Madonna On Lady GaGa: ‘She’s No Britney Spears’

February 3rd, 2012 // 69 Comments
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Lady GaGa
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“I guess if GaGa were to have kids, I’d probably devour them or convert them to a life of serving my dark arts, but can we talk about me now? I’m kind of great.”

Apparently Madonna‘s giving 800 interviews these days – Presumably to lay waste to Gwyneth Paltrow‘s measly one. “Ha! Harper’s Bazaar. Pitiful human.” – because here she is in The Advocate reluctantly answering questions about Lady GaGa before backhandedly comparing her to Britney Spears:

Recently Time magazine referred to Madonna as “the Lady Gaga of the ’80s.” When I ask about this, a bit of a chill sweeps over the room.
“I have no thoughts,” she says. “What’s the question?” So I ask it a different way: What do you think of how Gaga connects with her fans, and is it parallel to the relationship you had with gay fans early on?
Madonna pauses for a moment, composing herself. “It seems genuine,” she says, also seeming genuine. “It seems natural, and I can see why she has a young gay following. I can see that they connect to her kind of not fitting into the conventional norm. I mean, she’s not Britney Spears. She’s not built like a brick shithouse.

She continues, “Look, I’m not trying to slight the girl, but it’s as simple as this. In the 13th century, the Catholic Church and I had a little ‘tiff,’ where I may have necromanced myself up an army of the undead. And in that kind of situation you need someone like Britney Spears. She’s built like a fucking minotaur where someone like GaGa would go down with the first swipe of a pitchfork. Again, I really do find her flattering, it’s just she’s no use to my dark empire. That’s all.”

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  1. Madonna Super Bowl XLVI
    Commented on this photo:

    Madonna has a lot of nerve criticizing Lady Gaga for unoriginality while she’s going all Kardashian on that black microphone.

  2. Oogidyboogidy

    I can’t wait for Madonna and Lourdes in their remake of “Mommy Dearest.”

  3. antonini

    She never cared for Britney because she knew Britney wasn’t a threat

    She shouldn’t ever compare herself to Lady Gaga because Lady Gaga is on another level that requires actual talent not just whoring.

    • Megan

      A threat to what?

    • V

      lolol study lady gaga and then study madonna. lady gaga owes everything to madonna. she copies everything she’s ever done. and stop calling what gaga has “talent”. she has an army of people making all the decisions for her – styling, music, videos, the entire gaga persona.

      • Megan

        I agree V. And I’m pretty sure Madonna has been around long enough where “threats” really aren’t any of her concern. Once you’ve been around that long… you pretty much have a lifetime ticket to relevancy.

      • Felonious Monkey

        People seem to forget that Lady Gaga’s parents are internet and marketing executives. Lady Gaga wasn’t “born this way.” She’s packaged & marketed by a team of people.

  4. C’mon, you guys—Madonna’s just trying to spread the love. The New Yorker is going to be happy she wasn’t compared to an overbuilt outdoor toilet, and the Louisianan will be happy she was.

  5. Good Lord!…Madge’s cheek implants keep getting bigger and bigger with each passing day—sort of like her Ego!


    • GB

      And you’re no beauty. You’ll never be able and improvements.

      • “You’ll never be able and improvements”? Is that English?

      • iknow

        GB STFU !!!

        Now you’re gonna tell us Madonna is the most beautiful woman that ever lived, you psychotic cunt. I bet you’re Madonna’s age so you feel a need to back her up. Well a piece of advice for you and Madonna. Be the mature person and step back and let the youth do their thing because your time is ovahhh

  6. Steelerchick

    This old bag is going to ruin the 1/2 time show!! I hate her.

    • GB

      You pathetic Gaga gays relate to the neurotic copycat. Madonna spoke to a stronger more self-assured generation. You really don’t believe the world existed before you were born. You can’t talk about Madonna because you can’t understand her. Go back to your tech gadgets. Sadly you missed all the boats. . Weaned on 9/11, bullying and a bad economy. What fun!

  7. King Diamond

    They both suck

    • JC

      Thank you. Having the Madonna “talent” vs. Gaga “talent” fight is like arguing over which of my post-coffee turds this morning was the prettiest and most talented in all of Turdtown.

      • TurkusMaximus

        JC, thank you for making me laugh and for being right. The whole question is ridiculous, unless it’s about who sucks more. We could argue that one for awhile.

  8. America

    Really. The past twenty years queers have been going to Madonna concerts while straight men watch football. So how did this come to be, Madonna at halftime.
    How I Met Your Mother
    Big Bang Theory
    All queer shows. These are all Gay television shows. if you watch any of those bullshit shows then you’re probably gay. You’re also responsible for Madonna performing at the Super Bowl. Fuck you.

    • In case you forgot, the gays have Henry Rollins. He’s more of a “real man” than you, unless you’re actually Sam Elliot.

    • GB

      Madonna is Madonna. It has nothing to do with gays. And what are you so paranoid about?

    • Mamamia

      How I met your mother and big bang theory are gay? I had no idea.

