Teen Mom Maci is Still Showing Off Her Implants in a Bikini

September 9th, 2011 // 120 Comments

For those of you who think the stars of Teen Mom are struggling to make ends meet like the show’s script would have you believe, here’s Maci Bookout showing off her implants again in another round of canned bikini pics which she got paid for along with a six-figure salary for a few months of taping the latest season. And if you’re wondering why someone would pay for these, you’re seriously underestimating two very important elements:

1. People who write gossip sites, specifically this one, are incredible perverts.

2. The capacity for women who religiously watch Teen Mom to Google “Maci Bookout implants” either because she won’t cop to them on the show, or everyone with a vagina is secretly a lesbian with a wanton lust for breasts.

So basically you’re underestimating America and all that it’s come to stand for in this brave, new technological age. I’d suggest if you don’t like it, you can get out, but we’re probably going to need some of you to make sure we’re not getting militarily invaded while we stare at tits all day. “Those suckers, the meat shields,” we’ll call you. That way everybody wins.

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  1. Donald Trump

    Ok so the new cans are an improvement. What’s she gonna do about the butterface?

    • Big Balls

      Goodyear blimps DON’T turn me on, tattoos I can deal with. I was a happy camper with her itty-bitty droopy tits, just fine! Best damn thing in this photo set is HER CAMEL-TOE!!!! At least, she won’t drown with fun-bags…

  2. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    fust :D

  3. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Camel Toe on #8.

    Thought she looked good – until I saw the tats on her back…

  4. Richard McBeef

    who would have thought if you gave white trash teenage slunts a 60-70K a year job to be bratty bitches they would spend that money on big bolt-on fakers. I thought they would be investing it in college funds for those children they should have aborted.

  5. Donald Trump

    Barf – I just saw her back tattoo! Nasty skank.

  6. Donald Trump

    White trash belly button ring, white trash bob job, white trash tattoos, white trash inbreed face, white trash bastard baby. Did I cover it all?

    • mike

      I can tell that her town has no black guys in it. Guess how.

    • Get a fucking life people

      Its Boob Job not bob job and don’t be jealous cause you cant have her the more shit you talk about her the more famous she gets. you know she is a teen mom and that shit is hard i dont know if you know that but she deserved to do something for her self and you know what I think they look good.

  7. Showing off her implants in a bikini? How else should she show them off? Oh yeah…..she should do porn.

  8. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    I have no words to respond to this image.

    It looks like someone literally used her back as a doodle pad.

  9. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    I Would
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    I would, as all of you would!!

  10. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    I Would
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    I’d try to read all that at the same time as I’m performing anilingus on her.

    • mel

      as much as i’m a fan of that particular practice, i wouldn’t on her. her face makes me think her wrinkled feces button smells more sour and fetid than most other ones.

  11. Satan

    Only in American can an irresponsible teenager be rewarded with fame a fortune for getting pregnant out of wedlock. This is why the rest of the world hates us.

  12. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Seriously, if you’re going to be POINTING towards the camera, obviously trying to get your kid to look at it…..we are all AWARE you are not actually there randomly. It was all set up. You are a douchebag.

  13. TomFrank

    Do people call her MacBook for short?

  14. little turtle head

    Id plug her! Give her one more baby!

  15. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    WTF?? That really proves she is just white trailer trash.
    I guess she wants the guys butt fucking her to have something to read while…Oh wait…the guys she fucks can’t read.

  16. mel

    i wouldn’t. like lohan, she looks like she’d have freckles around her corn wagon. at least you’d hope to god they were freckles!

  17. Damn, cut the poor girl some slack. After investing in breast implants to provide for her babies future, and a lot of poor quality tattoos, she doesn’t even have money to buy a swimsuit that matches.

  18. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    Any Guy
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    ah, the ‘fucking stupid’ stamp is large on this one.

  19. of any of the teem moms this is the only one that looks somewhat fuckable. and as far as fake tities are concerned . they are ok. and in comparison of other boob jobs they are spectacular.

