Madonna Calls Obama A Black Muslim, Threatens To Strip If He’s Re-Elected. NOT HELPING.

September 25th, 2012 // 93 Comments
WATCH: Madonna Cost Obama The Election
'Fairground Stripper'
Elton John
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Because she’s an idiot, Madonna genuinely believed she could influence the outcome of the presidential election in Obama‘s favor by calling him America’s first black Muslim president and then promising to strip if he’s re-elected. So if someone could patch me through to Mitt Romney, I’d like to congratulate him on his win. Good race. Via RadarOnline:

The 54-year-old Material Girl roused the crowd in Washington, D.C. Monday night with her political commentary, telling concertgoers, “Y’all better vote for fucking Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House!
“Now that’s some amazing shit. It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man!”

And then here’s the part where she might as well have gone back to pointing a gun at people. Via The Hill:

Later in the show, Madonna took off her shirt and pulled down her pants to show she had “OBAMA” written in all capital letters across her lower back.
“When Obama is in the White House for a second term I’ll take it all off,” she said to cheers and whistles from the audience.

I’d say something here, but it looks like her backup dancers up top already beat me to it. They’ve got all the bases covered.


  1. Joe Biden

    Whats the big deal? I don’t get it.

  2. achilles wrath

    omg seriously?

    Someone tell me does she GENUINELY believe this is helping? or is a secret republican or something?

    There’s just no conceivable way at all this could help.

  3. Crissy

    I had the same reaction to Madonna’s threats of stripping as the two guys to her left… One just completely lost it and the other one is looking at her like “Grandma, please!”

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    Just keep pretending you are british and STFU, slutty grandmother.

  5. Romney wants to put gay ppl back in chains. Pass it on.

  6. USDA Prime McBeef

    “And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man!”

    Because lip-service is the new “fighting”

  7. This makes sense, since her fan base consists mostly of gay men who wouldn’t be turned on anyway.

  8. Bane

    What happened to her fake British accent?

    Idiot skank.

  9. I honestly thought my hatred for this ugly, vapid, moronic has-been hag was at it’s zenith. Then she comes out with something like this.

    Please, please, if there is a god, send a speeding bus her way!

  10. Romney’s gonna steal her Medicare

  11. Mitt needs to disclose his taxes prior to 2010 and stop being so damn secretive.

  12. Devilish Diva

    How is Obama a Muslim? He was raised in the US by an American Christian mother and barely knew his father.
    Controversy for the sake of controversy, without actually saying anything true or meaningful, is just publicity whoring.
    This old, talentless Faye Dunaway look-alike should just go back to lipsyncing her trite oldies hits.
    She can’t bring anything cool or original to the table.
    I blame her for spawning all those shitty pop stars like Britney, Gaga, etc. and reality tv whores like Plumpcake Urinal.

  13. I think I can speak for all conservatives when I say: We didn’t want to win this way.

  14. Johnny P!

    The gays were gonna vote for Obama anyway, because he’s been pro-active in advancing ‘equal rights for all’ (which, BTW, I agree with). But the threat of seeing Madonna’s wizened old dusty box at the next concert they attend may sway a few to vote for Mitt, or make them abstain from voting.
    Madonna, the only dudes who want to see your cobwebbed fluffer are the young Latinos you pay to date… let’s keep it that way.

    • Antwon Dodson

      I already have equal rights. I want a damn JOB.

      Romney 2012

      Run tell THAT, homeboy

      • Then quit hanging around the Superficial all day you dumb twat and go GET one! Maybe you just need to borrow some money from your parents like Romney advises, or are you part of the 47% of VICTIMS?
        HUH? Did Obama victimize you little bitch?

      • So true, Robo! My sis-in-law is a converted Mormon, and she owes my parents-in-law thirty GRAND that she has siphoned off of them throughout the years! They’ll never see that money again.
        Meanwhile she sings Romney’s praises while also trying to find ways to cheat the costly healthcare system!

      • Uncle Phil

        Unless you’re looking for a job in China, I’m not sure how you think Mitt is going to help you.

      • @Antwon
        Is Romney going to let you fluff and fold his magic underwear?

  15. Inner Retard

    A woman who changes religion like a hobby. Asks for charity while sitting on millions and condescends to her fans as a lifestyle choice. It’s not nice to make fun of the old and senile. But she is asking for it.

  16. Ruckus

    You wrote the same headline for the story as Matt Drudge did. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE

  17. pavement_smear

    Bit of a quandry for Obama supporters…do you switch teams now, or watch her strip and “switch teams” later?