    • gpdro

      uhh hm Glee isn’t queer. Ryan Murphy’s characters perpetuate racist, homophobic, sexist stereotypes that it’s hardly groundbreaking. as a gay man I find it hard to watch. more so with modern family even

  9. V

    Gaga makes her fans pay other fans to talk shit about madonna on popular blogs:

    Like seriously, retards. how desperate and insecure are you? The day Gaga surpasses 30 years on stage and stays ahead of the game, we’ll talk. All of these pop tarts want to out-do madonna, the only thing they forget is that madonna has been smart her entire career and has left all the controversy for the stage. the rest of these new bitches are unstable addicts that won’t last. you’ll see.

    • V for Vendetta

      Okay Sean Penn, Okay.

    • eNit

      I don’t get why you need to disrespect Lady Gaga. I get you’re a Madonna fan but why don’t you let us little monsters be. Why are you trying to destroy Lady Gaga. What did she ever do to you?
      I think Madonna can have her own fans and Lady Gaga can have her own fans because they are two different people.
      You need to grow up and stop spreading so much hate.

  10. Girl

    “Brick shit house” is an old expression, made infamous by Hank Williams who was talking about his first wife, with whom he had a turbulent marriage. It’s a reference to women with a strong but hot build. Rhianna might be another example…

    • Selena Gomez

      No no no. it’s a British phrase. And it’s really not a compliment for a woman unless she’s a fbodybuilder.

  11. Mando

    Fools. She wants you to keep her memory alive!

  12. 2012 Doomsday

    These are the worst of times, brace yourself for what comes next.

  13. I find it fascinating that Gaga has only nice things to say about Madonna but Madonna can only rip on Gaga. I personally think Gaga’s productions are more like Prince than Madonna but I am also more familiar with his work than hers.

    • As for her performing at halftime, it’s like NBC & the NFL got together and were like “You think Faith Hill introducing football games is weird? We’ll show you WEIRD!!”

    • GB

      She’s no fool. Would you say anything bad about the person who’s homework you copied off of?

      • eNit

        GB, what did little Gaga do to you? why do you want to destroy her?
        Do you know how many people love and admire her and how she has changed the lives of so many of her fans. Why do you want to take that away? why do you want to turn something pretty into something ugly.

      • Are we now pretending that Madonna herself was totally original?

  14. Tracy

    I like em both, really. Lady Gaga has a pretty spectacular voice, unfortunatly all the theatrics really take the attention away from it (forced myself to sit through her HBO concert last summer – fucking hot mess from start to finish).
    Ive been to two of Madonnas shows (sat in the 4th row/center stage for her last tour – it was AMAZING), she’s a good performer, but everything she’s done over the past 3 or 4 years seems so…..hum…..desperate

    • JT

      I have seen both in concert. I agree Gaga has a great voice. I think it’s better than Madonna’s. Gaga does not need all of the theatrics to distract people unlike Madonna whose voice it not as good.

  15. GB

    You pathetic Gaga gays relate to the neurotic copycat. Madonna spoke to a stronger more self-assured generation. You self absorbed weaklings don’t think the world existed before you were born. You can’t talk about Madonna because you can’t understand her. Go back to your tech gadgets. Sadly you missed all the boats. . Weaned on 9/11 and bullying. Your fate will be far worse.

  16. These three are mere pieces of lint on the blouse of Kate Bush. None of them have 1/10th the voice, or talent of Miz Bush. She was not only a gifted musician, and songwriter, but a trained dancer. The origin of the headset microphone can be traced to her so she could dance, and sing ( NOT lipsync) in her live performances.

    • TurkusMaximus

      Argh, you said “was” and I thought she had died and had to go check!

      Yes, that woman has a genuinely unique and strong talent.

  17. Materal_Bitch-Hater

    Madonna, you fucking, clueless, self-centered bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are, you’re not some princess or all-knowing anything, you’re a simple Tramp from Detroit that just happened to get lucky and hit it big when the gay pinheads loved your stupid shit and made you famous. Get over yourself you fucking, ugly twat!!

  18. Madonna Super Bowl XLVI
    Commented on this photo:

    Nice try, Madonna. You’re not 46. But that IS what people call your vagina.

  19. Oiiner

    why do people act like Madonna was so original she is a total fake

  20. gpdro

    wait can we stop the Gaga vs Madonna banter for a sec and address WTF WAS MADONNA TALKING ABOUT. what is a shit brickhouse? is that a good thing? Britney Spears is a minotaur who will lead Madonna’s army of the undead? I’m lost here

  21. Pedro

    Well, all the raging queens that have come to Madonna’s defense this past week solidifying the fact that she is a complete joke. Go adopt another orphan, why stop?

  22. She's a loon

    The bitch thinks she’s Birtish and is addicted to plastic surgery. How fucking insane do you think that makes a person? It makes them very fucking insane.

  23. Paulie

    Is there a literacy problem here? Nowhere did she say Gaga is “no Britney Spears.” Her words are taken out of context and twisted into a negative comment. You can read the actualy quote, which doesn’t match the headline.

