Madonna & A-Rod: An unbridled passion

October 3rd, 2008 // 78 Comments

Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is officially a single man which means he can hook up with all kinds of mad hotties that throw themselves at him. So, naturally, he went straight to Madonna. The two were spotted out together this week sparking rumors that their affair isn’t over yet. Us Magazine reports:

Madonna and New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez took in a cozy dinner for two at Dos Caminos Third Avenue on Tuesday, a source told
They pair ate at an alcove-like table in the back.
“They seemed very close,” a source told

Of course, they were close. Who wouldn’t want to snuggle up to Shrivel-rella? All that sinew, damn! On that note, I think it’s safe to say if Alex Rodriguez ever stumbled into a morgue, he’d probably yell “Oh, snap!” then start throwing dollar bills like fucking confetti. True story.


  1. WASHINGTON — Barack Obama often boasts he is “the only candidate who isn’t taking a dime from Washington lobbyists,” yet his fundraising team includes 38 members of law firms that were paid $138 million last year to lobby the federal government, records show.

  2. KC

    Madge SMASH!

  3. KC

    BTW, #1, I never thought anyone could make me miss the old FRIST douchbag postings, Congratulations.

  4. Yikes

    Could there BE a more UNFLATTERING picture of Madonna? She looks like she’s from another planet.

  5. Yikes

    Could there BE a more UNFLATTERING picture of Madonna? She looks like she’s from another planet.

  6. Weight Watchers

    Madonna, we think you have lost enough weight now.

  7. Dumb Yankee Fuckwit


    Palin blah blah blah, Obama blah blah blah, Mcain blah blah boring as fuck who gives a shit blah.

  8. who the plump sweety in the light blue?

  9. Why is it that americans can’t go for the more “AVERAGE”-look?
    Is it a “MUST” to look like an IMBECILE?

  10. Diana

    Wow! I thought her arms were bad. Her face has joined the party. Is she sick? That might account for her odd look. Maybe???

  11. English Bob

    For a big strapping, can probably get any hot woman he wants, millionaire, baseball star, he sure loves his fuglys..

  12. Evil

    What is WRONG with her arms??!?!?

  13. David

    Madonna babe I love you and you’re whole busting down sexual prejudice but…. there’s a huge difference between being a fitness obsessed pop star in your fifties and looking like a male Olympic marathon runner from Ethiopia. Time to check a mirror girl.

  14. Deacon Jones

    But I thought all Jews were fat and ugly and complained about everything….

    Oh wait, that’s genetic Jews, she converted

  15. boo

    Gotta be steroids, look at the size of that neck.

  16. a-rod, you need to lose this broad, she’s married and unfortunately, look at her.

    check us out man

  17. A-Rod needs to raise his game! Madonna of the ’80′s – even the ’90′s I could understand – but the thing she is today? Nah, c’mon dude.

  18. supersex

    i’d fuck her with some else’s dick

  19. Madonna

    hi im an old jew scene kid

    where’s my dildo?

  20. Sport

    scariest thing ever.
    Go away already Crypt Keeper, you are irrelevant.

  21. Schadenfreudelicious

    Imagine being one of her kids and having that come in to tuck you in at bedtime.. a lifetime of nightmares and therapy in the making….

  22. Julie

    she is soooo foul

  23. Julie

    she is soooo foul…

    p.s. @ 1…. I’m glad to see that someone in this country is informed.

  24. SUCK IT

    is that a skull over her twat? How fitting is that? I have been convinced for years that Madonna’s cooch is poison that kills grown men and eats their vital organs!

  25. My grandpa’s arms look just like that! That’s disgusting.

  26. superficial metrosexual

    I’d like to have a threesome with Madonna and Sandra Bernhard

  27. norton

    This skank needs to just give it up. Your shtick played out years ago – and you look….. horrible.

    Back in the 80′s you were healthy looking and fuckable, now you look like shit.

  28. Slut

    She looks like Skelator

  29. dontlooknow

    Her face is screwed up because of too much plastic surgery, and I don’t know why she did that; doesn’t even look like Madonna anymore. As for the body….you cannot “work out” your demons by pumping iron. How about some pharmaceuticals or electroshock therapy?

  30. yashin

    seriously…is there something mentally wrong with a-rod to give up on his who was semi-decent looking wife and children over this…Madonna was attractive when i was 3…now i can’t look at a photo of her without wanting to rip my eyes out over the pain of her appearance…the Yankee’s sure do pick winner’s and people who have the personal live of people who should be put in mental wards…she is by far THE most disgusting celeb that America has to offer…

  31. LOLZZY

    criss angel dyed his hair blonde? no shit. look good, man!

