Maddox Jolie-Pitt is feeling stabby

October 13th, 2008 // 59 Comments

Most parents with seven-year-old boys try to teach them not to play with knives. Not Angelina Jolie. According to W magazine:

Every family has its unique rites of passage, those generational milestones that mark a child’s growth and remind parents of their own similar experiences, years earlier. In the Jolie-Pitt household, one such event is the day a kid begins collecting daggers. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s seven-year-old son, Maddox, like many boys his age, has lately developed a fondness for guns and knives, and Jolie proudly notes that the predilection runs in the family.

“My mom took me to buy my first daggers when I was 11 or 12,” she recalls. “And I’ve already bought Maddox some things. We take him to a special shop.” She emphasizes that the knife blades are dulled so they’re not dangerous, and that the purchases are accompanied by discussions about violence. But, she says, “we also talk about samurais and about the idea of defending someone as good. We talk about everything.”

Good call, Angie. It’s a tough world out there, and you have to raise your kids right for it. That’s why my father would pit me and my brothers against each other in bare-knuckles boxing matches in the front yard every night after dinner, prodding us with sharp sticks when we started to get sluggish. He wanted to toughen us up, and it worked. My therapist says I’m the toughest sonofabitch he’s ever treated.

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  6. timmy the dying boy

    Good thing they aren’t sharpened. Lees chance the kid will give himself any ugly tattoos.

  7. timmy the dying boy

    “Less” not “Lees” god damn it.

  8. Ash Frog

    Hahaha the commentary was priceless.

  9. soahc

    Rich people shouldn’t breed. Children of affluence rarely amount to anything useful in the world.

  10. Ted from LA

    Don’t worry about spelling errors or typos Timmy. We know you’re dying. Is this the old Fish? First funny post in a many moons. First generation of wealth = Thunder Second generation of wealth = Wonder Third generation of wealth = Blunder (accompanied by drug habits) Did little Maddox cut his hair with that dulled dagger?

  11. He don’t know his mother yet, folks!!

  12. And in other news.
    So over here (Chung King Mansion 17th floor) ,like, we were checking out the Cliff Notes’ – “Surfin’ USA” – version of the current situation @ #56 last Lindsay Lohan thread. Like, for exampull, it say :
    “#22 Undermining financial systems by foreign loans, creating national bankruptcy, destroying money markets and replacing them with government credit institutions.”
    Sooo – As an unconcerned observer from the Orient – It looks like the neocons read that list and say: “GO!”.
    (But let’s fewace it. Still gotta love those European goym rebelling against this neo-con ‘global meltdown ‘, ‘end of days’ shit. It’s too bad the US has all these ‘dual citizens’ running things. Yanks have never figured out what hit ‘em. Kinda sad.)
    Wall Street : Well ‘Ha’ – there’s always time for a global meltdown. Maybe Tuesday ?
    We’ll be back !!

  13. Mal

    Jolie needs to eat. I always thought she had an awful body (do not be fooled by movies with effects, body doubles and FX!!!)…she’s too skinny, has creepy long Pumpkinhead arms covered with veins, wire coathanger square shoulders, and her neck looks like an old lady’s that’s spent the last 20 years unsuccessfully trying to take a shit.

    Pretty face but she’s a bridge troll beneath the jaw.

  14. grosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    Exactly #9. She’s a fucking nut job and Brad is dangerously stupid, on top of it the kids are growing up in the spotlight which we know has disasterous affects. I feel sorry for MAD look at those dumb bitches pointing their cellphones. Angie’s an attention whore, but the kid does not deserve strangers treating him like a fucking circus freak.
    Those kids are screwed, as I have said time and time again this will NOT end well. This couple barely have any foundation to their “relationship” pitt shit jumped right out of a marriage into a nomadic baby collecting lifestyle, as parents they have NO alone time together, they travel like crazy giving these kids no stability and they are collecting these kids in even numbers like some kind of sick science experiment to satisfy their I can save the world egotistical bullshit. It’s so sad and pathetic how enlightened they think they are. I thought I had a crappy childhood, but it was a fucking picnic compared to this insane shit fest.

