Madonna slipping Jesus the tongue

February 11th, 2010 // 72 Comments

Madonna and Jesus Luz were photographed making out in a Rio de Janeiro nightclub last night shooting down rumors the two have split. However, these photos do confirm rumors that Madonna is a walking corpse with the power to manipulate the living. Seriously, she looks like every 20-something I see at the bars if they’d been allowed to decompose for a couple of days. Then again, that means they can’t suddenly remember they’re a lesbian when you wink at them.

Clever, Jesus. Clever…

Photos: Splash News

  1. Moneymaker

    And in other news…teenage boys are become more fascinated with older women thanks to more porn sites featuring older women………

  2. misterfister

    I would rather stick my dick in a meat grinder than in her corpse.

  3. Richard McBeef

    The cryptkeeper’s face actually looks a lot better than it has in previous posts.

    Still terribly gross though.

  4. That bitch has manlier arms than 98.9% of China.

  5. Do_Freebird

    Sweaty old chicks who have the skin tone of Mumra the Everliving really turn me on.

  6. John

    How has she not guest starred as a dead body on CSI yet?

  7. John

    Oh wait, nevermind, I just realized she’s not life like enough to play a dead body.

  8. Adonis

    She kinda looks like Bar in a way

  9. titsonsnack

    gross! Imagine???? GROSS!!

  10. Irene Barcelo

    I think we all have to accept our age and dress appropriately. I love Madonna and have nothing but appreciation for her and her talent. But this shit right here: is just not right.

  11. Slaappy

    Someone at ghost hunters just got a boner

  12. havoc

    That’s how those things in Harry Potter suck the happiness out of you !!!


  13. She looks like she’s sucking the life out of him. I guess better his mouth than his dick.

  14. SO RIGHT

    I think she looks like a normal human being for the first time in a long time. She also looks great! Sorry folks, but I doubt you’ll look this good at age 50 plus. I’m not crazy about her, but give her some credit for keeping her body in shape and looking like a 30 year old.

  15. Emme

    What’s wrong with her ARMS?? and those HANDS??
    The gloves are not enough old lady!!!

  16. yuki

    i wonder how much $$$ he makes for each pda.

  17. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Alexander McQueen dead!!! Why no posts about it??/

  18. yuki

    i wonder how much $$$ he makes for each pda.

  19. Angnes

    I know I am slow but I just got the JESUS/ MADONNA thing. Incest is best!

  20. sushi

    Didn’t this dumb bitch adopt two children? Where the fuck are they while she sluts it up all over the place.

  21. Euroneckpain

    There is something wrong next to her ear in pic#1 and 2. The point where the underskin ribbon is attached, maybe ? Look at the jaw outline… weird shape…
    Her arms are frightening,

  22. NYC

    alright I have to admit she doesn’t look that bad.

  23. uhhuh

    whatever, #14. My mom’s 50 and she looks younger and better than Madonna, and she doesn’t have Madonna’s money and trainers. And her arms look like human female arms, too.

  24. timmy the dying boy

    Ugh! Keep yer tongue where it belongs, Grandma!

  25. jenny

    please if you didnt know who she was you’d think how does a 50 year look 30 she looks great and its awesome that she can get some with a 20 year old. Men do it all the time !!

  26. Crispa

    que asco¡

  27. “Madonna slipping Jesus the tongue”

    Hope it didn’t break off in there. These pics look better than usual though.

  28. Goddess

    She looks great and if she has enough money to have a beautiful man, what is the problem?…i think that is just perfect.

  29. velvet23

    she looks great…however she’s doing it…and i bet she feels a hell of a lot tighter than the chubby, loose little skags runnin’ around hollywood breathing nasty jack daniels on ya in the club

  30. I used to think Madonna was a hot bitch but that was 25 years ago.

    I did blow a load to her boytoy Jesus or whatever the fuck his name is. Printed his picture out and blew my load right across his face and he loved it.

    I just want to say that I am not gay and have never had a penis in my ass.



  31. herbiefrog

    waiting for you… just waiting… etc

  32. whatever

    PLEASE somebody, tell me those arms are photoshopped! I’m gonna have nightmeres!

  33. steve

    Reminds me of the time my nana gave me a rimjob.

  34. Rasputins Liver


    Mmm…see, Fish.

    No one….NO….ONE….needs to see this old hag slobberin’ geriatric PDA on some closeted teenage boy who’s been hired by the old woman to give her cougar cred for PR purposes.


    It’s downright disgusting and goes beyond all reason and so disrespects your readers.


  35. ppl

    the lighting and fuzzy camera pulled off 20yrs for her. Until you bring her home and the truth is revealed.

  36. Rasputins Liver


    Hmm…some on here are squealing that Hagdonna “looks great” etc, etc, ad nauseum.

    Check this article and its attendant unreatouched photos:

  37. whatever

    She must have no problem giving blood.

  38. Oh no !
    I was so looking forward to the headline – Madonna marries Jesus.

  39. Mexicans with small penises are funny. Hi Jesus.

  40. browny

    Madonna looks great. More power to her for giving one to the boy. This couple looks a hell of a lot better than micheal douglas/catherine zita jones….

    methinks a lot of the ppl on this blog are threatened by the gorgeous Madge.

  41. korrina

    i nearly fell over laughing at #2

  42. khe0ps

    They are both on pills (bottle of water and closed eyes like being in a trance)

  43. Madonna has always attempted to challenge the mainstream, particularly in relation to human sexuality, Madona’s kiss is really too good and she is really too good and sexy,

  44. merilhepburn

    her tongue is like sandpaper. I’d know because my uncle is a carpenter.

  45. @ browny – i agree!

  46. Smarm

    “35. Rasputins Liver – February 11, 2010 9:58 PM


    Mmm…see, Fish.

    No one….NO….ONE….needs to see this old hag slobberin’ geriatric PDA on some closeted teenage boy who’s been hired by the old woman to give her cougar cred for PR purposes.


    It’s downright disgusting and goes beyond all reason and so disrespects your readers.


    For Christs sake do you ever post without whining like a pubescent schoolgirl(incidentally, if these PICS were of pubescent schoolgirls, I can guarantee you wouldnt utter one word of protest)?

    If you dont like the fucking pics, dont look at them. I know that’s a tough concept to grasp, but hey, give it a shot… Funny thing is, you’d bang her in a second if she was standing in front of you offering herself to you.Fish posts this shit because its entertaining, because it gets a reaction and I’m pretty sure hes not going to stop simply because it somehow offended your delicate sensibilities..

    Every post of yours is whining about something or bitching about whose posted.

  47. non ya business

    the old whore is at it again…. how any man can kiss her knowing how much dick she has had is beyond me…. i’d be afraid it would turn black and fall off!!

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