Mackenzie Phillips’ step-mother: ‘She’s lying’

September 24th, 2009 // 84 Comments

Michelle Phillips claims her step-daughter Mackenzie Phillips is lying about having a 10-year incestuous affair with her own father, according to Showbiz411:

“She told me, then she called me back and said, ‘You know I’m joking,’ ” Michelle told me. “I said it wasn’t funny. Mackenzie said, ‘I guess we have different senses of humor.’ “
It’s not like Michelle Phillips hasn’t been critical of John in the past. She told me: “John was a bad parent, and a drug addict. But [expletive deleted] his daughter? If she thinks it’s true, why isn’t she with a good psychiatrist on a couch? I think it’s unconscionable that Oprah would let her do her show. I have every reason to believe it’s untrue. Oprah should be more judicious about who she has on her show.”
Michelle added: “Mackenzie has a lot of mental illness. She’s had a needle stuck up her arm for 35 years. She was arrested for heroin and coke just recently. She did ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and now she writes a book. The whole thing is timed.” Michelle said it’s particularly ironic since her own daughter, Chynna, of Wilson Phillips fame, Mackenzie’s half sister, is releasing a new album this week.
“Mackenzie is jealous of her siblings, who have accomplished a lot and did not become drug addicts.”

If this is a scheme to sell books, it’s pretty much guaranteed to backfire. You don’t really see a lot of people at Barnes & Noble asking “Say, do you have any non-fiction books about a father raping his daughter for 10 years? I need a good bedtime story.” (Joe Simpson excluded.)

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  1. First


  2. Her dad must have been into ugly chicks.

  3. Rooster

    Um, actually, I do work at a B&N and people come in all the time asking for that sort of thing. Well, not specifically referencing ten year incestuous relationships, but the, “Oh I saw a new tell all book of pointless ‘celebrity’ on [insert tv show here] and it’s supposed to be really juicy, do you have it?”

  4. stupidppl

    I concur with #3……(working @ a bookstore also) People love to read dirt on celebs. There is no way in hades I am reading a book about a sexual relationship b/t a father and daughter. That is just disgusting!

  5. justbitchn

    i am on my way to buy this book. how can you NOT think this will sell??

  6. justbitchn

    i am on my way to buy this book. how can you NOT think this will sell??

  7. Jack

    Ew. I believe her- but I don’t believe it was all drugs and booze. She was old enough to know better.

  8. gaddamman

    saying that people won’t want to read this book is like saying we also don’t want to read thesuperficial every friggin day of our pathetic little lives.

  9. Amy


    but still too young to care.

  10. yuck

    This Bitch stepmom is just protecting herself because she doesn’t want to admit that she was married to a fucking pshycho abuser. This kind of abuse happens because people stay quiet that’s what allows abuse to keep happening, it’s that filthy secret no one wants to hear about and it leaves the abused even more alone then they already are and gives the sbuser all the power. I don’t love that she is writing a book about it because obviously it’s revolting stuff and I am sure that part of doing it is for personal gain, but you have to feel for her I mean what a fucking horrible life and why the fuck should her father get away with it??? He’s dead so the only thing he can loose is his good name and he deserves to loose it if this shit is true.

    BTW it is so fucking typical of the dumb bitch wife or mother to side with the husband god women are such whores they so often choose the man over the kid. Someone just needs to give Mackenze a ie detector test, but I guarantee you step-bitch-mother would still be finding excuses because she’s selfish and it’s about her shame rather then her stepdaughters hell, you’d be amazed at how many bitches put themselves first over their child, oh wait you’ve seen Hollywood so you wouldn’t be suprised.


    #7. She wasn’t MENTALLY old enough to know better that is the point she was doing drugs and seeing crazy shit and being rasied by pshycho hippies as a child so she had no sense of normal and was severely mentally and emotionally stunted by it. I don’t give a fuck if she or anyone says it was consensual that’s like having sex with a mentally disabled person and calling it consensual, um NO it’s not because they do not have the mental and emotioanl maturity or ability to be consensual in sexual matters. The man fucked up his daughter to an extreme level leaving her a shell of a normal persona dn then fucked her and convinced her it was ok and she had NO ONE to tell her that it was not okay. That’s fucked up and that is not consensual by any stretch of the imagination.

  12. Man, Michelle Phillips really can spruce up some John Phillips DNA.

    People really want to know about Schneider and Ann Romano.