  15. So. #12 Mr. Street.
    I’m sure I’ll have the cash by Tuesday. No worries there.
    I’ll probably even pick up an extra burger for yourself.
    So #13 – #16 + (Inclusive)
    ….Inside job ?

  16. GG1000

    Didn’t she used to cut herself. Mmm, with the daggers her Mother gave her? Man, that chick is a psychiatrist’s dream. Good, I was getting tired of this St. Angelina crap; I like her much better when she kisses her brother and wears vials full of blood.

  17. Gr8 points all #18 – and how about that ‘Midnight Cowboy’ for a dad ? LOL !!
    ( I watch lot of movie). I feel real connection here GG1000 !!!
    So…having any problems with free fall collapse speed through undamaged steel structure ? You know – that type of thing ?
    If so – you can be my friend @ FaceBook.
    Inside job ?

  18. Jack

    What did you expect? She carried a blood vial around her neck a few years ago…

  19. woodhorse

    Big deal. He, like all the kids given guns at an early age, will discover from his peers/society that it doesn’t define cool. It just satisfies Angelina’s need to think that she is Lara Croft.

  20. hannah

    she is such a wackjob. This human rights crap makes me sick. She doesn’t even speak to her own dad, after he’s tried many times to bury the hatchet with her & make peace. But she’s a bitch. And all her charity crap is self-indulgent PR. CAN”T STAND HER & why can’t she leave the world’s poor children alone?? She has to mess their lives up too…

    By the way the fact that she used to slice herself up is actually full-on crazy, like borderline psychotic. Why do people think its great she now has so many kids ?? Its weird…

  21. Bank$ter$

    Of course Bink you know that this whole meltdown is all going according to plan, just like the one in 1929-3!!!!
    The big boyz done sold this country off and the Republican foot soldiers think they are patriotic helping them to help themselves.

    Priceless. Well actually pricey. $681 Trillion worth of derivatives on $63 Trillion global economy. Nice how that works for the rich.

  22. Creepy

    No good will come of this little rich punk.

  23. Joseph

    Angelina is such a kind-hearted star~
    Seems her profile was found at the tall singles club___tallloving.com___ a couple of days ago. She has posted several nice ablums and personal blogs there. She is becoming hotter and hotter there.

  24. 1moreidiotintheworld

    If there is a God: That kid will sneak into mommy’s room one night with his knife collection and carve up that fat-lipped cunt like a Thanksgiving turkey!

  25. reply

    She clearly still has problems. One of which is to fill a void with children. She is using bad judgement as a parent. If she lived in low income housing and bought her child knives someone would call social services. No one, however, will touch the JOlie-Pitts.

  26. kate

    WTF. knives for a a seven year old ?? what is he training to be a fuckin ninja . this is ridiculous

  27. havoc

    Don’t forget the vial of mommy and daddy’s blood to wear around his neck.



  28. me

    What close-minded people. My son is eight years old and collects knives; he’s been given them by grandpas, uncles, cousins, etc. He loves them. I do not live in a low income housing situation and have never had CPS called on me.

    There is a huge difference between just giving a child a knife (or knives) and saying…”well there ya go…have fun” and actually being a responsible parent about it. My son is extremely responsible and respectful of his collection and we are trusting of him. I know my son is never going to hurt anyone with these and very much enjoys having a collection of knives that have been passed down to him from the men in our family, who, by the way, have been collecting them since THEY were children.

    Responsibility, time and effort….it’s amazing what children can learn given that they have parents who are willing to “parent” their children as opposed to just “having” children.

  29. What’s wrong with letting your kids play with dull knives? At least she’s not letting them run around with left-handed scissors!!

  30. grobpilot

    That kid look like a younger version of the crazy fucker who shot up Virginia Tech a couple years ago. His training is underway…….

  31. lorio

    I always said this kid would be the next Pol Pot.

