Madonna & A-Rod supposedly caught on camera

July 22nd, 2008 // 40 Comments

Some dude is claiming he has hidden camera footage of Madonna and A-Rod in a Manhattan apartment having, what can only be described as, the grossest sex of all time. He’s demanding a ton of cash for the video and Madonna’s lawyers are aware of the guy’s claims. The Daily Star reports:

In a series of emails fired off to media outlets, he alleged the footage was shot two months ago in an apartment owned by a pal of Madonna she knows through her devotion to the Kabbalah religion.
The video man – who is also a friend of the apartment owner – claimed he found out and secretly installed a hidden camera in the living room with the lens pointed at the sofa.

Shit, I’ll buy them just to throw them down the garbage disposal. I don’t want any of this footage to get sent my way and I accidentally watch it. Like I want my face melted off by the Pharaoh’s curse that comes from looking at Madonna’s vagina. Seriously.

Thanks to KD who once punched a Sphinx.


  1. OH MAN

    There’s some hidden video of me beating my stick against the toilet seat somewhere out there on the internet. My ex-gf was fucking sick.

  2. Chupacabra

    no body want’s to see A-rod bent over while Madge fucks him with her big black strap on. Well, perhaps some Red Sox fans might… once.

  3. sixpack

    I’m all for some good porn or even Kate Winslet getting pounded in the feature film “Little Children” but have ZERO interest in seeing this.

    More than one time for knowledge’s sake.

  4. Susan

    That’s nothing. On one of those “ex-girlfriend revenge” sites there was a clip of me stripping in the bedroom until I was naked on all fours in front of a mirror, and then my boyfriend jacked off in my face. It took about a month to get the site to take it down. Hate to be a buzzkill, but girls, never ever agree to anything involving a camera, no matter what the circumstances are.

  5. Anyone who believes there is a “hidden video” is pretty gullible.

    Madonna is looking like a man in the above pic. Scary!

    #4 – Susan, you should only be embarrassed if when you were on all fours you took out some peanut butter and then the family dog entered the room….as for what you did – that just sounds like good ‘ol fashion fun!

  6. Derek J.

    Well I for one would love to see the clip of her bony veiny fist going elbow-deep up A-Rod’s quivering butt.

  7. Language Man


    Oh, “Sphinx.” My bad. Stop speaking Spanish, will ya?

  8. Chris

    “secretly installed a hidden camera in the living room with the lens pointed at the sofa”

    So, obviously a classy fella and it’s certain that admission won’t come back to bite him in the legal ass.

  9. Do_FreeBird

    Alex Rodriquez is dating the Mummy from that new Chinese mummy film.

    If he’s not careful, when he pulls out after anal sex, he find it’s desicated bung hole wrapped tight around his cock. Then the mummy will say they’re officially married, it’ll hunt down Guy Ritchie and eat him, and A-Rods rod will have the words LIKE A VIRGIN appear in wart-like bumps on his penis after thousands of tiny sarab beetles bore into his flesh.

  10. mim

    #10…that was…kinda sick…

  11. veggi

    I wonder if she has sex with a bad English accent.

  12. rough daddy

    that alley cat is going to make some nice quick cash,,,if he delivers

  13. Erik

    I heard the vid was pretty hot, and A-Rod looks hot in the bullet bra.

  14. Crush

    I call BS. This is typical. I mean, someone just claimed to have a Jess Simpson tape for crying out loud. What a load or crap. We all saw what happened the last time Nick Lachey had photos, and this is supposedly with Jess.

    Some people just lie too much, and it really gets old.

  15. Jamie's Uterus

    Who want to look at this old battleaxe getting boned on a sofa? Haven’t we seen enough of this ditch pig? Is this because her ‘hard candy’ CD didn’t do all that well?

  16. extracheeseplease

    the sticky and sweet tour

  17. Ted from LA

    So what are your plans for later tonight?

  18. ishi-san

    & 16: that’s exactly the point I guess! Strange also that her brother came out with that stupid book about her just now before her tour starts…..

  19. kevin from Canada

    This is why we Canadians don’t allow Madonna up here.

    Buy the way, she’s gross.

  20. ishi-san

    @ 18: *lol

  21. Mike Hawk

    Dearest Susan,
    I would love to take you out on a fancy date, the sky’s the limit. We could take in a play, go ballroom dancing, and cap the evening off with a little chest crapping.

    Call me!

  22. dsg

    beautiful woman.. is she still stay with her husband.. someone posted on yahoo answers that she has a profile on the famous site ???www.S u g a r d a d d y C o n n e c t. c o m???. you know it is a bad site for rich men to seek sexy girls.

  23. so, admitting that he installed a camera on someone else’s property is a good idea how?

  24. herbiefrog

    …and do you think we give a f*** ?

    so can we get on with life

    and wipe this little piece of sh** off with a tissue ?

    gone ?

    …sure ?

    ….oh thanks whatevers
    didnt we ? shhh

  25. dsg

    I am a blog troll, ignore that bullshit site I linked it leads to a virus. Sorry but I have a little dick and needed the money for a transplant so I tried to scam you guys. Sorry again ignore the link.

  26. Egbert

    I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the claims of the Daily Star. It’s a total rag and its “stories” should be treated with caution and scepticism.

  27. Jessie

    She may be a homewrecker and annoying, but she is in great shape for a woman looking at 50. I bought the smartsole anti-cellulite insoles that I read in People she wears. They are great. I won’t ever look like her, but I will try what she uses when working out. The site is and I found a coupon code that gives you 15% off SMART15

  28. Omnibacon

    Great 2 hours of A Rod taking various starp-ons while dressed as a schoolgirl. Get me copy quick.

  29. Robert Lewis

    Madonna’s state tax liens, Alex Rodriguez’s tax liens, Jose Canseco’s tax liens and judgments, Dennis Rodman’s federal tax liens

  30. FACE

    Why isnt the top story how hagged out and terrible she looks?

  31. A-1

    Her arms look all veiny and gross. How could A-Rod be with such a nasty looking woman like Madonna? She’s so old and used up.

  32. The more I see her,
    the more I hate this FAKER!!

  33. HuckyDucky

    Dear Susan,

    Call me.

  34. E

    Madonna looks like Willem Defoe.

  35. Madonna is and has ever been the best! I love her and she’s awesome, this is all I can say!

  36. Marcel

    The guy who suppost to have that tape is Dutch. He is here a well known swindler. He has been on Dutch television and since then he is disappeared from the face of the earth.

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  39. Hope she didn’t use strap-ons on him too.

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