Hey… Hey, Madonna…

October 18th, 2011 // 22 Comments

I can see your face.

*sucks her dark magic into a genie bottle*

Photo: INFdaily, Pacific Coast News


  1. I thought that was her Megan Fox-ish hand for a second.

  2. You want to steal her magic? Tell her she’s wearing the same pants as Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  3. Any Guy

    grandmama needs a shower

  4. Steelerchick

    “I’m warning you to turn around and not look at me. You’ll turn to stone. “

  5. LRonHoover

    I guess she’s to old to wear the crap that Lourdes is hawking

    • Pink? It’s a lock she stole those from Lourdes. Else she’s one of those bitches that has to be her kid’s best friend by dressing up like her, you know so no one guesses the crypt keeper’s really a mom

  6. Gilbert Lowell

    That deal she made with the dark forces isn’t working out so well , Remember , he promised you eternal fame , not eternal beauty . You just never know what Beelezebub wants you to be known for , forever…

  7. Cock Dr

    Thank gawd for huge sunglasses. Thus is humanity spared.

  8. LJ

    She looks only two or three years older than Lindsay Lohan looks in today’s pictures.

  9. She’s definitely high on my MILE list. For those of you unaware of the acronym, that’s “Mothers I’d Like to Embalm”.

  10. Madonna
    chris breezy boxing academy
    Commented on this photo:

    the transformation of her right hand complete, madonna can now concentrate on making the left just as mannish

  11. Madonna
    Commented on this photo:

    Dakota Fanning circa 2032.

  12. Becca

    Why have the naked pictures of Madonna not been posted? I saw them on another websight the other day

  13. Ashton's junk

    Take a look at those hands ! Saggy , wrinkled flesh and horny claws. Momma knows what gets me hot!!!

  14. Marceelf

    I seriously thought it was one of those Olsen trolls at first glance. Until I realized she wasn’t wearing a cape or a garbage bag.

  15. Madonna
    Mama Pinkus
    Commented on this photo:

    her face is so bloated from fillers she is starting to resemble a pillow

  16. MLVC

    I would still let her shit in my mouth

  17. edamame

    Those cheeks implants are looking better, I have to say!

  18. edamame

    Damn. I’d forgotten just how bad she looked when she first had the cheeks in.


    I have never seen arm veins like hers on anyone, in person.

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