  24. Kara

    Yeah, apparently the Little Monsters are gullible and don’t know how to read past the headlines. They’re so ready to defend Mother Monster that they make fools of themselves. Madonna was actually saying positive things about Gaga here, despite what the headline suggest, but the Little Monsters can’t be bothered to think on their own.

    • Hmm

      hahaha Madonna say something positive about someone else?

      please shes a narcissistic biotch and incredibly jealous of Lady Gaga. She’s so insecure and afraid of being old.
      The only way she gets a man is by paying for him. How much does she pay the 20 something year old to fuck her?
      doubt he’s doing it for free lol

  25. Dee

    Madonna should get over herself, she’s no more talented then Britney or Lady Gag, she sounds like a bitter old hag. She’s desperate to stay relevant, it’s sad.

  26. Candy

    Look on the bright side. She wasnt compared to Taylor swift.

    • Ians

      Taylor Swift is way better than Madonna could ever be.

      • Cody

        Are you clueless? I have nothing against Taylor Swift, but to even compare her to Madonna’s 30 year career and cultural impact is insane. They aren’t on the same level…Taylor swift is a nice girl, a good singer, but Madonna is a legend.

  27. Carla

    So I guess this means that the NFL is cool with a rating-boosting nip slip as long as said nip is white and oooooold.

  28. JT

    This woman is a piece of work. i grew up down the street from her in Michigan. Her brother is homeless and living on the streets in Michigan. Granted we don’t know the whole story but my friends from back home says she could do more for him. Also- my best friend went to school with a famous rapper there (from 8 mile road) who does a lot for Michigan while Madonna wants to forget where she came from. She’s also rude to her fans unlike GaGa. She just needs to get over herself.

  29. They’re both fabulous! They can have a beef with each other if they want, but that doesn’t mean fans have to choose sides. I own multiple Madonna and Lady Gaga CD’s / songs and they seem to get along quite well in my music collection.

  30. p124

    the reason a lot of people love madonna is BECAUSE she’s unapologetic. she doesn’t have to make a spectacle about how much she loves fans because she doesnt have to. she also doesnt have to exploit people’s insecurities by re-iterating how beautiful everyone is (NOT everyone is beautiful, fucking live with it). lady gaga’s tactics is kind of pathetic and trite.

    • Okiiie009

      She can’t even pretend to love her fans because she doesn’t because she’s a narcissist that can’t love.

  31. annie p

    Madonna is the better of the two. By far!

    No matter how much i try to convince myself, I just cant stand Lady Gaga. Shes just annoying, and represents everything i cant stand of today. Constantly trying to be outrageous and too gimmicky. Its pathetic AND all that show actually takes away from any talent i might consider

    At least Brittney and Madonna are sexy. LG, as hard as she tries, wont ever be sexy…

    • Okiiie009

      Madonna and Britney spears sexy? LOL they have been trying to be sexy but fail.

      Gaga doesn’t try to be sexy. She is more about her music and THE GIRL CAN FUCKING SING

      something Madonna and Britney will never accomplish

  32. Madonna Super Bowl XLVI
    Commented on this photo:

    Can’t she even pretend to give a shit about the fans that made her rich enough to be able to hide the baby squeezing machine that keeps her young?

  33. Cindy

    I don’t like madonna. I think her new song is like brainwashing…Luv madonna, luv madonna over and over. And, it’s just so pop no pushing boundries or anything. Yuk.

  34. D

    Although I don’t like Madonna’s new single; check the catalog Youngins. Madonna is and always will be Official. Lady Gaga is Madonna 25 years ago. This generation doesn’t have an original bone in their bodies, Poor things. FYI, Madonna didn’t suck her way to the top. She was on her grind so in the words of Red Cafe I let it go!

  35. I love the fact that she referred to Spears as a brick shithouse.

    I’ve always loved Madonna and always will. You cannot sit there and say that woman isn’t the definition of awesome…and she pulled off a pretty good Super Bowl Half Time production too and that’s from someone who usually doesn’t like the half time show.


  36. Le Monroe

    This interview doesn’t even make sense! LOL
    However, Madonna is talented for all your newbies who’ve never attended any of her concerts or followed her throughout her career of 30 years. I guess what she tried to say was that even after all the chaos and negative press, Britney Spears still came out alive and on top. So for someone like Gaga, who is still relatively new (08-12) if something similar were to happen to her, she wouldn’t make it out alive.

  37. Le Monroe

    As for those who call Madonna or Britney Spears not sexy, check out the list of the 100 sexiest women of all-time (2012), voted by the public. They rank in the top 5. Lady Gaga is not ugly, but lets be honest, under all that makeup and costumes, she’s not sexy.

  38. Madonna Super Bowl XLVI
    Commented on this photo:

    I get the feeling people are a little over this entertainer

  39. Crystal

    Are you running out of money Madonna? Because I have always thought you had enough. You already have a legacy, being alive or dead. If anything, I would get together with GAGA and make a one hit wonder song, there for you two will not need to go at this at all for the rest of your living lives. Now really make a song together and make some money together as well. You will make your legacy the biggest of all females in the world. You both should try this.

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