Madonna almost had a child with Tupac

October 30th, 2007 // 77 Comments

During her mid-30′s, Madonna’s biological clock started ticking and she was desperate to have children. According to a new book released today “Madonna: Like an Icon”, she almost let the late rapper Tupac Shakur bust a kid up in there. NY Daily News reports:

The singer’s friend Alison Clarkson recalls when she was briefly dating Tupac Shakur, one year before his death.
“She was going out with him … but homegirls were saying to him, ‘I can’t believe you’re going out with a white girl,’” – so she got dumped!

Why does it have to be about race all the time? Maybe Tupac, being the forward thinker that he was, just liked vagina. Regardless of skin color. Did anyone think of that? I believe there’s a saying, “We’re all gray in the dark.” Except for the freaky pale Irish. They tend to glow.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  1. Flo


  2. kpol

    Tupac, what were you thinking????????????

  3. pointandlaugh

    what the hell is up with Madonna’s ENORMOUS PUMPED UP ARMS? hahahahaha that looks really gross and unfeminine.

  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo says I love that good and plenty
    Jimbo says am I first?

  5. tupac

    all i need in this life you see.. is me and my girlfriend

  6. HA!

    That would have been branded racism if Tupac was white. Just saying….

  7. South African hottie

    Black ppl r nt racist, only white racists r racist!

    the logic here comes from: “men r nt fat, only fat women r fat”!

    • Pissedoff

      But black people cannot effect white people on an economic level, what exactly does black racism do? You see white racism destroys places like black wall street so you should kindly stfu.

  8. Joe C

    She is, has always been and will always be hideous. To add insult to injury, Mr. Madonna has not put out a good movie since he married this slag.

  9. ph7

    She looks like my grandmother on steroids.

  10. flapping labia

    WOW, she is disgusting. Who cares about this irrelevant old cunt anymore? She’s a waste of granny skin.

  11. I wonder if Pac hit it to “How Do You Want It?”

  12. havoc

    Hey, its all pink on the inside……..


  13. veggi

    Tupac fucked white dudes?

  14. Shit4Brains

    Eww! Nasty looking woman and who really gives a shit about her “biological clock” anyways. She’s got tons of money to buy any baby she wants. How come these rich people aren’t happy with their own biological children that they have to go “collect” them from other countries?????? Alas she started too late and could never hope to catch up to Brad and Angelina.

  15. She has nice biceps. I’d like to feel one at the edge of my anus.

  16. Emmyem

    Well, she’s not OLD old, but she’s not young. She’s pushing fifty……and she has dude arms, and her face is kind ragged, but old would be…IVANA TRUMP or Joan Collins. You know the look. Skinny old flabby legs, a gut and no ass, because they never exercise and sit around drinking champagne and screwing gigilos.
    What ever happened to the father of Lourdes? Is he like a tramp or something?
    And Madonna with that kid DAVID. Man, she had two nice kids. Then she goes and does that. WHY? I just don’t get it.
    I saw her live in 2001, she looked great. Now, not so much. I was given the tickets, folks. I’m not a huge fan…..actually, I am not a fan at all. Her daughter looks 17. Madonna better watch it! I have a young daughter, I dread it when she becomes “of age” Guhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

  17. Emmyem

    Oh, and # 9, have you ever SEEN your grandmother on steriods? I’ll bet you haven’t. Because she totally would not look like Madonna does now. She’d look……….worse. You’ll have to trust me on this. *smile*

  18. nipolian

    #8 – I don’t remember Mr. Madonna making any good movies prior to hooking up with this stinkhole. Man…..the arms are giving me the heebie jeebies.

  19. tinkertenor

    anybody else notice that madonna has three hands in the third picture? all the multitasking makes sense now. ps – your grandmother would be the hottest grannie in the world….madonna looks no different in these pictures than angelina, only minus the freakshow tattoos and alien lips

  20. PunkA

    I think Britany’s next move will be to try to get with Tupac, since all she can do is copy Madonna. When being told Tupac is dead, she will settle for JJ Walker, cuz he is “Dy-no-mite” in the sack.

  21. BunnyButt

    Isn’t that the chick from Terminator 2?