  18. Cock Dr

    She would throw Jesus under a bus if it would get her media attention.

  19. elephantman

    Is the guy in the background a zombie?

  20. In related news there’s a bacon shortage.

  21. It looks like the guy in the back already saw her strip.

  22. AndyDufresne

    I thought she was British…………..

  23. BSname

    Her comments are so dumb and out of touch that they can not be ridiculed.

  24. FudgeSticks

    Obviously a li……meh, too easy.

  25. The Royal Penis

    Enquirer headline:

    “Grandma hot for Obama; but doesn’t know he’s a Christian and was found wandering the streets naked and confused.”

  26. Arlene

    O.K. O.K. I’ll vote for Romney. Shit, I’ll vote for Hitler as long as you keep your cloths on, scarey lady!

  27. cagster

    Never thought I’d say it: I’m with Elton on this one.

    • Craptard

      Have we really gotten to the point that an old gay dude that used to perform in a crocodile costume, and sparkley pink suits with a sparkley pink top hat is now the voice of reason and sanity?
      Seems so.

  28. McClownerton

    Well, looks like I am off to the graveyard to get some more “voters” for Mitt. Cant have that embalmed velociraptor blinding the youth of today with her 8 nipples and gaping maw of a vagina.

  29. OK, the guy in back is reacting like he’s looking into the Ark of the Covenant, so she must be wearing something backless.

  30. Howie

    Well I see a bunch of *Poles* dropped after she made the comment about stripping….

  31. Inmate 12236969

    I will fuck her stinky cunt for her money—however I want to be blindfold so I don’t have to look at her wrinkled ass.

  32. typical white person

    wow, what a bunch of useful idiots here – as our rights are stripped (NDAA, renewal of Patriot Act, impending cyber “security” legislation) and BOTH candidates beat the war drums – you support your puppet candidate to the death

    • mismy

      you got some thumbs down huh? People really don’t like to hear the truth, you know, about WW3 and stuff… Let’s all go shopping!! Yaaaay new iPhone!!!!!!!! Ever wonder how people could worship Hitler & Stalin?? We are in deep shit guys, please please inform yourself, open your goddamn minds to the real world, it’s really easy to see if you do the research…
      Thank you for trying to spread the word

  33. See Alice

    Granny Madonna stripping would be nastier than climbing into KK’s colon to get a look around .

  34. Gabe Kaplan

    Madonna :Doing the opposite of helping.since 1984.

  35. Tyrel

    Black Muslim?

    How about stopping with the labels and lets just call him what he is… a TERRIBAD Pres.

    Obama is a finger pointer with over the top failed policies, and an international fool of mass embarrassment. And there’s people who want him elected again?

    We either got way too many on WELFARE or the gene pool has become saturated with stupid…

    • Anderson Pooper

      Thank you. That was awesome to hear instead of more insipid gay-rights chatter. Gays, go do whatever pleases you. The POTUS needs to focus on bigger shit, like nutjob Arab countries that are aiming to vaporize everyone they can launch nukes at. Watch the pure chaos begin once gasoline costs $8, $15, $20 or $30 a gallon. No one’s gonna care who’s gay and who’s not as WWIII is meeting at the U.N., setting deadlines of mere months and weeks.

  36. Thandrale

    When’s the last time Madonna took a good hard look at herself naked? There are women in their 50s who still have nice bods but she isn’t one of them. Too many years of hard living have taken their toll. The last time I saw her stripped down she looked like a female Skeletor.

  37. Thandrale

    Well you’ve got a choice of voting for crap- a or crap- b. You can’t vote for non crap- c because retard republicans and retard democrats won’t vote outside their party and you can’t get enough votes for c without them. So there is your choice. Vote a piece of crap into office or don’t vote and a piece of crap gets in by default.

  38. Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, stupid ho.

  39. boozybeezy

    Thats the spirit:) maybe he wont be re elected after people hear that. She is a true patriot!

  40. When Obama wins I want her to go to Iran on her tour, and THEN strip and see what happens ;>

  41. Tanzania

    Why does she not realize that she is old and over. Nobody cares about her or her ideas anymore.

  42. Anderson Pooper

    When the entire Mideast views this YouTube clip of her, dozens more American embassies will fall under attack and be reduced to ruins. They want this Zionist skank dead before she can show her crotchety folds to Mohammed on YouTube.

  43. Gabe Kaplan

    That’s it! No more white women for Jamal!


