Madonna and the newest addition to her child army

June 29th, 2009 // 38 Comments

Here’s Madonna and Mercy, her latest adopted daughter from Malawi, in London yesterday, and don’t be fooled: They want you to think they’re getting into a car when, in reality, Madonna will wait for the opportune moment to sprout wings and alight upon the steeple of a church where she’ll feed on stray birds and the sins of others. On a related note, anyone else surprised to see Madonna has a reflection? Never would’ve called that one.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Inmate #2648927


  2. dudester

    FUNNY FISH! I’m still laughing…feed on stray birds and the sins of others. Classic.

  3. Niggler

    I just think its funny that the rich can purchase children from poor countries. Oh and Madonna is scary as hell.

  4. amoi

    She could feed an entire village for a year if she chose to, and yet she fought for one child. Not a malnourished one, by all appearances.

  5. R2-D2

    Boop! boo! beep!

  6. His Huge Greatness Himself

    This is the ultimate way of ‘green’ transportation.Why does a kid have to show it to us?

  7. Gando

    I still think a donkey is more comfortable to sit on!

  8. Erin

    How cute is she? Too bad Madonna’s her new mom.

  9. CaptainMorgan

    Is that the newest Louis Vitton back-pack? Madge certainly is a trend setter. My guess is Angelina Jolie (the soul sucker) will sport some of these fashions soon as well.

  10. Delgo

    Baby Shaq

  11. Why is agent Smith from the matrix doing security for madonna

  12. Automated Response

    What’s with adopting the African Kids?

    Why not Somali kids even?

    Did you know that Africa has some of the world’s best potential in
    agricultural and mineral development but the native Africans have
    no idea how to develop the continent?

    True story.

  13. julie

    kid looks like a werewolf..

  14. julie

    kid looks like a werewolf..

  15. julie

    kid looks like a werewolf..

  16. Little girl looks like a little Oprah

  17. Little girl looks like a little Oprah

  18. sin

    Madona is acting like a tree to make this new one feel at home.

  19. Holy Cow

    That kid is gonna be a beast. Mark my words. I’m calling it right here…keeping the rug rat fed sends Madonna into bankruptcy and when she is eventually evicted from their Hollywood home the Fire Department will have to knock down a wall to hoist the kid out with crane. You heard it here first.

  20. RaraAvis

    Oh, look! A pretty little girl sitting on a gnarled tree branch!

  21. Salty Bob

    “Hi, little girl, you sure are cute! Are you out with your grandma?”

  22. thandrale

    The white mans burden is heavy indeed.

  23. captain america

    MICHAEL JACKSON set the pace, folks,
    (with the GOOD & the bad)

  24. Sadly

    This is the latest fashion accessory for the rich. Buy an African kid (that has a family) and pose with it. Pick from the cream of the crop, you can’t get any malnourished ones that really don’t have homes. Havens forbid you get one with aides because they might tarnish your nice shinny white kids you got at home. You must go to an African country because they are the only selling their kids.

  25. sin

    Madonna has to carry it because it doesn’t know how to walk upright on the ground yet. It is still used to swinging from the trees.
    That is one UGLY kid. That kid is going to be a huge fat ass slob, soon.

  26. Mette

    OHHHH MY… the little sweet girl has a red band around her wrist. That’s a little to soon to let Kabbalah “eat her”!

  27. Anonymous

    AHHH, nothing better than a little racism to start my day. It’s either here or on /b/, I love them both. Also, NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER

  28. gotmilk?

    she’s got the kid for three seconds & she’s already tied that stupid red string on her arm? this kid is fucked.

  29. Tom K

    Is buying kids from Africa like the new craze? Madonna makes me fucking sick!

  30. verga

    madonna hurry up and fucking die already.

  31. DCMikeRotch

    Dennis Rodman is the father.

  32. Cheryl


    Talk about a “monkey on your back.”

  33. Poopflinger

    These fruitcakes remind me of little white girls who want a black doll because all their dolls are blond haired and blue eyed. I hope the novelty wears off before these poor kids are completely screwed up so they can have some normal parents.

  34. katya

    Why??Afro kids????guilty rich maybe..

  35. People stop comments like this on maddona. She is doing noble work, no matter the kid is from Africa , arizona or Cambodia . At least she is doing something social by taking time from her schedule. We should not criticise her for what she is doing.

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