Madonna to A-Rod: ‘Play ball!’

October 15th, 2008 // 48 Comments

Wow. Didn’t take long for these rumors to kick back up: Apparently, Madonna and Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez are “definitely romantic,” according to sources for Us Magazine:

“Guy is not involved in this equation,” the insider tells “With or without A-Rod, Madonna and Guy haven’t been ‘together’ for over a year – they have been privately separated. Madonna, however, wanted to finish her world tour before divorcing.”
An A-Rod source tells Us, “A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever. Alex has really missed spending time with Madonna. However, he understands the position Madonna’s in.”

Oh, he understands the “position” she’s in alright: Sarcophagus-style. Chicka chicka wah wah. – - Yeah, I definitely just died a little inside from that one. Sort of like Madonna’s hands, but you know, internally.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Amy

    Gross…and FIRST

  2. Randal


    I would not hit that, save for an aluminum bat to the temple.


    - Randal

  3. Red

    Madonna: I want a divorce Guy!

    Guy Richie: Im not your guy, buddy!

    Madonna: Im not your buddy friend!

  4. mamadough

    i would love to know what kind of delusional world where a-rod lives that his penis physically becomes hard at the sight of madonna. her pussy farts dust for christsake! i thought i understood penises, but i guess i have a lot of learning to do.

  5. PunkA

    I just saw some photos of Madonna on another site that showed her with a mustache. It was nasty, but explained a lot. Hello steroids, HGH or whatever. I am sure that the penis Madonna is growing is probably a good 4 inches now too. A-Rod probably loves taking that thing up his vagina.

  6. Pat

    “Guy is not involved in this equation”

    actually I think there’s a guy on each side of the equation

  7. GiggityGoo

    I wouldn’t even fuck her with a stolen dick

  8. mike

    “I am sure that the penis Madonna is growing is probably a good 4 inches now too. ”

    So she’s doubled up on Jimbo already…

  9. TUBBO

    It’s official…..A-Rod is gay.

  10. Jim

    Madonna buttfucks A-Rod so hard that he spurts diarrhea all over the bed when she pulls out. He calls her roid-pene the Fecalater 3000.

  11. Ok I can see he might want to plow through her dense foliage a couple of times, because of her aura but neglecting other broads and divorcing your wife? Madonna might have a secret between those rigid thighs we dont know about….

  12. Sid

    #12 – I think I saw you at one of the McCain/Palin “kill the A-rab” rallies.

    You realize that YOU are the type of Unstable/Unable supporter who drives away the all-important independent voter, don’t you?


    A-Rod: Well, I’m a free man.

    Jason Giambi: Who you gonna bang?

    A-Rod: Madonna.

    Jason Giambi: You’re kidding?

    A-Rod: Nope.

    Jason Giambi: How ’bout those red sox?

  14. fixed

    Madonna to A-Rod: ‘Play with my balls!’

  15. Huh?

    Look at the fatty’s cleave in the background… that is the hottest thing in these pictures for sure.

  16. Smunch

    I wouldn’t fuck her with her own dick (which isbigger and hairier than mine).

  17. uhh WTF !

    She looks like she smells like piss.

  18. Smunch

    That is because she makes everyone around her pee their pants. I peed a little just looking at the picture.

  19. jane doe

    Why does she have the hands of an 90 year old arthritic woman??

  20. Jamie's Uterus

    Why would A-Rod want to bone her overly used dried up wolf pussy? He could get hot girls, not some irrelevant self absorbed train wreck.

    Madonna’s attraction to Latin men is well documented – she will destroy him!

  21. Deacon Jones

    “Wolf pussy” hahaha

    Alright, vote – Madonna or Serena?

    Madonna in a heartbeat. Then I’d use her knuckles to slice my wrists.

  22. “They all think I’m beautiful” thinks Madonna, in these pictures…

  23. Air Mail

    I really liked Madonna at one time. You know, Irish guy and slutty Italian girl type thing. I even stood up for her several times, explaining how her Mother died when she was little, and how that screwed her up. But this is it. Guy Richie seems like a good man, and there are not too many dudes who would show love to some girl who had Dennis Rodman dragging his dick across her lips. Get some help you stupid slut.

