Madonna & A-Rod having crazy sex in Jerry Seinfeld’s mansion (I knew it!)

October 30th, 2008 // 41 Comments

Jerry Seinfeld may be one of the richest entertainers alive, but apparently he’s always there for a friend. Even one who needs a private location to bang his undead mistress right after she announced her divorce. The Sun reports:

A Hamptons source said: “A-Rod arrived at the airport by helicopter and was whisked away in one of Seinfeld’s Porsches.
“Madonna arrived less than an hour later by helicopter and left with Seinfeld in another car.
“It is believed they all went to Seinfeld’s mansion for a discreet party for a few hours, before they all left separately.”
The meeting was on October 21, six days after The Sun revealed Madonna and Guy, 40, were to divorce. Madonna took a break from her world tour.

Okay, in all seriousness, I highly doubt Jerry Seinfeld let Madonna and A-Rod have unholy fornication in his mansion. Unless he planned on burning it down and collecting the insurance money. Wow, that came off as anti-Semitic. What I mean is, the few body fluids Madonna is capable of producing have supernatural properties rendering Jerry’s mansion unsafe for living. In fact, A-Rod’s with a priest right now getting his testicles exorcised after exposing them to “the shriveled gateway of Zuul.” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. See what I did there?

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  1. SoCalSteve


  2. SoCalSteve


  3. SoCalSteve


  4. Max Planck

    And as you can see, looking scary for Halloween.

  5. SoCalSteve


  6. fghjkfgh


  7. Jade

    Just.. eww.

    And like.. juvenille.

    I mean, its one thing to bang a meaty corpse. But the sneaking around.. “hey, my mom is at home so can I have sex with my boyfriend at your house Jerry?”

  8. verga

    why can’t she just fuck off?

  9. tripper__

    okey…guy bangs a corpse..


  10. jode

    She was said to be fond of Internet recently. Some of her fans found her on a fitness & celebrity dating club ^^^^^^FitnessKiss. C O M^^ ^^^^. She has a personal account there with her pictures, blog and something about her albums…In her friend circle, some other stars c San be found there.

  11. lol hey superfish shes “Madonna” which means shell Perpertually be lubricated…

  12. dafan

    “Okay, in all seriousness, I highly doubt Jerry Seinfeld let Madonna and A-Rod have unholy fornication in his mansion. Unless he planned on burning it down and collecting the insurance money. Wow, that came off as anti-Semitic.”


  13. Jammy

    Dat’s dat dere cobba la workin’

  14. Cliff Clavin

    I thought Jerry was a neat freak germaphobe. Why is he letting the only person with more forms of VDs than Paris Hilton in his home?

  15. Ted from LA

    I wonder if A-Rod is still master of his domain.

  16. Nate

    I see what you did there Superfish!!

  17. Mallory

    What’s WITH all you dumbasses yelling out which comment number you are? SERIOUSLY.

    And as for Madonna… she’s sadly become one of the fugliest persons alive.

  18. Catty Pussy

    I think Madonna looks pretty good here! I’m sure A-rod doesn’t have to settle. Face it, guys, she’s still attractive.

  19. Binky

    My sources are saying A-Rod nearly got to second base – but then Kramer suddenly stumbled into the room – without knocking.

  20. Sport

    she is fucking gross.

  21. Danklin24

    Someone explain to me why Jerry Seinfeld is so rich. Oh yeah, he’s a Jew, but other than that, why? The guy just isn’t funny… all.

  22. IKE

    Wow He could do SOOOO much better than Skeletor’s mom! She must have some gooood crusty stuff to keep going back.

  23. Monkey's Wood

    Hey Superficial ….. what the hell’s up with all of these piss-ant links ?
    They blow a fat goats ass …. please get rid of them. They’re annoying as shit

    Oh yeah – Who gives a damn what slut Pay-Wad bangs ? It’s his pecker, and it should be solely up to him if he wants to adorn it with little bitty blisters

  24. filiph

    yeah madonna fuck a lot.u deserve
    fuck guy rithie.i hate him the way the sun is not a serious,dont believe in everything that u read.madonna is the best and she is very sexy

  25. Andrew

    The hands! The hands! They are totally scary!!!

