Mackenzie Phillips and her dad used to do it

September 23rd, 2009 // 163 Comments

Former child actor Mackenzie Phillips reveals in her upcoming memoirs that she had a “long-term incestuous relationship” with her father John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas, People reports:

“On the eve of my wedding, my father showed up, determined to stop it,” writes Phillips, who was 19 and a heavy drug user at the time. “I had tons of pills, and Dad had tons of everything too. Eventually I passed out on Dad’s bed.”
“My father was not a man with boundaries. He was full of love, and he was sick with drugs. I woke up that night from a blackout to find myself having sex with my own father.”
“Had this happened before? I didn’t know. All I can say is it was the first time I was aware of it.”
Phillips’ life began to spiral out of control. In 1980, she was fired from One Day at a Time because of her constant drug use. That same year, she went to rehab – with her father. Her sexual relationship with him had become consensual.

Uh… Happy Hump Day, everybody?

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  1. Steven


  2. Bert

    She is too ugly to have sex with. A face only a father could love.

  3. snarky the lurker


  4. soso


  5. Phil

    That’s pretty heavy…

  6. Autumn

    #2 Hahahah, oh and I just threw up all over my keyboard.

  7. jumpin_j

    “One day at a time” takes on a whole other meaning. Damn, I got nothing.

  8. Gross


  9. Lauren

    That is very disturbing. and very very sad. I cant believe she would admit to something so horrible. I hope she is seeking professional help.

  10. Mmm… just thinking about those bell bottoms… mmmmmmm…

  11. maudina

    That is the craziest shit i have read in a long time.

  12. abby


  13. That is one sick bitch!

  14. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Mammas and the Papas keeping it in the family.

  15. liz


  16. Tonawanda

    sad sad sad. until men stop abusing women, society will never provide equality.

    that being said, john phillips should picked chynna to bone instead!

    • ferdinando

      Not necessarily abuse in this case.
      She confessed that she enjoyed the sexual intercourses with her daddy.
      And it is sufficient to see the photos of that time to understand that this relationship was consensual. Mack was always in such an attitude of challenge to daddy, as seducing him. And she looked satisfied and very happy of being the female of her own father to such an extent of letting him impregnate her after those sexual intercourses in which she gave herself nude to her daddy thinking that she was a baby in the arms of him. There is almost nothing more to add. They lived their incest at full.
      Both of them lived promiscuously with the respective couples of turn , so in the concert tours, when mainly this affair was supposed to happen, Mack performed proudly while dripping out the rest of semen her daddy poured into her vagina the nigth before.
      Great Mackenzie Phillips and her daddy…………..

  17. ella

    That’s one sick fuck, gross biaaaaaatch

  18. jerimiah right

    typical honky shit, all crackers do this

  19. sharon H

    I wouldn’t necessarily believe a word out of her mouth. She has spent so much of her life on heavy drugs that she wouldn’t know truth from fiction if she tried. Can’t believe Oprah is going to bother having this waste product on her show.

  20. kanyeGAYFISH

    Sounds just like what Kanye did with his mom.

  21. JADE

    Hey #19 no need to say shit like that, your imature and you would be better off keeping your stupid mouth shut.

  22. me

    This is just the logical conclusion of the 60′s free love, “if it feels good, do it” crowd. And they’re running the country now. Thanks a lot, idiots!

  23. Nameless

    It was sick but understandable with the drugs and blacking out and all. But it got really sick when it become frequent and consensual.

    That’s just nasty.

  24. Welldoneson

    SFTU, bitch.

  25. Jerome J.

    Typical white people doing typical white people shit. All white people fucking their family members.

  26. Mal Gusto

    #23 nailed it. Fuckin liberals! “Free Love” is accurately priced.
    “My father was not a man with boundaries” Yah think?

  27. ROUGH daddy

    Did he have to literally show her what Mama’s and Papa’s do? that dude was sick…and her too stop blaming drugs….

  28. Ang

    This is why I hate hippies. She doesn’t seem that broken up about it. Child of the 70s, take it, smoke it , love it, fuck it! Mackenzie was always uglier than 6 miles of bad road. Didn’t realize her dad filled her pot holes.

    This really brings a whole new meaning to Father-Daughter Day Out.

  29. Lucy

    this turns my stomach. I feel bad for her son; hopefully he’s mature and stable.