  22. Emmyem

    Oh, # 8, Guy Richie made “Lock Stock and two Smoking Barrels” before he married Madonna. It was pretty good. Now, he just makes bad movies and is incredibly rich. Good deal for him! And for FIFTY, I looked again, Madonna looks pretty good. Her arms ARE creepy, but so are Angelina’s. Angelina is about 32 and she is looking ragged and wrinkly. Her knees, no ass, bony everything.
    Just sayin……………..

  23. PunkA

    Add another celeb type to the meth list:

    The OC chick

  24. Now that would be a beautiful kid….with loads of talent genes

  25. South African Hottie with a Smelly cooter

    sigh Blacks should all go to Africa and evolve for a while longer. We left you behind thousands of years ago and should not mix. It don’t work.

    • Pissedoff

      And you should go back to the caves in the Caucasus mountain, you racist internet pussy prick. We should have never taught most of you how to read, write and wash, biggest mistake ever.

  26. RealImportant

    You know you are having a total suck day when you post pictures of Madonna and say just about 20 years ago this babe almost made babies with a dead rapper. This is so relevent today. Infact it is so relevent that ritchie is divorcing his wife. WGAF!

  27. Ript1&0

    The Irish glow with sparkling light and beauty. Unlike some whose scales glow with the nuclear waste of the Thames, Fish face.

  28. TupacThought

    Do you suppose on the day Tupac was shot that just as the trigger was pulled and he saw that bullet headed straight at him that he thought: I wished I’d made that baby with Madonna? NOT!

  29. Vince Lombardi

    Tupac fucked Madonna and it killed him.

  30. Nat X

    White people are pathetic.

  31. J-Sin

    Thug Life!

  32. Taylor

    yes…Why DOES it always have to be about race?

    such a shame too. Black and white people make some pretty babies.
    *le sigh*

  33. Some of the most racist people I know are black. That’s no surprise.

  34. nipolian

    #30 – That is brilliant……Are you a professional writer? Shitbag!

  35. turf sandwich

    I love how Tupac’s friends give him shit for dating a ‘white girl’ as if Madonna still wasn’t the biggest female popstar at the time.

    But now he’s dead and she’s had a sex change.

    PS. why is racism okay if you’re black? And why is Madonna okay with that?

  36. White is the Light and Black is Evil

    Black skulls are primitve and ape-like. Yuck!!! Gorilla faces. And they say the differences are only skin deep. Uh huh. Whites and blacks and orientals and their derivatives – the indians are completely different. Not that there is anything wrong with that at all. Just don’t expect those who never left Africa to evolve to behave as though they did.

  37. amma

    …Totally agree w/#22! What is up, in general, with celebrity women and their arms!!!!

  38. Have to admit the Irish thing about glowing is true but only so the ladies can see which is our hands and such and where is the…

  39. JrsyGrl

    Does she want her arms to look like that?

  40. Nat X

    White men have small dicks.

  41. 1MILF Hunter

    Even in the dark, all vaginas are pink. That is unless they’re infected. Like paris Hilton’s. That thing has scales.

  42. roughdaddy

    tupac too? dennis rodman, sam cassel, big daddy kane, and dudes i cant even remember,,, geez that chick must look like the grand canyon if you know what i mean,,,,guy richie mustve been swimming….

  43. roughdaddy

    by the way get off her dick all of you fat fucks…her arms look fine,,,the woman is doing all she can to stay youngish,,,gravity is not a friend to women,,,so go ahead madona do what u have2

  44. Pffft

    Who cares about that nigga? That nigga ain’t around no mo. No one gonna remember that nigga in 50 years. Rap sucks and so did that nigga.

  45. Bumore

    Pffffffffft u a bitch ass nigga!!!

  46. fweem

    the lady behind Madonna is trying to steal my soul :(

  47. kitty_kat

    Iunno… kinda funny how they only come up with these type of things AFTER the person is dead and can’t refute it. Kinda like the chick who waited until AFTER Marlon Brando was dead to say she was his secret lover. Smells of bullshit to me…
    And besides… Tupac and Madonna? Just can’t see it… sorry.

  48. Stella

    them both were/are freaks between the sheets

  49. Michael

    I believe the saying you were after was.. “they are all pink on the inside”

  50. It’s a machine!!! Is she staring in the next terminator movie?

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