Madonna Made An Instagram Post About Her Son’s Penis

Because fucked up families are trending thanks to Obama’s presidency giving Satan dominion over the earth #CHURCH, here’s a video Madonna posted of her son Rocco Ritchie who’s only 14-years-old, so clearly the appropriate thing to do is draw attention to his dick in a pair of boxer briefs:

Rocco”s preferred profile #nosausage

While Chris Hansen quests to find the Spear of Destiny to vanquish his new foe (Psst. The Duggars are using it to punish any daughter showing 2/5ths of a calf.), I’m pretty sure if my mom ever referred to my penis as “sausage” growing up, I’d have a secret room in my basement with a bucket full of cocoons to ritualistically place in my victims’ throats. Instead, I just have these really neat action figures. This one’s Marvel’s Darkhawk. DON’T TOUCH HIS WINGS.

I’d embed the video here, but it’s of a 14-year-old’s dick in boxer briefs, and I’d be sweet, sweet candy in prison, so here’s Madonna naked.

Photo: Instagram