  13. stickykeys

    Did it ever occur to the stepmom that when Mackenzie called back to say it was a joke, it was because she thought she made a horrible mistake by confiding in her?

  14. crazy memory girl

    Hello, Michelle Phillips did this character on 90210 as Valerie’s mom! Valerie claimed that her dad raped her repeatedly and she her mom denied denied denied. Maybe she’s reading from that script?

  15. Joe Simpson

    @8: There’s kind of a difference between reading this site for free and plunking down $20+ on a book about father/daughter fucking. That said, I’ll take a case.

  16. Torque Smacky

    Of course he raped her. John Phillips was a founder of the hippie movement, and real hippies were and are sick, perverted weirdos. He probably raped hundreds during his career. Unlike the modern sugar-coated peace and love image Hollywood tries to convey, they were led by a cadre of drug-soaked, vicious, self-absorbed psychopaths who would stop at nothing, even cold blooded murder, to get what they wanted. At the top of their to-do list (The Port Huron Manifesto) was the declaration of their threats to have deviant sex with children.

  17. Whoah what a mess. Oprah’s people screw up again?


  18. Sybil

    My heart goes out to Makenzie. Her father was suppose to protect her but instead messed her up for life. 1 in 4 girls are molested. It is a huge problem and it’s usually someone they know like a family member. The victim feels ashamed and keeps the secret so that the family life can continue uninteruppted. I’ve known friends that out their abuser and the family calls them a liar whiles others pretend like nothing happen so the family get togethers can continue. I hope Mackenzie story helps other victims. It’s not their fault. It was not Mackenzie’s fault. Her father should have had boundaries.

  19. blame it on ROUGH DADDY

    If there any advertisement for not doing hard drugs…the woman’s face look like she been smacked by a cheese grater on both side of the face…hope she gets the help she needs…

  20. Not once in any of the news stories or interviews about this sad, sad subject have I read anything about any other adult in Mackenzie’s life who cared about her. No one to help her, teach her, or just plain love her. Her behaviour with her father sounds pretty classic for a child/woman who desperately wants attention and affection and will take it any way she can.
    And further to the stepmothers’ denial – where is the part about how shocked and upset they were that John Phillips was sticking needles into his daughter’s arm? Remove the sexual behaviour and this alone ought to be awful enough to shame even the most narcissistic step parent into silence.
    So yeah – he’d shoot his child up, give her coke at the age of 11, but was too fine a person to have sex with her.

  21. Gando

    It would be pretty sick when she’s lying.On the other hand i wouldn’t be surprised as well when it turns out it’s all true.

  22. chloe

    Celebrity people think image is everything-next to money, that is. These step-moms are more worried about preserving this man’s ‘legacy’ & keeping the money train rolling ,than they are the truth. It seems that Mychelle Phillips is the one with jealousy issues. Why even bring up ‘MY DAUGHTER’ & her shitty album. I bet that this bitch made Mackenzie’s life a living hell because she wasn’t blond, pretty, & HER DAUGHTER. But, Mackenzie was the one with the talent…albeit wasted talent, & I bet noone was happier than Mychelle Phillips when she wasted it. What a BITCH. She knew, oh yeah, she knew.

  23. Darth

    For a big important part her father is responsible anyway for the person she’s now.He’s a ghost of her past.

  24. Daisy in the 12th dimension

    ((Where ma momy!?))

  25. big alkie

    Superficial guy..(s).. You are seriously FUNNY!

  26. big alkie

    Superficial guy..(s).. You are seriously FUNNY!

  27. havoc

    Fuck…she looks possessed in these photos.


  28. Paris H.

    Either way. It’s hot.


  30. This whole story is dildos. Nobody cares either way, junkie slut is just trying to sell more books so she can shoot it up her arm.

  31. # 10 YUCK : “This Bitch stepmom is just protecting herself because she doesn’t want to admit that she was married to a fucking pshycho abuser.”


  32. pasteve

    It’s “So Weird”

  33. XX

    Post #10 = WIN. Also, alot of people act like they don’t believe everything in the tabloids and picture that the media paints of someone, yet they tend to believe those stories rather than a tell-tall story from a celebrity from their own words. Thats not saying that celebs don’t lie, but I’m just saying that just because she is a celebrity, that doesn’t mean her story is false. People are too quick to pass judgment and just pass it off as a celeb who is trying to get attention. Needless to say, if she wanted the attention, she wouldn’t be coming out with this story for one….. two, she would have done this years ago. She hasn’t been a star for how long now? Kind of stupid to get everyone’s attention now.

