Madonna’s Flashing Her Breasts At The Middle East

June 11th, 2012 // 54 Comments
Madonna Nipple
WATCH: Madonna Just Doomed Us All

Earlier in the month, I joked about Madonna ushering forth the apocalypse by performing in Israel when I really should’ve taken a more serious tone and discussed the grave implications of an egomaniacal 50-something flashing her shit all over the Middle East because she genuinely believes people still find her sexually attractive without having to use her dark magic on them. So here she is in Turkey over the weekend, yanking her gristled old boob out because there’s nothing predominantly Islamic countries love more than women’s body parts not being covered by five layers of burlap. They’ll probably send us a nice Thank You card.


  1. LOL! She is such an old attention whore. But it is the Middle East, so…I’d flash my old disgusting boobs too if I had them…just for the SEXUAL THRILL! THE SEXUAL THRILL!!!

    • Eh, Turkey isn’t really the Middle East. It’s part of the EU fer fuck’s sake.

      • brit

        No it’s not. EU won’t let Turkey in due to their Islamic extremism and suppression of Kurd minorities.

      • Beeswax

        Well, considering they down alcohol like water, have night clubs and bars, allow pornography, and the government banned burqas and hijabs from public institutions, I don’t think “extremism” is the correct word. Secular might fit a little better.

      • JP

        The EU doesn’t want Turkey because it doesn’t want it’s Kurdish minority to be able to travel freely throuought Europe. And it’s a main heroin thoroughfare.. Among many other reasons.

      • D-chi

        It’s *trying* to get into the EU. I believe it is geographically still part of Europe though.

      • JP

        Only a small part of Turkey is in Europe. The rest is Asia.

      • Rapid

        Definitely not part of the EU but is part of NATO. And also definitely part of the the Middle East though Turkish, not Arab or Persian.

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    The boobs are gone and all that’s left is the bags they came in.

  3. EricLr

    Great, the one American they DIDN’T behead.

  4. tits mcgee

    You know Turkey is a secular state, right? And she’s flashing her tits at a MADONNA concert, not 5 o’clock call to prayer so I think we’re fine.

  5. Cock Dr

    She was probably hoping for a jihad riot scene.
    Everyone’s disappointed, but it was a decent effort. Bring them both out next time.

  6. JC

    I’m afraid to look. Is her boob riddled with subcutaneous surgical tubing, like her arm?

  7. Deacon Jones

    That guy yelling closest to the mic sounds like he’s ready to blown himself up, hahaha

  8. Devilish Diva

    I’m not offended by the titty show. I’m offended by the shitty music and the mediocre talent behind it that’s been overhyped to the public for decades.
    With all her money and fame, this badly aging, anorexic, delusional woman could have pushed musical boundaries with the right production teams and created interesting music with more substance. Perhaps she’s just unable to go further than this. But if she’s got willing sheeple to pay for this crap, more power to her.

  9. bluballs

    The image of that old, withered tit will haunt my dreams for many,many years.

  10. rican

    Clearly they’re howling with horror. I don’t know why though, that nipple looked very nice.

  11. joe

    Oddly pink, given age and having spawned.

  12. Bernard Goldbloom

    Madge, Put a fork in it , you’re done!

  13. Irving Mandelbaum

    proof that younger women have better sexual and visual attributes

  14. John D'anunnzio

    Maybe the music and performance was so bad that she thought this was some bonus .
    Bonus would have been her young daughter on stage sowing some boob

  15. kimmykimkim

    Those are some low nipples. I didn’t realize that nipples could be located on your under-boob.

  16. Visible Ink

    Freddy Krueger just issued a statement ordering Madonna to stop looking like a zombie. It’s giving him nightmares.

  17. tlmck

    I can’t believe an audience of gay men got so excited.

  18. Cher X

    I have to admit that the boob isn’t so bad, but she IS an desperate aging ho’ regardless.

  19. Larry Kroger

    no 12 year- old boy will be abusing himself looking at that picture

  20. Billy Rubin

    Tour going badly , Eh, Madge ?

  21. Juano

    Needs to give up the fight. Madge, you’re old now, and you really look old. Time to put on a few pounds; you’ll look younger.

  22. Alpo

    Whaddya want? A boob, is a boob, is a boob. Though the phrase, “grisled old boob,” is a new favorite

  23. me gusta

    Turkey is not in the Middle East. It’s Eurasian. Islamic extremism shouldn’t be allowed in Turkey because it’s a secular state but the current government are a bunch of backwards-thinking, Ataturk-hating fucktards who want to run the country into the ground. Much like America.

  24. The people who have “no fear” are the ones who had to sit through that awful music and then get their eyes burned out with grandma nipple.

  25. Chucky D

    Holy Sh!t!

    With all that money you’d think she could upgrade her chest from training bra size to at least cleavage-worthy.

  26. The Royal Penis

    I’m just one vein stripping away from doing grandma doggie style. I hate to admit it, hell I hate myself for it…but it is what it is.

  27. Carolyn

    God but she’s ugly. She always wears the shittiest clothes too.

  28. GetOverYourself

    The bad news is a watched the video. The good news is the Doctor says my eyesight should return within the week.

  29. Note to the editor: In the title you forgot to put quotation marks around the word “breasts.”

  30. ohwhatthehell

    Disgusting, desperate, and delusional.

  31. Rob

    Madonna is aging well. She puts Angelina Jolie to shame; AJ is 37 but looks older than Madonna.

  32. dansy46

    Her children are very proud of thier mommy…

  33. Mayo

    Wow, when did Turkey “move” to Middle East? Man, I think we should start worrying about the amount of poorly educated people in this country.

  34. gigi

    I understand she’s making a point, but it’s Turkey, they have a history of embracing the west– Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was the most forward thinking leader they ever had! there aren’t many militant muslim prudes over there… so yah, a flash of the granny boob in Dubai or Saudi Arabia would have been a better platform, but then again she’d risk being beaten & stoned if she did that there… meh… I still don’t get the move tho… like 20 years ago I’d be like ‘go Madonna you sexy beast!’ now it’s like ‘awwww… shame, well good for her, poor thing…’

  35. Her poor kids, how embarrassing. Such a narcissist. All the bad karma is beginning to show. She is not aging well.

  36. Some women have to do things like this to support themselves, like Octomom.

  37. Fortuna

    Too bad she doesn’t spend her time doing something else meaningful. She’s had a great career, and is talented. Help the world now.

  38. I always liked her music but now I wanna throw up. Especially on the 400 calorie diet that makes her look 95 years old. I agree above. She’s like the drunk mom at the party that’s way past her prime looking for that last piece of admiration. It’s fucking OVER !! Just cover up and spare our eyes.

  39. Cindy

    Ewwww! I keep hearing women say she has a body of a 20 year old, but that’s not true at all. She looks like Skelator. Why did she do that?

  40. Cindy

    Also, all the screams. It sounds like they’re dying.

  41. The Pigman


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