  45. payattention



  46. payattention

    In other news, Rasmussen Reports latest polling reveals a 30 point swing from Obama to Romney, pretty much sealing up the election. Experts are baffled as to what could have caused this. More news at 11.


    1) Obama’s Handling of the Economy-
    a) After Obama took office, U.S. mired in the midst of the worst recovery since the great depression. There’s been 43 straight months of unemployment over 8%. The unemployment rate when Barrak Obama took office was 7.8% today it’s 8.1%
    b) Since Obama took office, the labor force has been shrinking in record lows. People are giving up looking for work. For men the August participation rate in the labor force was 69.8%..
    c) Since Obama took office, the median household income has decline more than $4,000. (55/51)
    d) More people are on food stamps than ever before… almost 50,000,000 people
    e) Poverty is at the highest number we’ve seen since the US census began keeping track… 46.2 million people… when Johnson declared the war on poverty there were fewer people in poverty than there are now.
    f) His policies made things worse (e.g., his 800billion stimulus package).

    2) Obama Care-
    a) Health and Human services gets virtually unfettered powers.
    b) It’ll represent a massive tax increase.
    c) Its raised this whole question of free speech and the 1st amendment rights in religious institutions.
    d) Its 2700 pages, which no one has read, especially Madame Pelosi.

    3) Obama’s Foreign Policy
    a) Obama rode into the white house promising a new air of American foreign policy aside from the death of Osama Bin Laden and the drone strikes. All policies from which he agreed with Bush; however, if Bush had done the drone strikes the way Obama has he would be criticized.
    b) The foreign policy record of this president’s administration has
    been one of capitulation, indecision, and weakness. The American ambassador is dead in Libya… tortured and killed on 9/11. For 2 weeks they blamed a movie. Today we have a dead
    ambassador and no retribution. Instead the administration is running apology commercial to the U.N.
    c) He failed to back the green revolution in Iran.
    d) He did decide to meddle in Egypt and now we don’t know what we have.
    e) He has thrown Israel under the bus. He doesn’t care for Israel,
    Netanyahu in particularly.
    f) His handling of Americas two most important investments, the Middle
    East Iraq and Afghanistan are not good. A victory in Iraq now looks like it could go the other direction. Ignoring the recommendations of the generals, he pulled the troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan prematurely on his own timetable.
    g) The defense budget is catastrophic.

    4) Obama’s Imperialism and arrogation
    a) He has gone past or around congress to institute his own agenda through executive fiat.
    b) His own version of the dream act
    c) He stopped the feds from helping Arizona
    d) He stopped defending the defensive marriage act.
    e) Told his justice department not to enforce the nations marijuana law.
    f) Gave states wavers to avoid No Child Left Behind law requirements
    g) When the Senate refused to confirm his nominations, he said the Senate was in recess and appointed them on his own.
    h) The executive privilege in Fast and Furious.
    i) His war on energy

    5) Broken Promises
    a) Promised to cut the deficit in half
    b) Promised a new beginning in the Middle East
    c) Promised to change the tone and rhetoric in Washington
    d) Promised a comprehensive immigration reform
    e) Promised the $800 billion stimulus unemployment wouldn’t rise over 8%
    f) Promise to keep Medicare intact for seniors
    g) Promised if he didn’t get the economy turned around he would be looking into a one term proposition. Maybe he’ll keep that promise.

    • mismy

      Thanks for this comment sir or ma’am, Obama supporters, disprove these statements! Romney supporters, he’s Bush 2.0, no good either. Watch “defining peace” by Peter Joseph if you give a shit about anything please brothers & sisters.

    • person

      “digression from stupidity”- While I appreciate your dedication in typing this list out, your points are pretty weak:

      1. Economy

      You’ve thrown a lot of numbers out here. Many of them are accurate, but you are drawing completely incorrect and misleading conclusions from them.

      We all know the economy is in a delicate state. After all, we’re in the midst of one of the worst recessions in the history of the country. However, your attempt to blame Obama is incredibly misguided. The causes (and beginning) of the economic collapse precede the Obama administration. Stating poor economic statistics since he took office and implying that he caused them is a complete misrepresentation of the data. He took office right after the economy fell apart. Of course the numbers you are stating will be poor. However, his policies are not the cause of the collapse, nor can they fix it overnight. The situation is both international, and extremely complex. Asking for a quick fix just isn’t realistic.

