Mad Men at the Emmys

September 21st, 2009 // 31 Comments

When I decided to make an Emmys post featuring the cast of Mad Men, I was immediately faced with a difficult choice. Who should be the top pic: Don Draper himself, Jon Hamm or Joan the office bombshell, Christina Hendricks? So I took the easy way out and Photoshopped Don’s head onto Joan’s body. I’m pretty sure this is wrong on a whole bunch of levels, but then again, let’s not pretend it isn’t oddly arousing. I don’t know if I want it to pitch me an ad campaign or pour scotch from a bottle clutched between its ample bosom, so once again I’m leaning towards both at the same time. Jesus. I’ve found the solution to everything.

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  1. sam hain

    i think he’s been up all night

  2. lisa

    LOL. love you. <3

  3. Face Off 2 point oh? Is that Don Draper?

  4. Just when I thought the man couldn’t get more perfect…….

  5. no

    That “bombshell” would look super lardy in a bikini. Even in a dress you can have a muffin top apparently and at her age those boobs are being held up by a super powered push up bra, I can’t imagine how they look sans bra or worse how they will look in 5 to 10 years.

  6. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Redhead with big boobs??

    Where have you gone Lindsey Lohan, our nation turns its lonely schlongs to you.

  7. lol…it coul have been better if a smaller figure of Don Draper’s head was photoshopped into Joan’s body…loved January Jone’s dress with the mermaid-like fit and bossom showing triangles…

  8. With that blinding white skin, bulging gunt, and boobs that look like she’s had 10 kids sucking on them for years, i’m just not feeling it. She’ll be super sized in no time.

  9. Don Draper rules! Nad Joan is one of the foxiest women of all time, perfection

  10. Balls McCoy

    @12 bulging gut? that’s the pelvis, she’s got hips. ever see a naked woman?

  11. Heather


  12. Buttchest Betty

    Yea, she’s assless and her boobs look like she has a shapeless white ass on her chest. Maybe she had her ass surgically removed and attached to her chest?

  13. Emphysema

    Thanks Mad Men for making smoking and lung cancer fun again….hack, cough, gigantic phlegm ball………………………..

  14. Nero

    This is the ultimate butter face.

  15. Darth

    When is the final surgery planned?

  16. daws

    Sweet Jesus…Jon Hamm is so freakin’ sexy.

  17. Nastybedazzler

    Mad Men is the shit.

    January Jones is super hot.

  18. Alex

    It’s not that unusual to have a big rack when you’re 50 lbs overweight. How many Spanx undergarments are under that dress?

  19. wanks

    january jones is the hottest piece outta that whole group! so gorgeous i wanna sniff her

  20. Lisa

    While I think Christina is a gorgeous woman, that is a really ill-fitting dress.

    And Jon Hamm=Hot.

  21. ha

    Goddamn, I want the Don Draper Treatment. That man is so freaking SEXY.

    January Jones is a goddess. She’s so beautiful and she’s good at acting too!!

  22. anon


  23. Stuey

    Joan looks great. It’s called being voluptuous. More women out there are her shape than Betty’s shape. I think shes hot.

  24. Will Hodgeson

    @9 = homosexual.

  25. Kaldia

    The people that judge Christina Hendricks poorly always end up being whale-sized virgins….huh.


  26. Cool stuff.. First pic was really so funny, all pics are really an amazing excepting first one.. Nice comparisons too…

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