  32. Hussein

    Another Obama voter

  33. Facial

    ha ha, what a fuckin’ nut bag

  34. OL'RED


    Let them be crazy.
    Maybe the kid will take a stab in her direction.

    #34 Ha Ha.

    #14 Nice.

    #20 true true

  35. world war IIl

    That little fuuker is going to bring the Vietcong back!

  36. sameshitdifferentyear

    Every child should know how to wield a gun by the age of seven.
    And along with that be trained to acknowledge the spiritual consequences of using one.

    This situation seems to be one of glamorization of weapons, which is despicable.

    Yes this is a completely serious comment, every eight year old should be able to shoot-to-kill if called to. It isn’t the dumb-fuck 1950′s anymore, wake up.

  37. mamadough

    i watched a news story yesterday where a 3 year old killed himself with a loaded gun that was just left lying around the house. his death was completely avoidable, but due to fucked up adults, he’s no longer here.

    i understand that there is a big difference between guns and knives, and a 3 year old and an 7 year old, but do you think a child really understands that kind of responsibility? regardless the danger, he will see it as a plaything first, dangerous second. all little boys are interested in guns and knives, but you don’t buy them the real fucking thing! that’s why there are TOY guns and knives.

    and daggers? what the fuck? out of all the shit an 7 year old could be collecting, you’re going to push your fucked up childhood collection on his ass?

  38. michelle

    I cannot believe it! She’s wearing COLOR!!! That woman only wears black….how ironic

  39. duh

    ooo-eee, Angie looks BAD. she is heading for self-destruction. mark my words people.

  40. me

    @39…It’s extremely obvious you do NOT know the difference. I cannot speak for everyone, but I know MY eight year old is a HELL of a lot more responsible than most adults out there. And if you think guns and knives are the only thing little boys are interested in you need to have one and get out more.

    Yeah…he could be collecting stamps or rocks or marbles. But I want my son to grow up to be a man. There are not that many left, as you can PLAINLY see by watching TV or going out. Metrosexuals. Fairies. Softies. That is exactly what parents are turning their boys into in this day in age. Fuck putting in the effort and time it takes to turn a litle boy into a man.

    I’m telling you, this world of our is SCREWED!

  41. me

    @38…and then there are those whole like to make moutains out of molehills and create drama when there is no need….like….you. “Glamorization of weapons”….sure that’s what this is. But only if that’s the way you want it.

  42. mamadough

    @42, i said “all little boys are interested in guns and knives” as in most little boys are, not “all little boys are only interested in guns and knives” as you seem to have taken that out of my words. good for you that your child is responsible. i hope that you have taught him to read as well as you do too.

    and by your logic, putting a knife or a gun in a little boy’s hand is the only way to make him a man? maybe in the 1800s on the fucking frontier. raising them to be well-mannered, chivalrous, respectful, and well-read also factors in. our society isn’t militia based like some of those in africa where they are throwing an AK-47 into the arms of a 7 year old and teaching him to kill.

    but i do agree that we are too soft on this generation of children. it’s a fucking joke.

  43. sameshitdifferentyear

    #43, would you please re-read my full comment (#38)? It says basically the same thing you did in #42, so why the dig? Jolie is well-known for glamorizing vials of blood and knives, which is despicable. Responsible handling of lethal weapons is not something I would expect from her, nor from any child she is responsible for. There is no indication she has the requisite emotional maturity. You disagree with that assessment?

  44. me

    @44….I don’t remember saying that was the ONLY way to make a boy a man…putting a knife or gun in his hand. However, they are the subject we’re discussing are they not?

    And thank you…I’ll sleep MUCH better tonight knowing you agree with me on something. Yeah.

  45. me

    @45…Please accept my apology. I’m having a bad day and I do not mean to take it out on everyone. Just a little passionate about this subject is all.

  46. me

    And I do not disagree with you.

  47. extracheeseplease

    Okay the kid’s Cambodian, I know cambodians they’re some angry little people!

  48. netstarman

    The future Pol Pot is gonna play with knives. Wow all i got from my mom was a Evil Knievel crash em’ up car and twister game to herniate my back .

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