned out to be true after all. The Malawi appeal court ruled in Madonna’s favor this morning, according to E! News:

Reading from the three-judge panel’s ruling, Chief Justice Lovemore Munlo said Madonna’s interest in helping Malawi orphans–she founded Raising Malawi, a charity that helps feed, educate and provide medical care for them–should have been taken into account when the lower court made its decision.
“We find the judge in the lower court to have dwelled so much on media reports on the issue of residence, and to us this was not evidence enough to deny Madonna a chance to adopt Mercy James,” Munlo said, according to Reuters. “We therefore grant Madonna the adoption order.”

For those of you wondering what happened to Mercy’s father who wanted to raise her after learning she wasn’t dead, he’s enjoying his brand new khaki shorts, and more importantly, no longer lives in fear of having his soul devoured in his sleep. Provided he makes an annual goat sacrifice to his death-handed master.


  1. dude

    I love that the fish posts this pic of her. It reveals the raptor within.

  2. meee

    that’s fucked up. i hate madonna. how can you adopt a kid who has an able & willing parent who’s ready to care for them?

  3. Shift

    I’m soooo tired of hearing about skeletor up there and all of her bullshit. Here’s an idea, instead of stealing a kid from her father, how about you adopt a child that has no living family? Or even better, adopt one of the hundreds of thousands of American children in need of adoption? Fucking celebrities…

  4. hmna

    @2 Absolutely. What the hell? It’s a good thing the wife and I aren’t having a Malawian baby. Madonna may try to steal it.

    Remind me to stay in countries where rich celebrities can’t “adopt”, er, steal, kids from their parents.

  5. Zanna

    Fuck. Look at those hands. Thems no baby-holding hands. Thems be killin’ hands.

  6. Jay

    Lovemore Munlo! C’mon is that a real person. Who would name their kid Lovemore?

  7. Zanna

    I know I’d Love More Merlot

  8. handyr

    Nice hands.
    Also that’s not a bleach stain on her pants.

  9. Chris Ringwalt

    anyone else think she looks like Freddy Krueger in this pic? Disturbing.

  10. Lovemore Johnson

    a name made for porn.

  11. Anon

    I think what #2 and #4 are forgetting is that these days being a Father means nothing to the courts unless it’s to pay money.

    I believe it’s the type of equality feminist have been after.

  12. Maximus

    If Madonna really cared about the children of Malawi she wouldn’t be so completely hung up on relying on the courts to justify coming in and stealing one handpicked baby from its existing family. How can she have such a low opinion of family that she’s driven to ‘adopt’ a child whose father did not choose to put the child up for adoption? Words simply can’t convey the contempt I feel for her and her self-righteous quest to possess that poor child.

  13. Andie

    Either you don’t know what you’re talking about AT ALL, or you don’t like paying child support. Boo Hoo. Cry me a fucking river.

    She has NO BUSINESS raising this child. I’m ready to puke at the thought that she is being allowed to BUY a human child. Not only THAT, but this is a child with a PARENT to take care of her! WTF?!?!? What the FFUUCCKK, over? What, does Madonna just get to stroll through the country picking and choosing which ones she wants with NO REGARD as to whether the child she wants to buy is even an actual ORPHAN!?!?!
    *this whole thing really makes me sick*

    She’s like a witch in one of those scary fairy tale bedtime stories! Remember? The ones that made you think there was a monster in the closet and gave you nightmares!
    I have lost ALL RESPECT for this crazy witch.

  14. Anon

    Clearly you have no idea then and i’m guessing your just like her and has taken a child from it’s Father or just a feminazi.

    Did you read the second part of your comment?
    If the Father had more rights she would be allowed to do this.
    He’s the biological parent for gods sake yet some foreign woman can come in and take him after spending 5 minutes with him!?!

    No I don’t have to pay child support, and thankfully don’t have to live of it like i’m sure you do.

    Stick to watching ricki lake.

  15. Kotact

    Who is that dude?

  16. MyName

    Is it me? Or is Madonna looking like a raging butch lesbian now-a-days?

  17. Divole

    Scary hands…

  18. Divole

    Scary hands…

  19. sin

    She is not going to raise this little critter. Her staff will do it. If she wants to help, build a hospital. Build a water treatment plant so they can have fresh water. But no, Skeletor bought off the right people this time so she can have another house servant in a few years.
    This is just slavery. A rich, white person goes to Africa and buys a black person from another black person. We abolished this during the Civil War.
    Oh, thats right, she doesn’t live in the USA anymore.

  20. The Bisexual

    I agree with many of the comments above.

    However, people in countries such as Malawi are more often willing to give up their children to someone such as Madonna to be raised elsewhere due to the fact that the child will have a better life, (i.e. cleaner water, more tolerable living conditions, education, job training, etc).

    I don’t agree that a child with an active parent should be allowed to be adopted outright, however, because it seems more like a person taking a puppy from it’s mother than anything else. (Give the actual orphans a home if you’re looking to adopt!)

    I also hate the fact that Madonna had to throw parties and rally the judges of the country to let her have the child rather than just letting the decision to not allow her to adopt stand to begin with. It’s just kind of disgusting.

    And she needs to start dressing her age. And like a girl. I know she’s the material girl and labeled a chameleon and all that other shit but she looks like a creepy old man at this point.

  21. Montana

    I think SW’s comments regarding The Skeletal One (Her Dread Name be Praised) proves that he is a Harry Potter Geek, Or a Dungeons & Dragons geek. Or Shadowrun, or….. other stuff that I have never heard of and know nothing about.


  22. Funeral Guy

    Don’t look now but whoever this dude is he shot some spoo all over his pant leg.

  23. Mama Pinkus

    I’m two years older than her and can honestly say I think I look better – without all the plastic surgery and excessive workouts.

  24. James

    This ugly witch just brought another kid for her nannies to rise. A child with a father that wanted her. This is sick. She didn’t give a crap about what the real father of this child wanted. Madonna is a pathetic loser.

  25. budah

    karma’s a bitch…….. It will have its day.
    On the other hand Madonna might just scare karma enough that it wont do anything. I know she already told death to go fuck himself.

  26. Exo

    Freddy Krueger!

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  28. Hey look, it’s my grandfather.

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  30. Darth

    The Malawian judges in this case have shown their wisdom and skills.The message is crystal clear.”We’re not giving our kids easy unless we’ve proof you’re able to give the kid the best future.”

  31. Rhialto

    We think it’s in this case the best solution for Mercy.

  32. His Huge Greatness Himself

    Woman look to your daughter.Daughter look,there’s your mother.

  33. wow hasnt she adopted enough kids yet?

  34. captain america

    every time I see her I feel more sorry for the boy, folks!!

  35. Hey look, it’s my grandfather.

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