  32. fuck


  33. Bill Clinton

    When did she die?

  34. mamadough

    she’s working up on her plans to take control of castle grayskull.

    p.s. a-rod hates his penis.

  35. the_dude

    Behold the power of airbrushing! I saw Madonna on a Vogue cover or something recently and she looked good, real good. Now the truth comes out, in actuality she looks like E.T. when he gets sick and turns white. That poor kid she’s got her claw wrapped around! Out of shot because he’s probably screaming for his life – note the concerned look on the face of the girl in the background. Oh and hey Madonna? Nice job raiding Michael Jackson’s 1980s wardrobe, maybe you two can borrow each other’s faces sometime too. Faith, huh… Like A Virgin proving mine means nothing.

  36. Grunion

    I just threw up. then I saw this pic and puked again. thanks fish

  37. wha?

    What’s everyone talking about? That guy is ripped!

  38. OC Dee

    Her arms look manly. I do weights regularly but would never use weights to make my arms look manly like Madonna.

  39. #1

    “John McCain says that he is going to tell all those lobbyists in Washington that their days of running Washington are over, which sounds pretty good until you discover that seven of his top campaign managers and officials are — guess what? — former corporate lobbyists,” Obama said recently in Flint, Michigan.

    It’s true: Seven top McCain officials were lobbyists, though the campaign stresses that none is currently registered to lobby Congress:

    o One: Campaign manager Rick Davis is a major telecommunications lobbyist.

    o Two: Senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann recently faced scrutiny over his foreign lobbying on behalf of the Republic of Georgia, which has been embroiled in a military conflict with Russia.

    o Three: Senior adviser Charlie Black was a foreign lobbyist for dictators in Zaire and Angola in the 1980s, fodder for the liberal group

    o Four: Frank Donatelli, the Republican National Committee’s liaison to the McCain campaign, has had clients including Exxon Mobil.

    o Five: Economic adviser Nancy Pfotenhauer has lobbied for corporate giants like Koch Industries.

    o The final two lobbyists are McCain’s congressional liaison, John Green, and national finance Co-chairman Wayne Berman. They both lobbied for Fannie Mae, the troubled mortgage giant.

  40. PokeMyEyesOut

    Excuse me while I vomit a little. I think A-Rod must have been under the influence…. Really, Really, Under…… That thing is disgusting; it has man arms of an old 60 year old weight lifter. A-Rod probably wanted a divorce, because after a romp in the bedroom with that would make anyone throw off women forever. Vows of Celibacy Galore!

  41. HOLY GEEZUS!!!! For a second looking at that picture, I thought it was a guy! The arms….the veins….the misshapen muscle and sinew….the sunken cheeks….the face mutilated by plastic surgery….the tree trunk neck….the wrinkled shrivelyness….And I’m not even exaggerating anything! DEAR GOD, poor Madonna!

  42. Rant

    Yesterday I declared Amy Whinehouse and Sandra Bernhard finalists for the Ugliest Woman Alive. Upon further review, I will now add Madonna to the list.

  43. NY Ted

    WTF…??? Is Madge trying out for the U.S. Olympic weight-lifting team…?
    Who the fuck would want to jump in bed with that ugly creature…?
    A-BUM…that’s who!

  44. Slaappy

    Wow those veiny hands would look so hot on my cock. I still mad at you cock!

  45. fdsfdsfr4d

    *omgs hav u seen her arms*??

  46. kelley

    The Crypt Keeper incarnate. YIKES !!!

  47. Kiki

    I am one of the few people who has long defended Madonna’s muscular build. I am a personal trainer and am in pretty damn good shape myslef (and I work hard for that), so I appreciate the dedication that goes into her fitness. Unfortunately, all her training combined with her strict diet, has left her so lean that she no longer looks attractive. I will finally concur that based on this photo, she has exercised herself ugly. I didn’t really think it was possible… ick. This is a person who is extremely obsessive.

  48. HoodFellaz

    15 years ago she used to be hot, 15 years later everyone wants to fucking run away from her as fast as possible, what the fuck is wrong with her seriously.

  49. Nagada

    Man. What does she do, bench press Volkswagens?

  50. scooby

    she is so fucking disgusting. god i hate white people.

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