  30. ROUGH daddy

    I believe the story too, didnt he let Mick Jagger hit it like at 14 years old or something? I dont think he liked her…

  31. wtf

    I just threw up…twice

  32. Crabby Old Guy

    Yet another gift that keeps on giving from the worst generation in the history of this country. Yup, when us Baby Boomers fuck up – we fuck up BIG (witness the assclowns in Washington, DC).

    In retrospect, a lot of my generation should have been wiped off the planet back in 1970 – outside of the improvement, you’d never notice the difference.

    But we did bring you Pac Man. So maybe it’s a wash.

  33. Pete

    So F’d up … that ‘s what drugs do to ya. Shithead hippies …

  34. Alexis

    Anyone trying to connect this to politics (ahem, #23) is trying way too hard.

  35. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Well, thats mighty fucked up

    IF its true

    Some people will say ANYTHING to sell a book and REALLY? When was the last time she did anything relevant since ONE DAY AT A TIME?

    If its true its very sad. At least up until the point it turned “consensual”. And ten ? That shits just CRAZY!

  36. mamamiasweetpeaches

    Well, thats mighty fucked up

    IF its true

    Some people will say ANYTHING to sell a book and REALLY? When was the last time she did anything relevant since ONE DAY AT A TIME?

    If its true its very sad. At least up until the point it turned “consensual”. And then ? That shits just CRAZY!

  37. KIKI

    @ 26. What about Oprah’s uncle molesting her? This is not a race issue, it is a sick man issue. Now women are getting in on the act. The end is near, but didn’t Noah do his daughters too?

  38. Just Saying

    John Phillips is innocent until proven guilty.

    With that said, I’ve known three women who have made much the same claim – one of whom backed it up with criminal charges that put her father and brother in jail.

    They were three different people, but they each had that same kind of “this person is seriously f’d up” feeling that Mackenzie Phillips gave off in interviews. They didn’t care much about anything. They were strangely over-kind to pets and children. Etc.

    So, without knowing if John – a guy who slept with Michelle Phillips when she was barely the age of consent, btw – is a pedophile, allow me to say:

    If a jury determined that he was guilty, I would happily be his executioner. Whatever method you’d like. You want me to chop his head off? No problem. Double tap? Sure – you want me to do it in the front, where I can see his eyes, or not? Electric chair? “Golden brown and delicious,” coming right up. Burn at the stake? Nothing cruel and unusual about that, given the circumstances.

    Pedophiles are vermin. Incestuous pedophiles are cancerous vermin.

    I would gladly take a cut in pay to eradicate these people, every hour on the hour, twelve hours a day. I just want weekends and holidays off, and a reasonably easy commute.

  39. Meg

    That is so fucked up! Why would she ever tell the public that she was fucking her father at her own free will? Its called therapy and thats where this personal info should have stayed! Disgustinggggggggggg, thanks for runing my breakfast fish.

  40. Just Questions, People

    Wonder if she let her dad stick it in her pooper?

  41. dude_on

    I could have passed on this knowledge if given a chance. Just like I don’t want to know how the Hulkster waxes his mustache etc.

    Somehow I’m not even in the mood for more of Katy’s tits. I can’t blame the messenger but this is more disturbing than most public disclosures. She should have just admitted that they did dope together to sell her book.

  42. Concern Troll

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a non-caucasian family with incest issues.

    Just sayin’

  43. 777

    @ 43. You are an idiot. You keep throwing your stupid race card in every discussion. Moron! You are probably day glow white.

  44. Parker

    Open letter to Jessica Simpson’s father: take heed. You don’t want Jessica to end up like this, do you? Stop having sex with your daughter.

  45. Concern Troll

    @ 44. and your point is?

  46. 777

    @ 46. I will dumb it down for you tard. You are an idiot.

  47. bone

    @43 maybe when “The Bluest Eye” is put in blog format you can get a new perspective on things

  48. Concern Troll

    @ 47. your mom is going to kick you off her computer if you keep up with that language.

  49. yeahright

    Non-Caucasian family with incest issues = Eddie Murphy Raw, Uncle Molester seemed normal enough that Murphy talked about the Uncle-Molester archetype in his routine and the mostly Black audience roared with laughter in agreement.


    She says right there in the same context that she was basically high to the point of passing out and yet she somehow clearly recalls this? Please. Considering some of the girls I’ve been meeting/dating in L.A. in the last year, this is EXACTLY the kind of behavior I would expect; it’s like even if it’s true, it’s the last thing you want to tell people, let along put it in writing for posterity. I guess some people have no concept of shame, tact, decorum, etc.

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