Teen Mom Maci is Still Showing Off Her Implants in a Bikini

For those of you who think the stars of Teen Mom are struggling to make ends meet like the show’s script would have you believe, here’s Maci Bookout showing off her implants again in another round of canned bikini pics which she got paid for along with a six-figure salary for a few months of taping the latest season. And if you’re wondering why someone would pay for these, you’re seriously underestimating two very important elements:

1. People who write gossip sites, specifically this one, are incredible perverts.

2. The capacity for women who religiously watch Teen Mom to Google “Maci Bookout implants” either because she won’t cop to them on the show, or everyone with a vagina is secretly a lesbian with a wanton lust for breasts.

So basically you’re underestimating America and all that it’s come to stand for in this brave, new technological age. I’d suggest if you don’t like it, you can get out, but we’re probably going to need some of you to make sure we’re not getting militarily invaded while we stare at tits all day. “Those suckers, the meat shields,” we’ll call you. That way everybody wins.

Photos: Splash News