Madonna Fired Taylor Momsen For This

January 24th, 2011 // 51 Comments

After a one-time stint as the face of Madonna and Lourdes Leon‘s Material Girl fashion line, Taylor Momsen has already been shit-canned, only to be replaced by Kelly Osbourne, according to Hollywood Life:

After many rumors, they finally confirmed the good news today, announcing Kelly Osbourne as the 2011 face of the brand. Kelly replaces rebellious teen Taylor Momsen.

Taylor Momsen might be a crazed pile of emo STFU, but there’s no denying she has a pair of cans on her, so I don’t know why we’re even having this discussion. On the other hand, Kelly Osbourne is basically her mom if her mom ate nothing but Hydroxycut and coke for breakfast. Now, I don’t get what Madonna’s plan is here, but let’s assume it involves a three-headed demon opening a portal to hell in Malawi. Or Taylor Momsen’s just that fucking annoying. Either one.

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  1. Cody

    Kill it. Kill it with fire.

  2. vandal

    LOL WHAT!?

    Are they fuckin’ blind? Who would want Ozzy in a dress to be the face of anything?

  3. g!

    everyTHING is better than taylor momsen, even this…

  4. GravyLeg

    Young and skanky Em-ho replaced by older and British-ier crack-ho.
    Guess Madonna is into lateral moves.

  5. GravyLeg

    If Kelly Osbourne is a “Material Girl”, the material is gonna be a Rayon/Polyester/Spandex blend.

  6. Wait…what? Kelly Osbourne is a model now? She’s got a head the size of a pumpkin and the body of Ted Kennedy. Taylor Momson is at least legitimately hot underage tail.

  7. anonymous

    Madonna must be purposely trying to fail the Material Girl fashion line if she’s hiring these two has beens. Might be an insurance thing. It’s less risky than dousing in it all in gas and lighting a match to the whole thing.

  8. Cock Dr

    I would make a snarky comment but:
    1) This is the Oz-man’s daughter
    2) Sharon may come & burn down my house

  9. Kelly Osbourne
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  10. Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    You’ve ALL gone nuts. The current incarnation of Kelly Osborne could get it… As long as I’ve had a drink or two… or three, first.

  11. Tyler Perry

    I’m not clear on how this is “the good news”…

  12. Dan

    Eh, I bet momsen really is just that annoying.

  13. Looks like she’s starting to put the weight back on..

  14. You can photoshop the fat out of Kelly Osbourne’s ass, but you can’t photoshop the bitch out of Taylor Momsen.

  15. hopefully Kelly will be like her father and bite Madonna’s head off.

  16. Here Kelly recalls some horrible childhood trauma she endured or she just can’t get the taste of Osbourne out of her mouth.

  17. nisro

    Taylor is hot, Kelly is far from it.. Yeah its nice she isn’t 400 lbs like it looked like, but ugly is ugly.

  18. im sure taylor momsen could give a shit, hasnt she had the #1 hit in england for the last 7 weeks, i doubt she needs the money. fuck madonna she’s old and irrelevant

  19. Matt

    You mean to tell me someone actually gave the go-ahead to a second collection of that bargain bin crap?

  20. Kelly Osbourne
    Commented on this photo:

    What is it I’m supposed to write here? I’m a douchebag? Yeah, that’s it.

  21. Old Maid

    I heard that Madonna is jealous of anyone that is better looking than her, so hiring Kelly won’t cause her to freak out, as Kelly is more disgusting and fugly than her and her nasty looking daughter combined.

  22. ghost

    Who is the more unlikely model, Kelly Osbourne or Rumer Willis?

  23. wim

    pssssst: SHE MUST HAVE A COW AS A MOTHER………..
    ………..or a bull as a father?
    (from whom she got this GIGANTIC face?)

    or was it a Bulldog after all?

  24. Kelly Osbourne
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  25. Kelly Osbourne
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    She just slimmed down in the middle, fat ass, legs, arms and face still the same.

  26. nooooooooo

    How big of a bitch do you have to be to fit this criteria

    1. Madonna thinks you’re annoying
    2. Madonna thinks Kelly Osbourne is an improvement

    I knew she was a teen rage queen but if you manage to anger Madonna you’re really working to be an ass because she’s damn annoying.

  27. Kelly Osbourne
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    Her calves are as wide as her waist.

  28. Gandolf

    Madonna is an old surgically mutilated whore, Momsen is a hot retard, Kelly is ugly. I like the Norse hair and black eyebrows.

  29. fap

    It’s pretty simple – Tailor Momsen’s career is doomed sooner or later, she never had any staying power beyond being young and trashy and that’s wearing off fast. And little fatty fatfat up there, at least has a strong personality and her dad is famous enough to keep her in the spotlight for as long as she wants. So she is better choice financially-speaking for the label, from a long term point of view, even if she’s gonna make selling the shorter dresses a bit tricky.

  30. lol wut?

    are these old pictures? maybe it’s my completely distorted view of what a woman’s body should be, but she’s looking pretty chubby here.

  31. Between the two of them, I’ll take the one that didn’t fall out of Sharon Osbourne’s vagina. I loathe Kelly, while Taylor I simply hold garden-variety disdain for.

  32. Kelly Osbourne
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    I think she looks pretty

  33. Kelly Osbourne
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    wow…she’s kinda pretty now

  34. S J West

    Hey man for fucks sake don’t call her British?! Fucking Kelly Osborne or Americas trainwreck! God she’s fucking ugly. You know all that weight she’s lost is done via drugs drugs and more drugs. She’ll be dead within 5 years. I can’t believe I have to weight so long, its fucking frustrating

  35. slappy magoo

    I guess the tagline will be “If we can make this look good, imagine what we can do with YOUR piehole! VOGUE!”

  36. seth rogen's vagina

    maybe Madonna’s spring lineup is themed ‘war pigs’, and so Kelly Osbourne was the perfect spokesperson?

  37. Darolo

    This line is aimed at the masses. M & L have shown the tall and skinny can wear it. Now they’re saying ‘so can Miss Average’! Madonna is a canny business woman! I think she’ll surprise everyone with Kelly. The photoshoot’s
    been done – I think they might surprise everyone!!!

  38. Kelly Osbourne
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    Diet all you want, those calves aren’t shrinking.

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