I’ve never liked Madonna. Even before she turned 80 (she’s 80, right?), her face always rubbed me the wrong way. Looking at her, she has all the makings of a pretty person. Two eyes, a nose, a mouth, mostly everything where it’s supposed to be. Yet for some reason I can’t picture her as attractive in the slightest. That’s not to say that she’s ugly, just that there’s something about her that I really don’t care for. Maybe it’s that gap between her teeth. Maybe it’s that she used to be a borderline nymph. Maybe it’s that she’s just not attractive. In either case, she’s much too old to be pulling the kind of bullshit she’s currently pulling. Nobody wants to see her stand on her head or flail about in fishnet stockings. If she ever had a generation where she was idolized, it has passed. She is so far into yesterday that you can almost feel the desperation in everything she does. Her fame is declining and she’s like this crazy attention seeking banshee tha — oh wait, I got Madonna and Courtney Love confused for a bit. In either case, they’re both old news. Let us never mention either of them ever again.