      I also find it entertaining that you tried to sneak a completely unsupported claim in at the end there. You state that “his policies made it worse”. Based on what reasoning/evidence? As discussed above, the preceding statistics are poor indicators of Obama’s policies and their effect on the situation. To really get an idea of what is happening, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper than the superficial numbers you chose to state. In addition, you also omitted many of the (equally superficial) statistics that imply the economy is slowly turning around (29 consecutive months of job growth). If you are going to throw out numbers, at least try to give more than just the ones that fit your own narrow argument.

      All-in-all, it’s easy to rant and rave about the economy. But like I said before, everyone knows the situation isn’t great. The real question is, how do you propose to solve the problem? Under Obama’s leadership the economy is showing positive signs, and if you are going to discount and throw all that away, you better have some good solutions (and not just criticisms).

      2. Obamacare

      It is clear from what you wrote that you do not understand the issue. First of all, Obamacare does not represent a “massive tax increase”. It applies a fee to only those who choose not to pay for health care. It does not raise taxes in general.

      Furthermore, the fee makes a great deal of sense when you consider it in conjunction with the rest of the plan. First and foremost, Obamacare is intended to be a fix to our broken health care system. Everyone knows that the system we had before was too expensive. The financial burden on medicare (and the government coffers) was simply too high. The whole point of the affordable care act is to reform the system so that more people are covered, premiums go down, serious health issues are caught earlier, and insurance companies actually cover your health ailments. With more money going into the system (via the mandate) and insurance companies actually covering people’s illnesses, the draw on medicare (and thereby the tax payers) should go down. That’s why it’s supposed to pay for itself over time.

      Like you said, the plan is quite long and quite complicated. This was just an overview. The point is, there is a ridiculous amount of misinformation out there about Obamacare. It’s a pretty well-put-together plan, and it is at least a start towards fixing our health care system.

      3. Foreign Policy

      I’m not even sure if I really understand your points here.

      For one, the stuff about the administration’s “weakness” is nonsense. It’s easy to yell and scream about international issues if you’re not the president. It’s not the president’s job to alienate the rest of the world by talking about how we’re going to get “retribution”. He needs to be involved in back-room diplomatic discussions about these things, which I can imagine he has.

      As for all the talk of Iran and Iraq, I think you misunderstand the situations there. Iran is a highly populated, highly educated country. The balance of power there, and in the Middle East in general, is very tenuous. The last thing we need to be doing is throwing our military around. There are diplomatic, nuanced ways to handle these problems. As for the end of the Iraq war, despite what you have said, Obama is bringing it to an end in a responsible way. We can’t stay there forever.

      4. I don’t even know

      I have no idea what you are talking about with most of this. A lot of your points are COMPLETELY bogus and made up. Especially your supposed “war on energy”. How did he stop the feds from helping Arizona? What in the world are you referencing about marijuana law? As for DOMA, many people don’t like it, so you painting Obama’s lack of support for it as a terrible thing is a little silly.

      5. Broken Promises

      Of course he broke some promises. Is this your first presidential election? Presidential candidates promise a lot of things, and rarely deliver them all. I don’t know what to tell you other than that politicians will be politicians. Good luck finding one who doesn’t break promises. The fact of the matter, though, is that despite Obama not completing everything he planned on doing (plans change based on the reality of the situations involved after all), he still has accomplished a lot of good. We are making progress in a lot of areas, and your arguments purporting to show otherwise are weak.

      TL;DR: “digression from stupidity” is full of it. Get your facts elsewhere.

    • pavement_smear

      Hey, expresiion of stupidity. Unemployment jumped from 4% in 1/00 to 7.8% in 1/09, a 3.8% hike increase during the Bush administration, with a 3.4% increase coming in his final 2 years in office. Of course, none of that matters to you – you are only concerned about the 0.3% increase under Obama. What a schmuck…

  48. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    This just in: Obama has offered to pay for half of Madonna’s embalming if she keeps her clothes on.

  49. In every video thumbnail there’s always a black guy in the background going “ERMERGHERD MERDERRNNA!”

  50. Jemmens

    Ok this is off subject a bit but does anybody know how Madonna’s current tour is doing? She usually makes dumb “controversial” comments like this (or God help us exposes herself) as a cheap, tacky means of getting attention. Is that what this is about? Are her ticket sales flagging and so she’s issuing dumb comments to revive a little interest?

    • Jack

      Her whole tour is sold out but you wouldn’t know it by the empty seats Sunday and Monday in DC. I don’t know how ticketmaster gets away with selling seats to these ticket brokers.

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