Madonna & A-Rod having crazy sex in Jerry Seinfeld’s mansion (I knew it!)

Jerry Seinfeld may be one of the richest entertainers alive, but apparently he’s always there for a friend. Even one who needs a private location to bang his undead mistress right after she announced her divorce. The Sun reports:

A Hamptons source said: “A-Rod arrived at the airport by helicopter and was whisked away in one of Seinfeld’s Porsches.
“Madonna arrived less than an hour later by helicopter and left with Seinfeld in another car.
“It is believed they all went to Seinfeld’s mansion for a discreet party for a few hours, before they all left separately.”
The meeting was on October 21, six days after The Sun revealed Madonna and Guy, 40, were to divorce. Madonna took a break from her world tour.

Okay, in all seriousness, I highly doubt Jerry Seinfeld let Madonna and A-Rod have unholy fornication in his mansion. Unless he planned on burning it down and collecting the insurance money. Wow, that came off as anti-Semitic. What I mean is, the few body fluids Madonna is capable of producing have supernatural properties rendering Jerry’s mansion unsafe for living. In fact, A-Rod’s with a priest right now getting his testicles exorcised after exposing them to “the shriveled gateway of Zuul.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. See what I did there?

Photos: WENN