Madonna & A-Rod shop for $60 mil mansions

December 2nd, 2008 // 46 Comments

Madonna and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez are doing a super job keeping their relationship on the down low. Because you know what’s always incredibly discreet? Shopping for $60 million mansions together in New York City. They should be spies. Page Six reports:

A knowledgeable real estate source tells us the kabbalah-crazed pop queen and the skirt-chasing power hitter are “discreetly looking at properties between Fifth and Park avenues, from just above 60th Street through the 80s.
“Madonna personally came to look at one house a couple of months ago, and Alex has been looking recently,” the insider said. “We’re talking about private, double-width mansions in the vicinity of $30 million to $60 million.”
Madge and A-Rod are also interested in scoring a house “with a garage that you can drive into for additional privacy – although those are rare and hard to come by,” our spy added. Another source said they were also looking in the Hamptons.

So, wait, $30 to $60 million for a “double-width” mansion and it doesn’t even come with a garage? Christ, even my shitty, dilapidated quaint, child-friendly place has a garage. *light bulb* Excuse me, folks, I suddenly feel the need to move some real estate. Anyone know how many zeroes are in $50 gajillion?

Photos: Splash News

  1. mimi

    First again fuckers! Ha ha ha I win as always and God answers the prayers of the chosen.

  2. mimi

    First assholes

  3. britney fever

    so what?
    britney was on good morning america, and it’s her birthday

  4. tanya

    Someone needs to stick her into a nursing home.

  5. gotmilk?

    ugh close your legs you haggard has-been!

  6. Bob

    In the south, you are pretty rich if you can afford a double wide…
    But in New York, where can you put the trash pile and the car on blocks and the hunting dogs??

  7. I have a feeling when you eff madanna, she eff back! what guy woudnt abandon their daily routine for that!

  8. Bad Girl

    what are you talking about?
    There are beautiful neighborhoods in my hometown in North Carolina, the average house going for 2.4 millions, our trashiest poorest relatives live in upstate New York, in a trailer park.

  9. havoc

    There goes the neighborhood…..


  10. Ted from LA

    Praying for #1 and #2.

    Dillrod must be fucking blind. If I pay 60 million dollars for a home, I’m demanding at least a carport.

  11. Tom K

    I’m so tired of hearing about this old white trash whore and her dirty white woman chasing spic of a boyfriend. This guy just proves Spanish guys think anything with blonde hair is beautiful. Hispanics would fuck a dog if it had a blonde wig on it.

  12. ummmm

    britney was on gma and it’s her birthday

  13. Tom K

    I’m so tired of hearing about this old white trash whore and her dirty white woman chasing spic of a boyfriend. This guy just proves Spanish guys think anything with blonde hair is beautiful. Hispanics would fuck a dog if it had a blonde wig on it.

  14. Deacon Jones

    Maybe Im just especially horned up this morning, but I think I would def hit it. One thing that’s certain, she’s a fucking pro in bed. Just like Christine, junior year…..ahhhh, glory days.

  15. Anna

    im watchn brit on good morning america right now. how did this blog turn into britney? oh yeah thats right, she’s a slightly better looking hag than Madonna, duh!?

  16. Arizona

    I wonder what principle of Kabbalah — however it’s spelled — approves of or advocates this kind of trashy behavior?

    Either it is a sham or she is. Or both.

  17. Yea, Madonna, cheek implants…lookin good. 20 years from now you will be that crazy cat lady..

  18. Sport

    I hate it when the Crypt Keeper opens her legs.

  19. Frist worst fan

    Yeah Frist needs the inverse of Madonna’s procedure. They need to scrape the fat off her broad Innuit face to reveal cheekbones. Geez what a pig!

  20. Vince Lombardi

    So if these two really are hooking up, which one is the man?

  21. TJ

    She must have a tight asshole for that spic to pound…in the end he’s gonna ask himself, was that white ho worth it??

  22. Ian

    Oh i’d love to hit that.

  23. Nico

    With that kind of mansion A Rod can scream real loud when Madonna fucks him…

  24. Jamie's Uterus

    Why does she insist on spreading her legs? No one is interested in that dried up, overly used, worn out cooter! Its pure dust. Yuck.

  25. dew

    If they only used one real estate agency, and someone there blabbed, they are hopefully out of a job. I can’t believe someone would risk their livelihood in this economy.

    Will Madonna EVER stop wearing slutty, revealing clothes on stage? I shudder when I think of the future Madonna, ewwwww!

  26. dawnalex

    Madonna should take note that only homosexual men and men interested in herr $$$$ want to see her flash her 50 year old vagina.

  27. Turd Ferguson

    jebus H. Christo on a popsicle stick!

    How much can a crypt with a couple of coffins cost???

  28. Belle Aire

    Please, no more pics of Madonna. She’s too scary looking!
    Oh, mimi… there is no God.

  29. ???????

    This is getting funny now. Madonna should have retired 5 years ago. She looks like a mutated caveman with AIDS.

  30. Gawd…..Like she needs another house. Why doesn’t the press just say its a love shack for A&M.

  31. Schadenfreudelicious

    However fit she may be…no one wants to see her 50 yr old cooch spread eagled… to screw with your kids heads….i predict years of therapy in their futures…imagine all your rich kid friends popping up pics of your mom’s cooter on their Blackberry’s during recess…..nice….

  32. Kat

    Whatever you people say, I would love to have legs like Madonna. Those are some superb, toned thighs right there. It actually inspires me to go run/swim/dance more, because Madonna’s legs, at 50, put mine, in my 20′s, to shame. And I’m not fat, just don’t have nowhere near as kick-ass legs as those. So, thanks, I guess, Maddy!

  33. Spagett!

    what the fuck is that thing?! man gay rod is a dumb spick. leaving his hot ass wife for this thing?! ish, but ive always thought madonna was just terrible, both in the looks and talent department

    but especially in the looks department

    and especially nowadays, god damn

  34. She is my favorite. Just saw her on milllionaire personals site “”"” B i l l i o n a i r e p a l . c o m”"”"”" last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.Is she single again now? ?????????????????

  35. SHaun


  36. bii

    look at madonna body and face.dman .she is so damn hot.ahaha.let her live her life.she was with guy for 10 years.he cheated on her earlier this year.and she is happy now .and powerfull than ever.she is amazing.fuck britney

  37. ccdty

    spagget.are u gay or what??cynthia is hot???lol.look at madonna body,madonna personality and madonna career.theres nothing hotter than that.madonna is the justin t said.she is so sexual.this is hotter than cynthia.she is a sex bomb

  38. BY

    shitney cheated justin with a friend.that a whore.madonna started date a-od when guy cheated on her.fuck shitney.long live the madgesty

  39. bow wow

    madonna is the hot mama. her legs drives me crazy

  40. brrit

    another is hot.she meet the presidente of argentina last night

  41. dff

    long live the queen

  42. This cheats more easy, folks?

  43. She’s so pretty. I love her smile very much. A few days ago, I saw her at the rich dating club ” !!! .sugarb a by” she posted a nice profile there. Seems she is looking for a nice guy for serious relationships.

  44. tom k RACIST MUttherfucker

    tom k, ur a jealous racist SOB…

    dumb fuck

  45. Spagett!


    madonnas personality?! what personality? i dont care what kind of personality that old washed up whore has cynthia is fucking smoking and madonnas old gap toothed ass can gargle my balls. “she is sex bomb?” nice grammar, fag

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