  20. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    White Fucking Trash.

  21. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    damn.. I’d fuck her… Love this pic. You can see her camel toe

  22. Al Sharpton

    When Teen Mom is canceled and she’s broke she’s gonna need those implants to land a job on the pole. Girl is thinking ahead. Ask the Kate plus 8 Bitch.

  23. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    Daddy O
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    damnnnn… I’d F___k her…. Love that shaved camel toe

  24. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Is that the Declaration of White Trash?

  25. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Hahaha cause this doesn’t look posed at all.

    • Rajveer

      I see your point, but I definitely see the show for what it raelly is, a birth control method. It lays out the truth for everyone, being a teen mom is one of the most difficult things a girl could go through, but nobody HAS to go through. I mean after seeing all of their issues, idk about you but i am definitely waiting a long time for one of those little poop machines. I don’t think we should blame these girls or mtv. Its how naive girls look at it, and thats their problem

  26. I’d put another baby in her and then fight that shit on Maury.

    Maury: Dawmiien, you ARE the father!
    Audience: OHHHHH!!

  27. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    at least they look good better than some movie stars….

  28. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
    Single mom
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    I personally like the one on her rib cage of her son’s name. Now not so much for the shit show all over her back. I mean she has a “feel book” on her back? I think my kid made something like that in grade 4… And it basicallly looked the same.

  29. Tattoos. A sign of the uber classy.

  30. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Why is she trying so hard to ruin that beautiful little backside?

  31. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Ah yes, nothing screams “responsible parent” quite like having half your body covered in fucking tattoos.

  32. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    She is going to regret that one day. her back looks awful.

  33. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    No one mentioning the camel toe in #6?

  34. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Sorry camel toe in 8,9,10 too

  35. DrunkRussian

    Courtney Stoddard is 31 years old! She may have a KID who’s 16, but that woman is 31! You want proof? I can get you proof. I can get you proof by 3 o’clock.

  36. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Did the pool just prematurely ejaculate?

  37. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Damnnn what kind of an idiot gets a tattoo like that? Oh ya, stupid teen moms that’s right. Anyone that gets inked is stupid anyway. Ya ya ya, I know you’re a tortured soul who feels that the only way to express your oh so deep feelings is by getting a shitty tattoo. Blah, blah, blah. Not.

  38. forrest gump

    because the prudish american society thinks it is different so many god forgotten teen moms are in the united states.

    • You think these teen moms have never hear of condoms or birth control? They are too damned lazy…….just like they are too damned lazy to take care of their kids. They knew, & they admitted they knew & didn’t use birth control. They are full of fantasy!

  39. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Move over Leann Rimes, you’ve got company. They should all move into a trailer and call it a day.

  40. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    she looks like eric stoltz

  41. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    She’s famous for getting knocked up at 16, we know making good decisions are not her strength. A doodle pad on her back will look so great when she grows up… or not…

  42. kammler

    The photo shoot is completely spontaneous. The top and bottom don’t even match.

  43. Antrim

    It’s sad to see Pippi Longstocking’s great granddaughter fall from grace. I wonder if she inherited her grandmother’s kegal muscles of steel. German legend describes them as the Venus fly trap of love. The result of Third Reich’s genetic breeding program.

  44. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    It’s the map to dry land!

  45. What a retard

    There’s a definite mental illness with these chicks. “Ok, the first thing I’m going to spend my money on is fake bolt-on titties”. I guess putting some money away for their kids education just ain’t in the playbook…

  46. jim

    Well, at least we know she shaves that red bush now.

  47. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    She looks so much like the lead singer from Linkin Park. Check it:


  48. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    And unlike Etch-a-Sketch, you can’t just shake her and remove the art.

  49. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    she’s cute and thin, but not a fan of her body type (she has absolutely no waist to hip ratio, very unfeminine…probably why she got a fake rack) but she cant help that, and looks good working what she’s got.

  50. Teen Mom Maci Bookout Implants Bikini
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    Still not hot

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