Teen Mom Maci is Still Showing Off Her Implants in a Bikini

September 9th, 2011 // 120 Comments

For those of you who think the stars of Teen Mom are struggling to make ends meet like the show’s script would have you believe, here’s Maci Bookout showing off her implants again in another round of canned bikini pics which she got paid for along with a six-figure salary for a few months of taping the latest season. And if you’re wondering why someone would pay for these, you’re seriously underestimating two very important elements:

1. People who write gossip sites, specifically this one, are incredible perverts.

2. The capacity for women who religiously watch Teen Mom to Google “Maci Bookout implants” either because she won’t cop to them on the show, or everyone with a vagina is secretly a lesbian with a wanton lust for breasts.

So basically you’re underestimating America and all that it’s come to stand for in this brave, new technological age. I’d suggest if you don’t like it, you can get out, but we’re probably going to need some of you to make sure we’re not getting militarily invaded while we stare at tits all day. “Those suckers, the meat shields,” we’ll call you. That way everybody wins.

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  1. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    A struggling mom who can afford large Tatoos and going to the beach a lot. She also affords beer pong parties and drops classes in college to keep from failing and hurting her GPA. In two years, she has 8 hours. After she got pregnant, she lived witt her boyfriend. The broke up and she move in with her new boyfriend. She doesn’t work nor does her live in boyfriend and now she wants another baby.

    Wonder why she is not mother of the year.

  2. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    See Alice
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    Another Ginger goes bad .

  3. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Nice tattoos, retard.

  4. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    This…. is a joke right. I was totally about to say how I think she actually looks good with her implants, and “good for her” for getting them and all that, and then i stumbled upon this picture. I liked her where good parenting comes into play cause she is actually a really good mom from what I see on the show… but this is just disgusting,

  5. That is a lot of money to go from a 3 to a 4.

  6. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Needs ass implants. 20 year old tits, 12 y.o. ass.

  7. Shawn

    FWIW, she’s actually one of the few on the show that doesn’t struggle to make ends meet. You can tell her family is fairly wealthy and her issues are more with her shitty father of her child rather than stuggling to make it work.

  8. Steve

    Not all of them are whitetrash. Maci actually comes from a well to do family. So does Farrah from the same show. Meanwhile the real white trash kids, Caitlynn and Tyler did the right thing and put their kid up for adoption.

  9. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Too bad she still has a face like Conan Obrien HAHAHAHA

  10. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    HELL NO! Not a red-head. NEVER AGAIN! Once you know, you go. Away that is. Very far away.

  11. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    I give her about 8 years and she’ll be as big as a house. The knees are already starting to turn in, that’s the 1st sign. They’re prepping for the extra 200lbs she’ll be putting on.

  12. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Bottom of the barrel. Just nasty, and not in the good sense.

  13. CranAppleSnapple

    How can her name possibly be Bookout? Was she playing scrabble for a stage name and just gave up too easy?

  14. DasiyMae

    Other than her back tatoo’s I think Maci is a very beautiful young women. For having a child at such a young age Maci is a wonderful mother and just because she bought a boob job doesn’t mean she’s a horrible mother. I think every one just needs to back off and let her make mistake like very other person in the world.

  15. nessa

    do yall not have any lives. her fam looks as if they have enough money without the show. all kinds of woman get boobs who the hell cares. grow up and get a life. all just jelous and hating ass lowlifes.

  16. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    N C
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    So having a tattoo makes you a bad parent. Wow. The stupidity levels here are enormous. Grow up. Whats drawn on your body, in no way defines you as a parent.

    • Schmidtler

      If you’re unemployed, have kids, and plan to have more kids, then yes, getting tattooed does not increase your chances of finding a job, so it is irresponsible. It also costs money to get tattoos, so an unemployed mother is irresponsible if she’s spending money on tattoos. what’s drawn on your body, if it’s drawn in permanent tattoo ink, defines you as a retard. there is absolutely not one damned thing smart about getting tattooed.

    • Paul

      Where does she get the money for the ink? I mean, supporting a child while unemployed HAS to be costly?

  17. vanner

    Ok look jerks as u c on the show she looks after her kid so let her spend aomething on her dang and just bc she hd a kid makes her a slut ya tht shows how stupid u r and I’m sure a couple of u guys could tell ppl about white trash since thays what u r

  18. pilgrimmmmm

    I dont watch the show, but i also dont live under a rock. The boob mkney should have put in a college fund for baby. Instead she bought (awesome) titties, so she could find a daddy for her kid… ok. But dont knock her for having a kid…. i mean pre marital sex is something all you pricks probably did at least once….. only difference is, she got called on it and has to live with the consequences…. and for those guys that havent ever had pre-marital sex…. get out of your mothers basement and go get your little pecker wet. Ridiculous, hating on a girl you clould never fuck anyways

  19. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Such hateful comments.

  20. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Tatoos can be beautiful, especially on a body like that. What is this the Republican forum.

    • butt juice

      You’re right. Tattoos can be beautiful. This particular tattoo, however, is not. It is grossly tacky and symbolic of her assumed IQ. It could have been done by an artist who wasn’t high on heroin and it might have actually stood a chance. Poor choices were made, Maci, poor choices.

  21. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    My back is covered in tattoos too, but it does not look like the note my ex baby daddy sent to me in freshman year math class we both failed. Somewhere on there, it says, check yes or no with the question: Am I really stupid?

  22. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    I always found this girl super super sexy (even after watching her on tv), this girl is…. woaw, I love it!

  23. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    The tattoo artist MUST have been laughing the entire time… I wonder how many times he asked her if she was SURE this is what she wanted.

  24. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Where does she get the money for the ink???

  25. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    you guys need to grow up and get a life, who cares what she does with her body…and just coz she has tattoos and had a baby at 16 doesnt make her white trash! some of u need to get a life!

  26. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    the tats look like her son did them….NASTY!!!!!!!!

  27. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Maci looks good.

  28. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    you guys are all fuckin haters its not your body so fuck yourself tats dont mean your trash get real and get off your high horse

  29. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    and also, look at your youtube name, is that not whnroipisg a teen mom? How is Secret life of the american teenager any different from teen mom, other than the fact that its fiction and teen mom is REALITY?? If anything, i think secret life glorifies teen pregnancy more than teen mom does. I’m not trying to hate or anything, it just sounds like a contradiction to me.

  30. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    I like her tattoos and jst because you get tattoos doesnt make you a “dark and tortured soul” so the fuckin idoot who made tt statment needs to grow up. I personally have a tattoo o my wrist shoulder hip lowet stomach rib cage foot and lower back (not a tramp stamp) and i for one have a job they cnt deny you a job on tattoos that arent even visable so u need to get ur facts straight yall were all teen at 1 point and made mistakes only difference is she is putting her whole personal like out there for everyone to c. And u didnt

  31. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    umm in todays world who doesnt have a kid out of wedlock??

  32. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Lots of people don’t have kids out of wedlock. It’s called planning. Any 16-year-old that has a kid THESE DAYS without planning for the welfare of the child is a fucking idiot and a selfish ass too.

  33. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    hey maci dont you wish kyle or ryan would be the father tell me on facebook.com and love your shows and P.S who do you love kyle or ryan and its hard work love you and bentley byeTELL ME PLZ

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