Madonna On Lady GaGa: ‘She’s No Britney Spears’

“I guess if GaGa were to have kids, I’d probably devour them or convert them to a life of serving my dark arts, but can we talk about me now? I’m kind of great.”

Apparently Madonna’s giving 800 interviews these days – Presumably to lay waste to Gwyneth Paltrow’s measly one. “Ha! Harper’s Bazaar. Pitiful human.” – because here she is in The Advocate reluctantly answering questions about Lady GaGa before backhandedly comparing her to Britney Spears:

Recently Time magazine referred to Madonna as “the Lady Gaga of the ’80s.” When I ask about this, a bit of a chill sweeps over the room.
“I have no thoughts,” she says. “What’s the question?” So I ask it a different way: What do you think of how Gaga connects with her fans, and is it parallel to the relationship you had with gay fans early on?
Madonna pauses for a moment, composing herself. “It seems genuine,” she says, also seeming genuine. “It seems natural, and I can see why she has a young gay following. I can see that they connect to her kind of not fitting into the conventional norm. I mean, she’s not Britney Spears. She’s not built like a brick shithouse.

She continues, “Look, I’m not trying to slight the girl, but it’s as simple as this. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church and I had a little ‘tiff,’ where I may have necromanced myself up an army of the undead. And in that kind of situation you need someone like Britney Spears. She’s built like a fucking minotaur where someone like GaGa would go down with the first swipe of a pitchfork. Again, I really do find her flattering, it’s just she’s no use to my dark empire. That’s all.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Getty, INFdaily, Splash News