    I think her story is legit and probably just wants to tell her story and put that whole thing behind her. Obviously the guilt has been eating her up for decades.

  34. Jesus

    I have to agree with her step-mother…this is just a ploy for attention. And I should know, I AM the King of Kings after all.

  35. Donkeh

    And yet another mom denies the abuse that was right in front of her face.

  36. I Believe Her

    While there are some sketchy circumstances surrounding this – namely using the story to sell her book – I still believe her.

    The reason is that such things are horrifically prevalent. Growing up I knew a girl who was repeatedly raped by her brother. Her dad was a cop and the brother was his golden boy. When she finally told her parents they called her a liar and threatened to kick her out. They refused to believe their son could do such a thing. I knew another girl who was raped by her dad from a young age and she told her mother time and again and her mother never believed her – she told her to stop lying about it.

    My sister’s best friend went through the same kind of stuff. Chances are we all know someone who has gone through this type of thing. It’s sick, and almost makes me in favor of the death penalty.

    John Phillips obviously didn’t have a problem with pushing drugs on his daughter, and over time he just kept pushing the limits. Yes, Mackenzie is a mess, but who the hell wouldn’t be after a life of growing up famous and having drugs made freely available by your dad, and then this all getting topped off with him raping you repeatedly and making it seem likes it’s some big romance?

    In short, I don’t think people should NOT believe her because she’s a drug addicted mess. I think people SHOULD believe her BECAUSE she’s a drug addicted mess – it was the horrific acts of her father (long before he raped her) that helped to make her that way. Let’s see you try and turn out normal after growing up the way she did. I hope she gets the help she needs.

    End of lecture.

  37. will

    It’s just like a bunch of hippie liberals to side with a drug using, father fucking whore.

  38. chrisj

    She lies, just like Barry Obama!

  39. Jesus Christ

    There was a time when Republicans cared about people and the world. Now all they do is name calling and right wing propaganda. Republicans want to maintain the status quo of the elite 1 percent of the riches Americans. Mackenzie was a victim. Her father failed her and betrayed her.

  40. Ann Frank

    You should have your own blog. You are a great writer. Mackenzie has more to lose coming out then making a profit. I believe her and she is my hero. I was raped too as a child. I did not know what was going on. My father was suppose to be my protector. It felt weird and I would go into a trance and feel nothing. Finally after I reached puberty, he stopped and I was relieved. My friends father use to have anal sex with her. I never told anyone about this because I am too ashamed. I pretend like it never happened and sometimes to this day I still hurt.

  41. Judy Anderman

    I will be first in line to purchase this book. I love stories of incest and family secrets.

  42. Susan Bond

    Incest and teaching your kids how to do hard drugs is a commonplace in hippie/trailer trash culture. Thats is how I learned about those things. Only thing I’m now, I’m addicted to cheeseburgers, cheesy fries, cakes and Soda Pop.

  43. 2112

    @40 – Was he a good fuck?

  44. max


    “I would go into a trance and feel nothing”

    Suuuure. I bet you still cream your panties thinking about it

  45. little dickey

    Yeah, but does she mention in her book about how small Mick Jagger’s’ dick really is, and how with all the drugs and alcohol that all Rock Stars are bad fucks that just hop on you and get off because it’s all about them, and being with them should be enough to turn anyone on. She really needs to buy a dildo.

  46. Vote

    I believe her.

  47. Concerned Parent

    high fives #44

  48. PsyKo

    well, I’d deny it too… most mothers do, even when they know it’s true.

  49. Gumby

    Bible says human nature is pretty bad. This proof of that kinda balances out some of the hard-to-fathom Old Testament stories. Justice is coming peeps- hope u r ready!

  50. baxi69

    #36 – You’re an idiot!! You state the obvious fact for this psycho’s lying — “to sell her book”. We all know about her drug use…old news won’t sell her book. She is a media, attention hoe who craves the lime light. Obviously, it’s a lie. Feel bad about your friend who could not and then was not allowed to talk about her plight and pain. However, mac phillips is not your abused friend. This evil soul took her dad’s death, ran out of money, wrote a book with a horrific lie and went on Oprah for God’s sake to peddle her lie.

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