  26. screech

    She has the hands of an 80 year old with bad arthritis.
    It’s truly hard to tell in that first picture whether she is dressed up for Halloween, or if it’s just a regular Tuesday night. Wow.

  27. She’s starting to look like a Bratz doll that’s been left out in the garden for a fortnight.

  28. dominick

    I can’t decide who is the bigger douchebag between the two of them.

  29. Christopher Walken

    i have NEVER EVER(repeat)found anything remotely attractive about Madonna..she has that big tooth gap,ratty hair,horrible voice(singing and talking)and is generally just a very annoying, completely self serving person.
    the gays have always loved her because she is obviously a “fag hag” so no surprise there but i just dont understand the infatuation people have held for her over the years..cant be the looks..cant be the talent(there is none)..oh well..whatever.
    Enjoy worshipping the crypt keeper because she will outlive the earth.

  30. Seymore Butts

    Those hands….*SHIVER*

  31. grosssssssssss

    Nice Ghostbusters reference Fish!

    This scag is unfit for public viewing, I mean it’s damn near criminal to subject peoples pupils to that shit. A-Rod must be under some kind of spell or sunthin, I was always convinced Madge was a witch and now I’m sure. No man in his right mind would want to be with this hideous raging bitchwhore. I mean fuck, she’s so fugly the only night you can take her out on the town is Halloween and even then she stands out and scares the shit out of the kiddies. She’s pure evil.


  32. lola

    Her hands are like that because she lifts weights and works out. I used to be very strong and exersize everyday. I was 16 and my hands were veiny like that. It is not necessarily from being old. She is trying to stay relevant and give the best performances she can. Her schedule is busy and you should be happy that she spends so much time keeping in top condition for her fans. Do not beleive everything you read in gossip magazines. She is one tough bitch.

    Guy Richie seems like he had to put up with a lot, but we have no idea what went on in their personal lives. And maybe the ladies know what it’s like to feel like you work twice as hard as your man. She looks like she is always busy. Guys always seemed nice though.

  33. Dr

    That’s the scariest Halloween costume I’ve seen in a while. Well, since the last time I looked at a Madonna picture.

  34. grosssssssssss

    #29. LOL. I agree, especially with the last part sadly.

    I have tried to myself to figure out how and why this common whore remains “on top”. I am fully convinced she is a witch or has aquired some unearthly powers, I mean she considers herself to be the God of her own bullshit religion and people buy it. She deals in the dark bitch arts mark my words and I don’t even believe in that looney crap, but what other reason could there be?
    The only spec of an explanation I have come across for her “popularity” was a playboy spread many years back that even as a woman I have to admit proved she had tremendous knockers. However motterboating those things would be like eating a chocolate bar out of a heaping pile of elephant shit so boobs alone cannot be enough ( I mean look at Fergie) on top of that today her boobs look like wet socks so if they were the source of her power she would have lost it by now. Nope, me thinks she found some ancient prophecy that gave her ultimate power. One day the horrifying Ledgend of Madonna will be told to kids at Halloween. She is truly a frightening “woman”. Pray for A-Rod and Guy also known as “he who escaped”.

  35. Tom

    Her hands are veiny because of her extremely low % of body fat. It seems much lower than the healthy range for females (at least 15%, I believe).

  36. Whips, leather and chains, BET!!

  37. raggatt

    The apocalypse is near and soon, all that will remain – scavaging what’s left of the earth – will be cockroaches and Madonna.

  38. icarus

    Who the fuck dies their roots black on purpose? Cuz you know her natural color is gray.

  39. killershoes

    Ol’ weasle Jerry is going to have to testify at the trial now and won’t that be fun?.. He’s really a dumb ass for helping, crude, ugly Vadge cheat on her hubby not very cleverly eh?.

  40. toolboy

    “what is the smell on this cushion from?!?! Why is there a stain on this chair?!?!? Did Poppi stop by again?!?”

  41. Brunettes Take Over

    Ewwwww look at her old lady hands.

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