  24. herbiefrog

    ya know wha… [t implied]

    oh gosh we work so hard at all this cr*p

    shhhhhhhhhhh… [shhhh... : ) ]

    > Xref:
    > I’d miss autumn and winter too much to live in the tropics… again!
    > Fall and winter are just so cozy, and I was without them for so
    > long… this is my first autumn in like 5 years. I love being able to
    > wrap myself in a blanket and sip tea or cocoa and sit by a fireplace.
    > And then the delightfully crisp air outside when you go out for a
    > stroll. And I just like having that change throughout the year that
    > never happens in the tropics.
    > I’d want a big old library with lots of comfy chairs and nooks to
    > read
    > in. And I’d want a big greenhouse with flowers and plants year round
    > and koi ponds. The park should be huge and have big stretches of
    > grass
    > to lounge and read or have a picnic.
    > I love the coast too and the tropics have their charm… so I think
    > we
    > should have both! We should have a place in new england, somewhere
    > near a lake and nature, and then a private island somewhere in the
    > tropics for us to go on vacation… whenever we want! And sailboats.
    > :)

    that wasnt the right paste
    so let it go


    : )…

  25. Sport

    Wow – the Odd Couple.
    Pretty Boy and AnythingButPretty.

  26. mrs.t

    herbiefrog! you’re back!

    Madge needs to lay off the fucking botox, and whatever unholy serum she’s injected into her cheeks. Bette Davis meets Joan Crawford meets Death.

  27. Yank and Wank - they rhyme for a reason

    I actually think she looks fucking gorgeous here. Please someone shoot me for thinking and saying that.

  28. Beav

    I can’t believe A-Rod dumped Jeter for her.

  29. malicious

    #3 you are a crack up.

  30. Evan Faine

    I agree, #27. I’d do her.

  31. joss

    judging from pic #6, she could be cast in a movie as the Olsen twins’ mom I think

  32. Arroyo

    Wouldn’t this all make much more sense if Alex was doing Guy?


  34. @3…I GOT IT!!! Terrence and Phillip. Am I right? From South Park. God DAMN….took me long enough. I LOVE THAT SHOW.

  35. dontlooknow

    I always knew she was lying about her age. She’s not 50, she’s more like 75. Look at those hands; that’s one place they can’t do plastic surgery.

  36. gosyco


    That’s rich. I never saw that one coming.
    Love it!
    Love it!

  37. tanya

    Nice granny panties Madge.

  38. michy

    good for are just jealous!losers!!!

  39. Patricia


  40. JimmyBachaFungool

    And the Yankees gay SS, Derek Jeter, is now dating Guy…what a soap opera!

  41. Mumraa

    Ancient spirits of evil,
    transform this decayed form,
    Into MUMRAA


  42. If this is true, A-Rod must have gone insane. Someone lock him up for his own good. Or maybe he’s gone blind? But then, when he’s doing her, he’d be able to feel all the veins, and misshapen sinew, and UGH! Sorry…just threw up in my mouth a little bit. She seriously looks like she’s decaying and deteriorating. I am NOT EXAGGERATING! I have never seen a more hideous female celebrity. She is aging HORRIBLY! HIDEOUS!

    No wonder Guy dumped her. Now if we could only find out why he married her in the first place. What a fugly old ancient disgusting veiny hag. She’s repulsive.

  43. Nini

    You see the slight beard and a showing mustache?? Or is that just my screen?

  44. meh

    And to think one time she was actually fuckable. Remember this folks?:
    I don’t I wasn’t alive but damn.

  45. Not a fan anymore

    Can’t we just declare her a terrorist and keep her phony English accent in England?

    Put her on a no-fly list and block her at the boarders.

    I’d rather had a billion Mexicans than Madge the bitch here.

  46. S

    This is just sad!

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