Madonna almost had a child with Tupac

October 30th, 2007 // 77 Comments

During her mid-30′s, Madonna’s biological clock started ticking and she was desperate to have children. According to a new book released today “Madonna: Like an Icon”, she almost let the late rapper Tupac Shakur bust a kid up in there. NY Daily News reports:

The singer’s friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death.
“She was going out with him … but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl,’” – so she got dumped!

Why does it have to be about race all the time? Maybe Tupac, being the forward thinker that he was, just liked vagina. Regardless of skin color. Did anyone think of that? I believe there’s a saying, “We’re all gray in the dark.” Except for the freaky pale Irish. They tend to glow.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. cotton

    I remember reading that Madonna visited Pac when he was in jail. They also recorded a song that I don’t believe has ever been released. I downloaded a version of it off of Napster back in ’99, but it had not been mastered, so the audio quality was crap.

  2. marme


  3. NewOrleansNegroSwimleague

    Great, Madonna’s a mud shark too. Now she can compare notes on what black cock tasts like.

  4. RAP


  5. ciara

    there a lot of different skin colours in ireland superfish you dickweed and for those of us who are pale (like me) at least that’s our natural skin tone unlike the perma-tanned whores you are so partial to

  6. boing

    I already knew she was a disgusting whore, but this just confirms it further. White chicks who fuck negroes are the lowest of the low.

  7. ihateyoutoo

    That would have been very cool if she had a baby, tupac effing died in the next year or two so at least his legacy would have lived on……. or something.

    AND I could sooo beat her in a pushup contest. Place yo bets now nukkas!

  8. my comment

    She still looks like she’s made of boiled chicken.

  9. Tupac you dirty nagger!

    Hey Tupac,

    Is that a turd coming out from between your legs? My bad, it’s your turd-dick. Couldn’t tell. BTW Tupac, why is the skin on your palms and bottoms of your feet so thick and rough feeling? Oh yeah, your ancestors have been walking around on all fours for much longer.

  10. Ace of Spadez

    Anyone got a problem with the Irish should go fuck themselves and stick to parasitizing the paparazzi pics of Hollywood whores. A pathetic hobby to say the least. My Dad is half Irish and I am proud of that and all my Irish-American buddies. I had a girlfriend from Scotland long ago and her family was awesome.
    Being white is something to be proud of. I wonder what ethnicity the “I pick on lady starlettes” coward is?? Burn in Hell pussy.

  11. me

    Why does race matter is a good question. Racism is wrong on both counts. Wow @ all of the predjudiced comments here (majority were nowhere near funny, at least manage something clever). Most are written by the same fools who think they’re not racist….. just allergic to different skin colors and that racism doesnt exist.

  12. yawn

    lol@ 54

    My god, white people are corny

  13. I love how superfish avoids being racist by being sexist.

  14. First to finsih the Race...

    …is the biological winner! (In accordance with evolutionary reasoning, not that fossils and DNA and stuff like that matter in a dumb-down society)

  15. sharpeidude

    #59 – You’re one of those inbred types, huh? I’ll bet your Daddy spent many a night playing “Hide the Salami” with little sister. C’mon admit it.

  16. And one more thing #59, you inbred racist retard, I’m superior to you. You racist redneck trailer trash need to be educated. I’ve got a video that will help you love black people and see them for the intelligent sophisticated human beings we all know them to be. Click the link in blue and become a member of the human race – we all bleed red.

    Now, I have got a Mexican donkey show to attend. I’m going to get fucked in the ass and suck donkey dong. I’m totally into the bestiality thing, it shows my enlightened metrosexuality.

    Oh, and would someone please take a dump in my mouth? I’m getting into scat too.

    Love & Peace people,


  17. IKE

    Ali G (Sascha Cohen – he’s in character) is wearing a Jacket that says R.I.P 2pac in Madonna’s “MUSIC” video.
    Still showing him some love apparently.

  18. Ally

    omg this is ridiculous. first of all, white guys do NOT have small dickks, the person who wrote that shyt doesnt KNOW shyt. why does it matter anyway? do you have a loose pusy or something? damn, we all bleed red, it just so happens that some of us have a darker skin color than others, big deal. Grow up and stop blaming each other for problems. Yes, us black people can be very smart and have good morals, but i h8 the dumass mother fukkers who blame white people for being poor and having otherwise awful lives. YOU made the choice to do what you do, life isnt fair, too bad you havent figured that out by now. a$$holes.

  19. KamUK

    The freaky pale Irish Glow? Madonna’s real name must be Madonna O’Ciccone then because they don’t come much whiter than her.

  20. GrowUpPeople

    I can’t believe I even read this article or the majority of these posts. There are way too many uneducated and/or uninformed people making comments about something that is irrelevant to what is important in today’s society. Why can’t we just accept each other’s cultural differences and learn from each other so that we can grow? Madonna and TuPac both have put out great music and have touched so many people across the world. Both have at some point been able to see across barriers and recognize the true person inside. Why would you limit yourself?

  21. Typical KKK with No Balls


    I feel for you for having all your women dumped you for black men because they have bigger and longer penises. Not to mention that you can’t father any children because you have no scrotum. Otherwise, you won’t be such a coward that you had to post as another guy (who, as expected, has balls).

    It must suck to have a so-called peewee that makes women say “Awww” with nothing dangling around it. Why don’t you just take estrogen therapy and be a woman instead? Seriously, when you’ve done all you can all your life but still fail to be a man, just join the other team. It’s the most psychologically healthy thing to do.

    Love and peace to you sister

  22. selina

    i like her music very much, i heard that she has a account on a millionaire &celebrities site called, i can not believe it.

  23. It does not surpise me that Madonna was dating Tupac Sekur. And he dumped her? That is way too funny…

    Have a great day in Paradise. I am planning on it.

    I wrote a song for Madonna as I like her music and it is called, ‘Since You Went Away’ and I sang it in public once at a Mens Gathering in Augusta, Maine called : Mainely Men dot org

  24. tupac fucked the shit out of her. too bad they didn’t have an ugly biracial dummy. i am white but i admire him for getting that because i never will. tupac was the best mac in history.

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